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Traditional new build and existing cavity walls, solid masonry walls, some types of framed and sheathed walls or pre-cast concrete walls where the window or door frames are inset into the structural opening and not projecting from a backing wall.

Cavity wall reveals must be closed off with a proprietary thermal cavity closer, blockwork or similar return to the outer leaf. Existing cavity and solid masonry wall reveals may need to be made good. Damaged or excessively undulating masonry should be levelled off with sand and cement render to provide a flat as possible surface. illmod TP654 Trio 1050 is applied directly to the head an jamb of the frame immediately prior to the final installation of the window or door. The cill section of illmod TP654 Trio 1050 is applied to the substrate of the structural opening and bonded with illbruck SP525.


illmod TP654 Trio 1050 is a three layer pre-compressed multi-functional window and door sealing tape based on two new technologies incorporating a proprietary airtight membrane layer running through the entire width of its core. Certified Passiv-haus levels of airtightness can be achieved.

Features and benefits:

  • Flexible.
  • Airtight.
  • Vapour permeable.
  • Driving rain resistance to 1050 Pa.
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • Emission class of EC1+.

For Technical Data Sheets and Safety Data Sheets, please refer to the illbruck website Download Centre.

General information






8000 mm

11500 mm


58 mm

66 mm

77 mm

88 mm

Warranty description


Manufacturer guidance

Any product which has been applied (a) in accordance with Tremco CPG UK Ltd written instructions and (b) in any applications recommended by Tremco CPG UK Ltd, but which is proved to be defective, will be replaced free of charge.


Pr_30_31_76_85 Structural sealant glazing weather sealantsPrimary
Pr_35_90_33_23 Door threshold weatherstrips and seals
Pr_35_90_33_22 Door and window weatherstrips and seals


L20/820 Sealant joints

L20/80 Sealant joints

L10/810 Sealant joints

L10/75 Sealant joints

Product range

Impregnated Expanding Foam Tapes

Specification data - Structural sealant glazing weather sealants

Third-party certification

11699/23.5.07 EMICODE- EC-1.


Grey outer lamination, anthracite inner core layer.



Manufacturer guidance

In strict accordance with the manufacturers Technical Data Sheet and method Statements. Illmod TP654 Trio 1050 must be seated between two parallel solid surfaces. The joint depth must be at least equal to the width of tape selected. Do not exceed the stated sealing tolerance for any given size. Consideration for the residual thickness of the tape must be given when using in expansion /deflection joints, the tape cannot be compressed below its' precompressed state. 


Open cell impregnated polyurethane foam tape, polyethylene air membrane.


MF1 Test Method DIN 18542.

Reaction to fire

To DIN 4102, Class B1 self extinguishing.


To EN1027, 1050 Pa for sealing ranges 6-15 mm and 10-25 mm.

Air permeability

Test Method to DIN EN 12114.

Guidance for specification option:

  • α<0.05 m³/[daPa)n] for ranges 6-15 mm and 10-25 mm.
  • α<0.10 m³/[daPa)n] for ranges 6-20 mm and 10-30 mm.


Test method to DIN 52612.

Guidance for specification option:

  • Frame depth 60mm = 0.75 W/(m²K).
  • Frame depth 70mm = 0.64 W/(m²K).
  • Frame depth 80mm = 0.56 W/(m²K).

Acoustic insulation

To DIN ISO 717-1, 60 dB.

Water vapour transmission

Test Method to DIN ISO 12572.

Guidance for specification option:

α, sd-value 0.5m Variable (Vapour resistance / equivalent thickness layer).

Temperature resistance

-30°C to +80°C.

UV resistance

Given, test method DIN ISO 18542 sealing tapes for outside walls.


Tape measure.

Work bench.

Cutting shears.

600 ml sealant dispensing gun.

Sealant Adhesive illbruck SP525.

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