A range of glass reinforced gypsum column casings designed to be plastered or rendered and painted on site after installation. The casings are solely for interior use. They are strong, quick and easy to install, and offer an alternative to pre-finished columns in a wide range of applications, including commercial buildings, hotels and retail interiors, in both new build and refurbishment situations where structural elements need to be decoratively concealed. GRG columns are a suitable option where a seamless casing is required, where no visible joints are seen. In addition to the standard ranges, bespoke items in almost any shape or size can be produced, with high levels of intricate detail. The casings are manufactured from alpha-calcium sulfate semi-hydrate (plaster) with glass fibre mat. Casings are mechanically fixed to timber battens fixed to existing columns. Joints and fixings can be concealed using a plaster mix on site.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_90_43_66 Preformed casingsPrimary


P20/170 Proprietary

P20/30 Proprietary

Specification data - Preformed casings

Product Reference

Pendock Preformed GRG Column Casings




250–900 mm in 50 mm increments. Insert requirements.


Standard height: 3000 mm. Shorter or longer lengths can be produced, together with bespoke sizes.


12–15 mm. Insert requirements.



Head collars, aluminium

Head collars, stainless steel

Skirting, aluminium

Skirting, stainless steel

Standard product features


GRG casings are hand cast products and weight and density will vary.

Surface finish:

Smooth, ex-mould, unfinished white plaster designed to accept paint or any other finish made for an absorbent surface.

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