G-Rail 4800 Curtain Rail


G-Rail 4800 Curtain Rail is a wide channel track designed for use with hand-drawn heavy weight curtains.

The rail is manufactured from aluminium and finished in satin silver anodized and white RAL 9010 powder coated. Other colours are available on request.

The rails are face-fixed using nylon bracket (ref 5351) or top fixed with nylon bracket (ref 5350) screwed to timber or plug and screwed to various substrates.

The rails can be bent to a minimum 100 mm radius. Rail type 4800 can be double mounted with a double bracket and can be utilised with other extrusions to form multiple track combinations.

General information


20.6 mm deep x 13.3 mm wide

Uniclass 2015

Pr_40_30_20_96 Window curtain supportsPrimary


N10/230 Curtain supports

Specification data - Window curtain supports

Product Reference

G-Rail 4800 Curtain Rail

Finish/ Colour

White RAL 9010 powder coated

Satin silver anodized


Ref 2015/5

Extension bracket.

Ref 2015/7.5

Extension bracket.

Ref 2015/10

Extension bracket.

Ref 2015/15

Extension bracket.

Ref 2216

Double bracket.



Ref 2020

Double hook.

Ref 2021


Ref 4001

End stop.

Ref 4002

End stop.

Ref 4007

Rotating glider.

Ref 4010


Ref 4011

Slide with SS hook.

Ref 4013

Slide with ring.

Ref 4030


Ref 4048

Corner connection.

Standard product features


20.6 mm deep x 13.3 mm wide.


231 g/m.

Product Options


A range of colours is available on request; consult manufacturer for details.


A range of ceiling or wall mounting fixings and extension brackets is available; consult manufacturer for details.


G-Rail hand drawn wide track - 4800

G-Rail hand drawn wide track - 4800

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