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Washroom applications


Aluminium cubicle of height up to 2700 mm with an 8 mm floor clearance, supplied with a 15-year warranty.

Features and benefits:

  • Full aluminium framework, not visible from front elevation.
  • 42 mm rebated doors to ensure flush finish.
  • Self-closing hydraulic closer.
  • Pivoted door.
  • Stainless steel fittings.
  • Precision-engineered stainless steel lock with flush faceplate, hand-turned in UK, and able to be opened using a closed fist.
  • Lock locates into integral receiver.
  • Core sourced from legal and sustainable sources.
  • Can be supplied to meet NAUF criteria.
  • Emergency release.

General information








Up to 2700 mm high with an 8 mm floor gap.









15 year


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K32/112 Fully framed panel cubicles

K32/11 Fully framed panel cubicles

Specification data - Fully-framed panel cubicle systems

Panel supports

Full anodized aluminium frame using aluminium alloy 6063T6, with a 5 micron anodized finish and 60% recycled content. Extruded headrail finished with matching high pressure laminate. Stainless steel lock locates into receiver integrated within the vertical fascia.


42 mm finished thickness, consisting of a 40 mm ultra-lightweight MDF core sourced from sustainable forests, rebated first, hand-lipped in matching high pressure laminate and faced in sheet aluminium. Concealed fixings within the door allow attachment to stainless steel pivot blocks, suspended from a structural aluminium headrail and located onto floor-fixed pivot bracket. Door falls closed by means of a hydraulic door-closer, concealed within the aluminium headrail (alternatively, the closer can be factory-set to fall open).


1.4305 (303) grade brushed stainless steel lock, hand-turned in UK and able to be opened using a closed fist, fixed through the door to the faceplate for added strength. Sacrificial hard nylon shear tip to the lock finger, which locates into flush receiver, integrated within the cubicle fascia. Complete with emergency release facility and buffer. Divider fixed to back wall using concealed steel brackets, fastened by through-fixings. Divider connected to front fascia using unique magnetic invisible fixings. Stainless steel coat hook supplied as standard.

Components tested over a cycle of 300 000 operations, equating to a 15-year period in a medium-use washroom.

System accessories

24 mm finished thickness consisting of 22 mm moisture-resistant chipboard core sourced from sustainable forests, edged top and bottom in matching high pressure laminate, then faced in sheet aluminium. Maximum depth of dividing panel, without a butt joint in the face material, is 1500 mm. With a butt joint, the divider depth can be up to 1980 mm.

Divider: Set in floor channel.

Divider: Supported, 8 mm from floor with concealed fixings.


Up to 2700 mm high with an 8 mm floor gap.



1 mm satin anodized aluminium sheet.

Finish (door, fascia and divider)


70 mm finished thickness consisting of two 18 mm moisture-resistant MDF core panels sourced from sustainable forests, edged first in matching high pressure laminate, attached to a central aluminium frame and faced in sheet aluminium. Flush aluminium lock receiver fitted into frame.

Product Reference

Flow Aluminium

Environmental information

Country of product manufacture

United Kingdom


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