Flagon Tunnel

A synthetic membrane of plasticized PVC, manufactured by co-extrusion, producing a single layer membrane with different colour surfaces. The upper signal layer is coloured beige and the lower surface black, which enables damaged areas to be immediately identified.

Flagon Tunnel displays high mechanical resistance and is resistant to roots, running water action, low temperatures and eddy currents, typical applications include lining of natural and artificial tunnels and as a humidity screen for foundations.

The liner can also be supplied with inherent fire resistance to Class ‘B’ in accordance with DIN 4102/1. Consult manufacturer for details.

Joint laps:

Joints are fixed/ sealed by welding. Laps are dependent on location and welding method. Consult manufacturer for specific recommendations.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_57_51_66 Polymeric membranesPrimary


J40/297 Waterproofing/ Damp proofing membrane

Specification data - Polymeric membranes

Product Reference

Flagon Tunnel


2 mm

3 mm

As drawing ___

Standard product features

Hydrostatic pressure resistance (DIN 16726-5.11):

Waterproof (72 hours at 4 bar).

Resistance to tearing (DIN 53363):

>80 N/mm.

Resistance to impact strength (DIN 16726-5.12):

  • 2 mm: >750 mm.
  • 3 mm: >1300 mm.

Elongation to break (DIN EN ISO 527-1):


Tensile Strength (DIN EN ISO 527-1):

>12 N/mm².

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