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Soprema is a global waterproofing leader, with over 100 years of experience in the manufacturing and development of roofing and waterproofing systems. The Soprema group offers original and highly effective solutions comprised of SBS and APP bituminous waterproofing, PMMA and PU liquid resins, structural waterproofing systems, synthetic membranes, green roofs and functional surface finishes. Providing durable waterproofing to extend the lifetime of buildings. In addition, Soprema also supply a wide range of insulation products, including EPS, XPS, PIR and the Pavatex range of Natural Wood Fibre and Pavatextil insulation solutions. Soprema supports its customers in choosing a waterproofing system and drawing up specifications, carries out roof surveys, gives advice on management and maintenance, and provides training in the waterproofing techniques and applications required to install Soprema waterproofing systems. Soprema has a complete range of technical drawings, technical data sheets, CPD seminars, literature, and product documentation to support specifiers with their projects. Addressing the needs of clients and providing innovative products is the core business of our R&D departments. Soprema shares the knowledge gained through research, in the service of our customers and the industry.

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Trade names

  • Alsan
  • Antirock
  • Calfatine
  • Cefil
  • Colphene
  • Copper Art
  • Elastophene Flam
  • Flagon
  • Sopralene
  • Sopralene Flam
  • Sopralene Flam Jardin
  • Sopralene Jardin
  • Sopramastic
  • Sopranature
  • Soprema