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energystore TLA® + - Insulation

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TLA110 Grade

Energystore Ltd Variant:

Product combines EPS beads coated in an innovative additive with cement to create a pourable insulation that offers a non-combustible alternative for use in floor and roof construction.

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  • Ground floor insulation replacement.
  • Insulated base layer on top of consolidated hardcore.
  • Can be poured as an alternative to void former or high strength insulation (TLA250 or above).

Suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial projects energystore TLA® can be used as a direct replacement for insulation boards with no changes to membranes. Poured insulation leaves a continuous thermal layer with no gaps or breaks.


The energystore+ range dramatically reduces embodied carbon, using sustainable bio-fuel sources during manufacturing. energystore+ is independently assessed and certified by REDcert², Europe’s leading certification scheme for sustainable biofuel sources. energystore TLA®+ combines EPS beads coated in an innovative additive with cement to create a pourable insulation. Manufactured in accordance with BS EN 13163, BS EN 16025-1 and BS EN 16809-1.

Combining excellent thermal performance, enhanced compressive strength and an A2 fire rating for an exclusive insulation alternative.

The free-flowing and self-levelling properties result in faster and more efficient installation. U-values vary depending on grade and thickness, consult literature for details.

Features and benefits:

  • Enhanced air tightness.
  • More robust surface enabling thinner screeds.
  • Suitable to apply underfloor heating (UFH) directly on top.
  • Suitable for ground bearing and suspended floors.
  • Installed as a replacement for EPS/ PIR insulation.
  • Can be installed to a any depth from 50 mm.
  • Superior strength with very low density enabling weight reduction and reduced screed depth.
  • Zero waste on-site.
  • Reduced material usage.
  • Poured insulation means a continuous thermal layer with no gaps or breaks leading to superior in-life performance and enhanced Psi-Values.
  • BRE GreenGuide A+ rating

General information





Guidance for specification option:


Manufacturer guidance

Graphite Coated Cementitious Product




Guidance for specification option:







Warranty description

Ten year

Guidance for specification option:

On request.


Pr_25_71_63_26 Expanded polystyrene (EPS) boardsPrimary
Pr_25_71_63_66 Polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam boards
Pr_35_31_06_47 Lightweight aggregate levelling screed mixes


E20/380 Void formers

E60/330 Expanded polystyrene void formers

Specification data - Expanded polystyrene (EPS) boards


To BS EN 13501-1, BS EN 13163, BS EN13165, BS EN 16025-1, BS EN 16809-1.

Third-party certification

KIWA Certificate BAF-18-042-S-A-UK / BRE GreenGuide A+ rating / LABC warranty / NHBC Approval / BM TRADA system certification.

Fire performance

A2-s1, d0 to BS EN 13501-1. Non combustible.

Guidance for specification option:


Compressive strength (minimum) at 10% compression

200 kPa.

Thermal conductivity (maximum)

0.043 W/m·K.

Manufacturer guidance

For project specific U-values or related details consult manufacturer.

Water vapour permeability

5—20 μ.



Manufacturer guidance

Insert requirments.


Dosage: 110 kg/m³, minimum grade Portland 32.5 Cem I or Cem II.

Dry density

130 kg/m³ (approximately).


Suitable for ground floor insulation replacement.

Guidance for specification option:

Manufacturer's recommended application.


Bonded with cement.

Guidance for specification option:

Cementitious binder.



Sustainability data

Country of material origin

United Kingdom

Country of product manufacture

United Kingdom

Embodied carbon

A1-A3 (production stage) as defined in BS EN 15804

0.15 kg CO₂ eq/kg

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