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High performance, gas-resistant waterproof membrane.

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Laid beneath concrete to provide a gas-proof and waterproof membrane in the construction of sub-structures, providing protection against hydrostatic water pressure and ground gases.


A combination of Premcrete Maxiprufe Plus and Premcrete Hydroprufe 9000. This formulation is a lightweight, pre-applied, self-healing, gas-resistant membrane which will resist a hydrostatic head of water pressure. The polyethylene layer is reinforced with a 12 micron aluminium foil core which restricts the gas vapour transmission rate to less than 40 ml/m²/day in accordance with BS 8485:2015. The self-healing properties of the hydrophilic, water-reactive polymers secure the integrity of the membrane, which is unaffected by the presence of contaminants in the groundwater.

Ancillary components:

Can be used with the following to create a complete membrane solution:

  • Combi-Tape.
  • Twinseal Compound.

Features and benefits:

  • Lightweight-but-robust membrane.
  • Easily installed.
  • Highly tear-resistant.
  • Self-healing in the event of puncture.
  • Forms strong adhesive bond to concrete.
  • Self-gelling lap joints requiring no jointing tapes.

General information




2 x 25 m


Pr_25_57_65_60 Plastics sheetsPrimary


D21/350 Gas-retardant membrane

D21/38 Gas-retardant membranes

J40/120 Loose-laid plastics or rubber sheet damp-proofing

J40/130 Loose-laid plastics or rubber sheet oversite damp-proofing

J40/140 Loose-laid plastics or rubber sheet gas-retardant membranes

J40/20 Loose-laid plastics or rubber sheet damp-proofing

J40/30 Loose-laid plastics or rubber sheet oversite damp-proofing

J40/35 Loose-laid plastics or rubber gas-retardant membranes

Product range

Gas Membranes

Specification data - Plastics sheets Enhanced data




Gas-resistant waterproof membrane.


BS 8485:2015, BS 8102:2009.

Performance characteristics


Tensile strength (minimum)

To DIN EN ISO 12311-2: Machine direction (MD): 600 N/5 cm; Cross direction (CD): 1100 N/5 cm.

Tear resistance

To DIN EN ISO 12310-1: Machine direction (MD): 500 N; Cross direction (CD): 454 N.

Elongation to break

To DIN EN ISO 12311-2: Machine direction (MD): 90%; Cross direction (CD): 80%.

Resistant to underground gases

Methane, carbon dioxide and radon.

Third-party certification

KIWA BDA Certificate BABKIWA; BDA Certificate: BAB-20-143-P-UK-20-144-P-UK.


Reinforced with a 12 micron aluminium foil core.

Root inhibitor

Aluminium foil core.

Physical properties


Weight (minimum)

780 g/m².



Thickness (minimum)

3 mm.

Width (minimum)

2 m.

Roll length (minimum)

25 m.

Moisture vapour transmission rate

0.003 g/m²/day (to ISO 15106).

Methane permeability

14 ml/m²/day (to ISO 15105-1).

Carbon dioxide permeability

18 ml/m²/day (to ISO 15105-1).

Static load resistance

20 kg.


Pass (to DIN EN 1928 B).

Impact resistance

To DIN EN 12691: Pass.

Third party certifications

  • 12/4957

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