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  • Designed to provide high performance with aesthetic qualities.
  • 55 mm slim profiles.
  • Integrates with the Comar 5 Pi ECO casement window system.

Door thresholds, letter plates, surface mounted closers and lever handles can be specified separately.

General information


Pr_30_59_24_02 Aluminium doorsetsPrimary


L20/55 Doorsets

L20/480 Doorsets

Specification data - Aluminium doorsets

Standard product features


  • Tested to PAS 23 (General Performance for Door Assemblies).
  • Exceeds requirements of PAS 24 (Enhanced Security Performance for Door Assemblies).
  • Secured by Design multi-point locking system and key cylinder, that is both anti-bump and anti-snap.
  • Hinges are clampable and adjustable to cater for building tolerances and long term maintenance requirements.

Thermal performance:

- Single door CEN Door Size:

Open in or open out: 2.00 W/m²K.

- Double door CEN Door Size:

Open in or open out: 1.95 W/m²K.

Weight (maximum):

  • Single door: 90 kg.
  • Double door: 90 kg per leaf.

Product Options

Size (maximum):

- Single door:

  • Width: 1100 mm.
  • Height: 2400 mm.

- Double door:

  • Width: 2200 mm.
  • Height: 2400 mm.

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