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Baffle Ceilings

LMD-L 601 - Metal baffle ceiling, suspended, one-piece

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A range of metal baffle ceilings.

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  • Workplaces.
  • Transport hubs.
  • Education facilities.
  • Public institutions.
  • Hotels and restaurants.


A range of metal baffle ceilings.

LMD-L 601 - The linear design of the one-piece metal baffles offers versatile possibilities of installation thanks to different center distances and baffle sizes. The individual baffle distance enables an easy integration of necessary fixtures in the visible ceiling void between the baffles. The construction made of suspension channels guarantees an easy and quick installation.


LMD-L 607 - This baffle ceiling impresses with its very low suspension height - the special suspension without substructure profiles is directly fastened to the concrete ceiling. Thus, the ceiling is the appropriate solution for low room heights. Freely selectable baffle distances an sizes guarantee design freedom. The visible ceiling void between the baffles can be used for diverse installation.


LMD-L 608 - This high-grade baffle ceiling is especially suitable for areas with increased maintenance demands. Due to movable two-piece baffles, you can comfortably reach the ceiling void. The linear baffles can quickly and easily be installed in different sizes and center distances. Free spaces between the baffles can be used for different installations such as luminaires, sprinklers or for the suspension of signs.


LMD-L 609 - Metal baffle ceiling, hook-on/slide baffle, one-piece.

As LMD-L 608, with one-piece baffles.


LMD-L LAOLA - with wavelike baffles is a design solution that creates vivid, three dimensional effects. Design you individual baffle ceiling thanks to a multitude of possible radii, center distances and sizes. The curved baffle ceiling is very maintenance-friendly due to baffles that can be slid without the need for any tools. Fixtures can independently be installed between the baffles.

Plafotherm® L 608 - The linear Baffle Ceiling is especially suitable for areas with increased maintenance demands. Thanks to movable baffles, you can comfortably reach the ceiling void. The open construction guarantees high cooling capacities and variable design options. Create unique appearances in you well-tempered rooms by means of freely selectable center distances and baffle sizes. The ceiling void between the baffles can be used for installations. The Metal Baffles can quickly be installed- a combination with passive baffles is also possible.

Plafotherm® L 609

As Plafotherm® 608, with one-piece baffles.

General information


Powder coated

Polyester powder coated.






Ss_30_25_22_51 Modular suspended ceiling systemsPrimary


K40/115 Unit/ modular suspended ceiling system

K40/10 Unit/ modular suspended ceilings

Product range


Specification data - Modular suspended ceiling systems Enhanced data

System performance

Fire performance to BS EN 13501, A2-s1, d0.

Ceiling support

Metal suspended ceiling hangers and suspension channels.

Ceiling units

Perforated metal baffles.


To EN 13964.

Third-party certification


The ceiling system fulfils the requirements of the "Technical Manual Metal Ceilings" (TMMC) of TAIM e.V. (Association of Industrial Metal Ceiling Manufacturers).

Acoustic infills

Not required.

Acustica – Acoustic fabric inlay.

Insula – Mineral wool inlay in acoustic foil.

Sound absorption

Sound absorption coefficient aw acc. to EN ISO 351: 0,15 - 0,70. Sound absorber class acc. to EN ISO 11654: E - C. Noise Reduction Coefficient NRC acc. to ASTM C 423: 0,15 - 70.


RAL 9010.

Manufacturer's standard.


Insert requirements.


Insert requirements.


Rg 07-4.

Rv 1 8-20.

Rv 2 0-20.


Length up to 3000 mm thickness between 30-55 mm height between 80-325 mm. Consult manufacturer and insert requirements.


Powder coating




Type 1, one-piece, closed/closed.

Type 2, one-piece, open/open.

Type 3, one-piece, closed/open.

Type 5 Shine, one-piece, with luminaire L Shine.


  • Self-declaration in acc. with ISO 14021.
  • EPD in acc. with ISO 14025 and EN 15804.
  • Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver.

Environmental information

Country of material origin



Country of product manufacture


Recycled content

24 %

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