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Arbokol 1025 SP


  • Suitable for use in swimming pools, compression joints, tile to tile joints (no primer required), long term water immersed joints, shower rooms.
  • Not recommended for structural joints.


Arbokol 1025 SP is a unique two part epoxy sealant which cures to form a hard wearing seal, designed to accommodate small amounts of movement in extension but considerable movement in compression.

Features and benefits:

  • Recommended for use in a variety of internal stress relief joint systems where continual water resistance and a high degree of chemical resistance (especially to common cleaning substances) are required.
  • Where applicable, appropriate joint filler, e.g. closed cell polyethylene foam should be used to provide the correct joint depth.
  • All joint preparation and sealant application should be carried out in accordance with BS 8000-16 (British Standard for the sealing of joints in buildings).
  • Anticipated service life in excess of 20 years.

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M40/75 Sealant movement joints

M40/815 Sealant movement joints

N13/580 Sealant for pointing

N13/68 Sealant for pointing

Product range

Epoxy Sealants

Specification data - Construction joint sealants Enhanced data


Two part epoxy.



Off white.


Arbo Cleaner No. 17 (Xylene based).

Not suitable for use with plastics or delicate finishes.

Arbo Cleaner No. 16 (Alcohol based).

Application temperature

+10 to +40ºC.

Service temperature

-20 to +90ºC.

Cure time

48 hours t 20ºC.

At lower temperatures cure rate will be extended.

Working time

Work life (typical at 20ºC): 45 minutes.

Shore Hardness - D

60–70 cured at +20ºC.

Chemical resistance

Resistant to most alkalis and dilute acids, petrol, diesel, jet fuel.

Resistant to most cleaning chemicals used in swimming pool situations (neat Hypochlorite crystals should not be applied to 1025 SP).

Anticipated service life

20 years+ in non critical applications.

Use in swimming pools will lower this figure (depending upon application performance required).


Movement accommodation: Tension 5%, compression 50%.

Joint width

Contact Adshead Ratcliffe Technical Service Department for width: depth ratio.

6 mm (minimum single application); 20 mm (maximum single application).

Joint depth;

  • Porous substrates: 10 mm (minimum); 10 mm (maximum).
  • Non-porous substrates: 6 mm (minimum); 10 mm (maximum).

Environmental information

Country of product manufacture

United Kingdom

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