ALKORBRIGHT A Fully Adhered System with Mineral Wool Insulation

This ‘cool roof’ membrane is an extension to the already wide range of Renolit AlkorPlan F 35276 roofing membranes. Renolit AlkoBright System is a calendared/ laminated membrane of flexible PVC with woven polyester reinforcing. For glued roofing structures, a fleecebacked Renolit AlkoBright membrane is available (Renolit AlkorPlan A 35279). Renolit AlkoBright stands for durable and extra high reflection. Cool roof means a white coloured/ coated roofing membrane that has a large reflection of the solar radiation. This reflection of the sunlight has a positive influence on the roofing membrane, the interior climate and on the surroundings of a building.


  • The degree of reflection of the sunlight will decrease from the moment of installation. In order to resist this pollution, the Renolit AlkoBright roofing membrane is provided with a transparent protection layer.
  • Clear coat to make sure that less dirt sticks to the surface of the membrane and as a consequence strongly delays the loss of reflection.
  • The roofing membrane is easier to clean with water and thus easier to maintain. The dirt will be largely washed away by the rain.
  • The ‘clear coat’ provides the Renolit AlkoBright membrane an additional protection against UV radiation.
  • With a solar reflection of 90%, the Renolit AlkoBright roofing membrane can consider itself to be at the absolute top of the cool roof roofing membranes. In general, the darker the colour of the membrane, the less sunlight that will be reflected. Roofing sheets with a white top layer and a grey or black underlayer also have a significantly lower reflection rate of sunlight.

The installation of Renolit AlkoBright on the roof will have a strong influence on the interior climate of the building and the related air conditioning costs. Due to the low absorption of solar radiation (heat), the heat will need considerably more time to enter the building. Inside the building, the peak temperature will be reached much more slowly and as a consequence the build up of heat will be smaller. In addition, the air conditioning costs can be lowered considerably. This lower energy consumption will also decrease the output of CO2.

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Reflective cool roof ideal for use with Photo Voltaic systems


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J42/10 Warm deck roof covering

J42/400 Waterproof membrane

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Renolit AlkoBright System





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  • CE marking: 0679-CPD-0156 (ETA G 006)
  • CE marking: 0679-CPD-0157 (ETA G 006)
  • CE marking: 0679-CPD-0171 (EN 13956) : Complies with EN 13956.
  • CE marking: 0679-CPD-0172 (EN 13956) : Complies with EN 13956.
  • Conforms to UEAtc guidelines. : Certificate available on request.External fire: complies with B ROOF t1 according to ENV 1187.
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