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Advantix shower drainage channel.

Features and benefits:

  • Simple, installation-friendly modular kit system.
  • Two channel models, for free-standing or wall installation.
  • Three drain options: standard (can be shortened), reconstruction and vertical models.
  • Modern, minimalist design.
  • Grates and frames, matt, high-gloss polish finish or as standard finish.
  • Much narrower design grates (40 mm), squared or rounded, as tiled panel or tray or glass panel (grey and black).
  • Drainage capacity between 0.4 and 1.1 L/s.
  • Adjustable mounting feet to ensure that the grate sits flush against the tile.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_65_52_25_75 Sanitary appliance trapsPrimary


N13/375 Shower units

N13/40 Shower units

R11/310 Floor channels

R11/5 Floor drains

Specification data - Sanitary appliance traps

Product Reference


Base unit

4982.10 free-standing

4982.20 wall installation


750 mm

800 mm

900 mm

1000 mm

1200 mm


4982.92 standard

For installation height from 95 mm. Drainage capacity: 0.5–0.55 L/s. 50 mm water head seal.

4982.93 reconstruction

For installation height from 70 mm. Drainage capacity: 0.4–0.45 L/s. 25 mm water head seal.

4982.94 vertical

For installation height from 40 mm. Drainage capacity: 1.05–1.1 L/s. 50 mm water head seal. Fire protection pipe lead-in possible.




4982.90 with rubberized adjusting feet

4982.91 reconstruction model with rubberized adjusting feet


4982.30 square contour

4982.40 rounded contour

4982.45 standard

With installation height from 12 mm.


4982.50 Visign ER10 square contour, matt

4982.51 Visign ER10 square contour, high-gloss polished

4982.60 Visign ER11 rounded contour, matt

4982.61 Visign ER11 rounded contour, high-gloss polished

4982.70 Visign ER13 tileable, with all round rim

4982.71 Visign ER12 tileable, rimless

4982.80 Visign ER14 glass variant, black

4982.81 Visign ER14 glass variant, grey



4941.70 Advantix shower channel accessory set

For shower channel grates, 15–25 mm extension when using natural stone covering.

4982.92 Advantix removable odour trap

For installation height from 95 mm.

4982.94 Advantix removable odour trap

For installation height from 40 mm.

4982.96 Advantix shower channel accessory set

For natural stone covering from 23–36 mm. Not for 4982.45 mounting frame.

Standard product features

Technical characteristics:

  • Base material thickness: 1.5 mm.
  • Grate material thickness: 2 mm.
  • Drainage capacity: 0.4–1.1 L/s.
  • Nominal width: DN 40/50.

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