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Rooflights & more - Whitesales are a specialist manufacturer and distributor of commercial rooflights and specialist flat roofing products with more than 20 years’ experience in the industry. Our rigorously tested and fully compliant rooflights are designed to flood interiors with natural daylight, enhancing working and living conditions, boosting concentration and productivity and improving health, mood and performance. Rooflight specification will play an integral part in sustainable building design; Whitesales specialise in thermoformed dome roof lights and pyramid roof lights, smoke ventilator skylights, barrel-vaulted continuous rooflights, flat glass rooflights, tubular skylights and more. We can offer site surveys, technical specification writing and CAD drawing service for all applications of our commercial roof lights.

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Trade names

  • Em-Bar
  • Em-Curb
  • Em-Dome
  • Em-Glaze
  • Em-Trim
  • Em-Tube
  • Em-Vault
  • E-Pad
  • T-Bar
  • T-Curb
  • T-Flange
  • T-Pad
  • T-Pipe
  • T-Sleeve
  • T-Trim
  • T-Vault
  • T-Vent