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"My Hotel in Bucharest..." timber tiles create a treasure chest

We were contacted by a customer in Bucharest trying to source our Ipe Timber Tiles. He was concerned about durability as Romania has extremes of hot and cold, and torrential rainfall. We reassured him that even with a minimum gap drainage would be sufficient and the suspended tiles system would ensure longevity. He selected the Ipe timber tiles mounted onto fixed height 14mm Plastic Pad. To protect against the extreme weather the tiles were then treated with a generic wood preserve on site, giving them a rich, luxurious finish and producing the "treasure chest" George Ezra would be proud of. https://www.wallbarn.com/case-study/timber-tiles-cata-romania/

1 metre high Megapads for jacuzzi project

The contractor was installing a jacuzzi for a client. The jacuzzi’s filter requires regular cleaning which means lifting a slab to gain access to the area. The best solution for the slabs around the jacuzzi was to elevate them without fixings over the very high void. 915-1020mm Megapads were chosen. Megapads were positioned around the perimeter. Slabs were then laid on top, covering the area whilst allowing access to the filter and giving ventilation to the mechanics. With a weight tolerance of 1,560Kg and temperature resistant to Minus 40°C, Megapads were the perfect solution.

Adjustable Paving Supports - Woodbury Close, Finsbury Park

ASP pedestals were chosen by the waterproofing contractor to suspend paving slabs on residential balconies above an inverted waterproofing system on a luxury development. Decks were laid to falls in many different directions creating different heights and angles. Paving needed to be flat across the falling deck and slabs needed to ballast the insulation. Telescopic stems easily adjust the height whilst the slab is in place, making installation fast and easy. Positioning lugs create uniform paving lines automatically. Heavy load tolerances and durability over time and large temperature ranges, up to Minus 40° C, gives Wallbarn ASPs the edge competitors.

an M-Tray® Green Roof reaching the parts other green roofs cannot reach

This project had incredibly restricted access, where the client wanted a green roof on an existing bitumen rooftop overlooked by hotel rooms. The M-Trays® had to be transported on a trolley through the hotel kitchens. They were winched onto the roof itself using a genie lift and slotted into position in a matter of hours. Trying to construct a roll-out green roof was impossible, given the restricted access. Installation was fast and effective, taking only a day and giving an instant green roof. M-Tray® dramatically improved the view from the rooms and improved the guests’ experience.

Balance self-levelling pedestals provide the solution to difficult paving scheme

Wallbarn worked with a specialist tile installer, working on a new-build in Carmarthenshire. Initially 600mm deep concrete screed was used for a base, but the weight bent the lintels. The concrete had to be broken out and the whole deck repaired. The installation was challenging with falls over 250mm across the deck. ‘Balance’ self-levelling adjustable pedestals provided the answer. Using bespoke pedestal planning software, MegaPro, the Wallbarn service team was able to work out the exact quantity and height of pedestals required for the scheme, colour-coded on the drawing, guiding installers on where to place each pedestal.

Decking Pedestals & Green Roof System - Kensington

A good example of the before and after effects of laying a sedum roof garden and accompanying deck and paved area onto a small domestic roof terrace. All these products are designed to sit on top of the waterproof membrane (in this case single ply) there was no issue of damage to the roof. The support pads lifted the decking off the roof, eliminating the risk of the timber piercing the membrane, and drainage was maintained through the roof surface since the green roof system has a cavity beneath its own reservoir and drainage layer to allow water run-off.

Decking Pedestals from stock - next day delivery

The client was keen to use the Timber Support Pedestals at their project in South West London. The main challenge was not just the complex shape and pitch of the terrace but also the fact that the completion date was a mere 5 days away. In one day our customer service department helped them choose the correct products and sizes; produced a drawing and estimate for the client; then dispatched the goods the same day for delivery to site the following morning. The contractor was able to complete the project on time and without penalty.

Decking Supports - Snowfields Primary School, South London

100m2 flat roof on top of a school in was going to become an outside classroom. Access was severely restricted so it was not possible to consider traditional decking boards. Work was required at half term. Ipe timber decking tiles mounted onto adjustable pedestals were selected. The pedestals were delivered in boxes and the 500 x 500mm Ipe timber tiles could be carried by hand up all the flights of stairs to the roof area. The fall was accommodated with the adjustable pedestals and the hardwood decking was flat and durable. The roof was completed in three days.

Domestic retro-fit green roof - Sydenham

The client desired a green roof at the back of this beautiful family home. Access was very restricted. The speed and ease of transporting and installing our modular trays meant minimum disruption for the homeowner. Trays were delivered to site on pallets and handballed to the roof. The modules were laid down onto a geotextile fabric. Pebbles were then laid around the perimeter between the trays and any outlets to provide the required firebreak. Vegetation blended quickly creating a seamless green roof and, looking out from the upper floors, a sense of continuity from the house across the garden.

Eastcheap, City of London – iDecking

Project involved decking a 350m2 the rooftop of a commercial block in the heart of the city. The owners wanted to create a roof terrace for staff. The customer chose the iDecking complete solution for it's superior look. Installation was carried out on an inverted roof. The contractor laid down a double layer of our aluminium frame onto Wallbarn MegaPad pedestals which provide a stable footing for the framework. The composite Moor Oak boards were stamped into position. Installers were able to achieve a great finish by accurately cutting the boards to fit neatly to edges and corners.

Green roof on Starbucks cafe

This project involved a brand new Starbucks drive-thru being built in West London where the customer wanted the overlooked rooftop to be green. The customer was able to give the basic dimensions to our team and describe how they wanted the roof laid out. We then calculated the exact quantity of units needed with our inhouse software and gave delivery and installation guidance to the contractor and end client. Wallbarn also supplied the materials for the semi-extensive border including geotextile fleece, drainage board and our specially-developed substrate for a comprehensive green roof solution,

Hardwood Timber Tiles - Tunbridge Wells

This project involved a penthouse with a huge roof terrace. The existing deck was dilapidated and needed complete replacement. The existing decking needed to be lifted, cut up and removed. The terrace was jet-washed and sealed. Using ipe tiles on top of adjustable pedestals keeps the tiles out of standing water and creates space underneath for cables, etc. Rooftop terraces are difficult to access. 500x500mm timber tiles are much easier to manually handle and transport than long plank decking. The tiles aren’t fixed to the pedestals, making them future-proofed.

hardwood Timber Tiles with self-levelling pedestals on terrace

Roof terrace on the third floor of a residential block. The customer wanted a floating deck but was keen to source decking that could be easily installed. They needed to deal with a slope and variation in the surface, as well as easy access to a drain. Wallbarn recommended their Cumuru hardwood timber tiles which being 500mm x 500mm x 30mm, which are highly portable and perfect for low threshold retro-fits. To deal with the variation in surfaces around the deck, we recommended laying the timber tiles onto our ‘Balance’ self-levelling pedestals. Total installation time: 3 hours

iDecking for high end residential project

The client was looking to replace an old wooden walkway. Their contractor recommended iDecking because of its low profile aluminium substructure and composite boards which require far less ongoing maintenance. The installer removed the old decking then used Wallbarn’s heavy duty MegaPad pedestals to underpin the iDecking rail system. These were screwed to the concrete lintels before the aluminium under rails were screwed into the pedestals. The laying pattern followed the architect’s original design, drawing the eye down the length of the walkway. This job took 2 weeks to complete and the client is delighted with the results.

iDecking Project - Dunalastair, Perthshire, Scotland

EasyClick installation onto the Dunalastair Hotel’s large guest courtyard. Refurbishment of an old hotel in Perthshire recently carried out by London Developer Henley Homes who wanted to make better use of the ample outside courtyard spaces around the building, for functions and alfresco dining. Wallbarn pedestals were used in this project; they were secured to the concrete slab, beneath the deck, in order to give the deck strength and also to provide sufficient drainage capabilities, in the most extreme of weather. iDecking was then laid onto the pedestals using our exclusive “EasyClick”, decking solution.

iDecking Project - Finchampstead, Berkshire

This 115m² project was a large luxury new-build. The decking required two distinct build-up methods around the house. One section was on a waterproofing membrane, the other on a steel framed walkway. Adjustable support pedestals were loose-laid onto the membrane. iDecking aluminium rail system was set onto the pedestals and EasyClick boards were clicked into place. Pedestals lifted the decking structure off the membrane allowing free drainage and creating a level surface on the falling roof. Aluminium rails were mechanically fixed to the steel structure and the whole terrace was set to one, seamless level wrapping around the house.

iDecking transforms flat roof into a beautiful leisure area

Wallbarn was approached by a commercial client. The client, with a rapidly growing workforce, was expanding, but wanted to utilise existing space to avoid moving premises. A disused rooftop was earmarked for conversion into an outdoor eating and leisure area for staff. Wallbarn’s unique iDecking system was chosen to deck the terrace. Our service team scoped the project, proposing 313m2 of ‘Terra’ iDecking boards, the EasyClick aluminium rail system, underpinned by our heavy-duty MegaPad adjustable pedestals. We were on site before, during and after installation to support the installers throughout the project. The terrace is transformed into a beautiful space.

iDecking walkway in high profile modern style home

The client was looking to replace an old 67 metre long wooden walkway surrounding a pool. Their contractor recommended the Decking system due to the low profile aluminium substructure and moisture-proof composite boards which require far less ongoing maintenance. The installer removed the old decking to reveal the sub base, then used Wallbarn’s heavy duty MegaPad pedestals to underpin the iDecking rail system. Our proposed laying pattern complemented the architect’s original design, drawing the eye down the length of the walkway. The entire job took two weeks to complete. The client is delighted with the results.

Instant Green Roof - Wimbledon - Care Home - M-Tray®

The client contacted us in urgent need of a green roof solution before a project handover. Green roof was part of the planning application. Pre-grown panels with patented design were delivered on pallets and lifted to the roof via forklift. The ingenious connecting system means each module clicks to its neighbour tightly and securely so once installed, the sedum has a seamless appearance. The plants are a mixture of sedum species ideal for the UK climate. They are well rooted into Wallbarn's bespoke substrate and fully mature. 250 sqm of green roof was installed in 1 day.

Ipe timber tiles offers decking solution for ultra low height threshold

A contractor client was working on a retro-fit balcony and flat roof project in Brighton. The waterproofing membrane had tapered insulation placed on top and the contractor discovered ballasting the insulation was needed, only once on the roof. The door thresholds were too tight for a traditional decking system with joists. Wallbarn advised for paving slabs on 9mm rubber pads; then 30mm thick ipe timber tiles mounted onto Adjustable Pedestals. The buildup was under 100mm and the overall finish of the tropical hardwood was glorious. The architect was relieved that we could produce a solution, the client was delighted.

Luxury decking solution for spa alfresco dining area

A luxury spa in Berkshire was looking to convert their terrace into an appealing dining area. The management needed a beautiful solution with minimum disruption, as the outdoor dining area was able to stay open to the public during construction. Duro Excellence EasyClick System was installed in colours denim and moor oak. The aluminium rail system was the perfect frame for the outdoor area’s low threshold. The boards simply clip down into place, ensuring swift, trouble-free installation. It was essential that the boards were not screwed through the surface, as customers were walking barefoot.

M-Tray® Green Roof super fast installation

This project involved a high-rise office being refurbished. Being in the Central London and nearing completion meant a busy site. Ultra fast and mess-free installation was essential. M-Tray®’s were delivered to site on pallets and quickly unloaded. The M-Tray®’s stackable design meant it was easy to transport through the (finished) building and elevator. The individual trays were then carried up the final flight of stairs to the rooftop. As the trays simply clip together they are quick and easy to install. In just 4 hours a the roof space was transformed into a green roof.

M-Tray® Instant Green Roof - Cattle Hill Quarry

The new generation of M-Tray® modules were used on this office building in Poklington, Yorkshire. This project was in the heart of the Vale of Yorkshire, within and Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and planning sensitivities dictated a green roof was needed on the office building. The clients wanted the existing farm buildings, which had been converted into offices and storage space, to blend into the hillside with the structures having the very lowest impact on the surrounding countryside.The timber framed building meant a low weight solution was required so the 100mm deep pre-grown modules were ideal.

M-Tray® Instant Green Roof - Safeway Towers, Vancouver, Canada

Our client was a major nursery stock grower in British Columbia with a very large sedum green roof project in Vancouver. The architect was concerned about future-proofing the green roof and wanted to ensure that, if ever they had issues with their waterproofing seal or any other aspect of the structure, the green roof could be taken up without too much disruption. It was decided that a modular solution would be the best route. M-Tray® was included in a worldwide competition to find the most suitable modular design and was judged as the best product available.

M-Tray® Instant Green Roof - The May Fair Hotel

Mayfair, London Our modular green roof solution, the M-Tray®, has transformed what was previously a fairly unsightly bitumen rooftop at a Mayfair hotel into a beautiful green space for guests to enjoy. Conversion of the 13sqm space was awarded to Wallbarn after we successfully completed the hotel group’s first green roof project at the Radisson Heathrow. Being so easy to transport our M-Trays®were selected as the fastest and most efficient way of converting the unused space into a lush, green and aesthetically-pleasing space. The installation only took half a day with minimal disturbance to guests.


A residential customer had a storage unit and wanted improve it by adding a green roof. M-Tray®, being modular in shape and easy to install, was the perfect solution. The green roof had to be walked through the house to access the garden. Traditional roll-out green roofs, with their loose substrate bags and loose sedum blankets were too messy to transport indoors. M-Tray® is self-contained within the walls of the plastic tray and comes with fully established, sustainable vegetation. M-Trays® clip together easily, allowing the sedum to blend together, providing a beautiful, seamless finish.

Megapad Pedestals lifting terrace to window level on period building

The customer wanted to build a deck on the first storey of a period building in Chicago The windows opening out on to the roof were positioned considerably higher than the rooftop itself, which meant that the structure deployed to support the deck would also need to raise it up almost a metre to meet the threshold. We recommended a number of our heavy-duty Megapads ranging from 711mm to 876mm to account for the gradual fall in the roof. The customer chose not to envelope the pedestals because he liked the industrial look created, in keeping with downtown Chicago.

Modular in, Modular out’ – M-Trays® transform construction huts in Knightsbridge

A three year construction project in Knightsbridge required a temporary green roof on welfare huts. The local residents were concerned about overlooking these steel huts long-term. The solution is M-Tray® – our modular green roof system. The steel huts were wheeled into position on site on skates. They were covered with an EPDM waterproofing membrane. M-Tray® units were installed. They were easily carried up the stairs by hand and installed by hand within minutes. The modular and portable M-Tray® can just be unclicked and lifted away upon completion of the construction process.

Natural stone paving using pedestals - Douglas, Isle of Man

This was a large roof terrace on a private domestic project. The area was flooded and had needed to be re-laid with waterproofing and a significant fall constructed into the deck to allow the often considerable amounts of rainwater to escape the roof deck. The contractor asked Wallbarn for a suitable but cost effective solution so we recommended Wallbarn 9mm rubber supports along with levelling shims. The area was re-waterproofed in the inverted waterproofing method, the membrane being covered with rigid insulation boards and a loose laid geotextile fabric to act as a separation layer .

Paving and Decking Pedestals - Big Chill bar, King’s Cross, London

The Big Chill, a bar in King’s Cross, was creating a public roof terrace on an existing structure. The deck was complicated with many changes of level and multiple objects present. A single ply membrane was installed. Paving and decking was required. Adjustable pedestals were laid directly onto the surface and their heights altered so that the upper surface of the 50mm paving slabs and the 125mm decking frame would be level. Nothing penetrated the membrane and the weight tolerance of the ASP and TD pedestals meant even very heavy traffic on a public bar was accommodated.

Paving and Decking Supports - St Katherine's Dock, London

This was a major refurbishment and landscaping project for an office development in the City of London. A podium deck had been re-waterproofed and the area landscaped, by contractor Scotscape, with a mixture of hard surfaces, grass lawns, planters and borders. Wallbarn has a very wide range of pedestals for a variety of applications. So we were able to supply exactly the right pad to best support the 6 x 2” joists the landscaping contractor needed to hold their decking boards. The timber joists were fixed into a frame and rigid insulation placed into the cavities between the beams.

Protection Board - London Aquarium

The contractor was relaying a waterproof membrane immediately above the London Aquarium and naturally the client was concerned about leaks with such precious livestock beneath. The waterproofing was torch-on bituminous felt membrane, due to be covered with road grade asphalt. Protecto-board was laid onto the waterproofing and secured with tape. It was cut to shape around the curbs cleanly and effectively without leaving vulnerable areas and without delaminating or crumbling, or leaching bitumen. It protected the waterproofing from temporary construction process damage and permanently protected it when covered with hot road grade asphalt afterwards

Self Levelling Adjustable Pedestals for porcelain tiles

We were approached by a porcelain tile supplier who needed to elevate porcelain tiles around a new build property in Wales. Initially concrete was used to create a base. However the weight of the concrete bent the lintels. The installation proved very challenging due to such a dramtic fall over such a short distance, creating a severe 5% slope. Fortunately our ‘Balance’ self-leveling range of adjustable pedestals provided the answer. Our service team are on call to advise and support installing contractors throughout their project, including site visits.

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