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UPM Plywood

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UPM Grada 2000

Wood sheet material, which can be formed with heat and pressure.


Birch plywood flooring panel with wiremesh pattern.


Birch veneer plywood for constructional and joinery use.

WISA®-Hexa Grip

Plywood panel coated with brown or grey film and imprinted with 10 mm diameter hexagonal pattern intended for use as flooring.


High quality plywood flooring panel with patterned, thermoplastic polyolefin coating.


Polypropylene overlay coated plywood wall panel for interior and exterior use.


Spruce veneer plywood sheets suitable for painting.


WISA-Spruce is a high quality lightweight multipurpose panel. It is made of environmental certified Nordic Spruce and is an ideal panel for structural uses and load bearing applications like roofing, flooring, wall sheeting, packaging and joinery.


  • Light weight
  • High quality
  • PEFC certified

Showing 1-14 of 14