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WISA-Birch Premium, WISA-BirchLG Premium

WISA-Birch Premium and WISA-BirchLG Premium are the perfect choise when a beautiful,light finish is desired without compromising excellent strenght properties. These premium plywood products make a good base for different surface treatments such as lacquering,varnishing and wood staining. Therefore they are ideal for visually demanding applications and uses,such as furniture and interior lining applications.

WISA-Birch Special & WISA-BirchLG Special Plywood

WISA-Birch Special and WISA-BirchLG Special are manufactured from birch veneers glued together in a cross-banded construction. WISA-Birch Special is with surface veneer grain in short dimension and WISA-BirchLG Special with surface veneer grain in lond dimension.

WISA-Birch Surface Appearance Guide

WISA-Birch Guide to surface appearance in accordance with European Standard EN635-2:1995 Plywood - Classification by surface appearance- Part 2: Hardwood

WISA-Spruce FR

WISA-SpruceFR is a fire-retardant plywood product for use in construction for structural applications and load bearing structures.

WISA-Spruce Special

WISA-Spruce Special is a smooth,strong, structural multipurpose plywood panel with a superior surface quality.The panel is light in weight yet strong and rigid, typically used in load bearing structures. The refined look and smooth surface makes it suitable for other uses as well including shop fittings,joinery,furniture and DIY use. The panel is ideal for projects demanding outstanding environmental performance and consistent high quality.

WISA-Spruce surface appearance guide

WISA-Spruce surface appearance guide in accordance with EN635-3:1995 Plywood - Classification by surface appearance Part 3: Softwood

Showing 1-9 of 9