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Poultice applied to masonry for removal of carbon deposits, soiling and stains.


Dry, latex-based masonry cleaner, for internal use.


Masonry cleaning paste suitable for removal of soot deposits, limescale, grime and stains from many internal and external building surfaces.


Masonry poultice cleaner formulated to remove Verdigris (copper staining).


Masonry poultice cleaner for removal of staining by iron and other ferrous metals.

Masonry Repair

Stone/ masonry, two-component repair material.


A non-toxic and environmentally safe biological oil masonry cleaner and remover for internal and external use.


Paint remover and softener suitable for use on most internal and external oil and water based paints, varnishes, bitumastic and thermoplastics coatings.

TORC Gentle Vortex Cleaning System

Low-pressure stone cleaning system utilizing air, water and granulate, suitable for use on large areas through to fine detail.

Showing 1-10 of 10