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Admix Concentrate

An air-entraining admixture that improves the workability of mortars.

AQ70 Woodstain

Acrylic and polyurethane polymer based woodstain.

Aqueous Bitumen

Bitumen and rubber latex emulsion damp-proof membrane.

Bitumen Paint

Solvent based bitumen paint providing an effective protective coating.

Dustproofer Hardener

Solution to permanently harden and dust proof concrete and terrazzo floors.

Easy Paving Grout

Paving grout for wide joints in hard landscaping features such as paths, driveways and patios.

Epoxy Floor Paint

Two part epoxy floor paint which offers excellent resistance and durability for walls and floors.

Façade Cream

A high performance masonry water repellent with a service life of up to 20 years.

Floor Levelling Compound

Floor levelling compound which contains cements, selected fillers, special additives and a dispersible polymer.

Fungi-Chek Emulsion

Acrylic emulsion paint containing a powerful fungicide, prevents growth of black mould.

Hey'Di K11

Salt resistant cementitious tanking compound as part of the HEY'DI K11 tanking system.

Hey'Di Powder X

Rapid setting-plugging compound used to stop water leaks prior to tanking with Hey'Di K11 tanking system.

Hey'Di Rapid Mortar

Rapid setting cement based powder for grouting or patch repair and anchoring machinery.

Hi-Tech Rapid FLR

A hard wearing floor leveller, suitable for wheeled traffic e.g. garages.

Low Odour Injection Fluid

Injection fluid which reacts with the atmosphere to form a water insoluble, water resistant DPC treatment.

Masonry Sterilizing Wash

Sterilizing treatment to remove lichen, mould and algae from masonry, asbestos roofs, tiles etc.


Air-entraining additive. Improves the workability of mortars and renders without the addition of lime.

Mould Control Pack

Black mould treatment for sterilising walls plus fungicidal additive for paint.

Passive Vapour Vents

Passive dehumidifier to increase room ventilation, helps prevent black mould.

Showing 1-36 of 85