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Soprema UK

Waterproofing the Building Envelope

+44 (0)330 058 0668 www.soprema.co.uk

Addresses and contacts

Head Office

Soprema House

Freebournes Road,



Colin Walker

Technical Specifications Manager

Phil Griffiths

Business Development Manager

Matt Edwards

Techncial Specifications Manager

Alex Goodyear

Senior Technical Specificatons


North Easat

John Pearson

National Sales Manager

Dave Storrar

Technical Specifications Manager

South East

Paul Booth

Technical Specifications Manager

South East, Sussex, South Central

Crawford McAllister

Business Development Manager


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Trade names

Alsan, Antirock, Calfatine, Cefil, Colphene, Copper Art, Elastophene Flam, Flagon, Sopralene, Sopralene Flam, Sopralene Flam Jardin, Sopralene Jardin, Sopramastic, Sopranature, Soprema