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LIV Student Accomodation

LIV Student Accommodation was completed in early 2020 by ISG Plc. Sertus worked with the project M&E contractors to deliver a smoke control system that coped with the challenges of forty metre extended corridors on the upper stories. The system comprises two Sertus Roof Mechanical Pod Residential (RMP-R) units, one at either end of the V-shaped building. The Pods are fitted with air-inlet dampers to avoid pressure build-up whilst clearing the corridors. The system also interfaces with the fire alarm system and controls a natural smoke control system on the lower levels of the building.

Sudbury House

Sudbury House is a building that was identified shortly after the Grenfell tragedy as having flammable cladding and inadequate smoke ventilation. Sertus Façade Louvre Blade smoke vent windows and Sertus control panels were identified as the best fit. Fully certified to EN standards, these attractive windows open to 90 degrees in under 60 seconds when triggered, and are designed for installation into facade apertures or curtain walling. Louvres were also fitted to the head and entrance levels of the stair cores, a single leaf vent installed in the lobby. Finally, firefighter’s priority switches were installed on every level.

Showing 1-2 of 2