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120 minutes fire protection - Isotec loft ladder

The Isotec is a heavy duty commercial loft ladder offering up to 120 minutes fire protection. It also offers very high thermal insulation (U value 0.33 W/m2K) and an airtight seal (class 4). Available made-to-measure

Automatic loft ladders make loft access easy (and fun!)

It’s not very often that you hear about a loft ladder being fun, but that is exactly how Simon and Rochelle Solomon described their new Escalmatic electric loft ladder… Simon and Rochelle needed to make better use of their large loft space. They wanted an easy, hassle-free method of accessing their loft on a regular basis. They therefore began researching loft ladders and felt that fully automatic loft ladders provided the best solution. The Escalmatic was the preferred choice. The automatic loft ladder matched Simon and Rochelle’s needs perfectly. Read the full case study to learn more...

Cadet 3 Wooden Loft Ladder available on NBS Plus

The Cadet 3 from Premier Loft Ladders is now available on NBS Plus. The wooden loft ladder is available in a range of standard sizes and is supplied ready to fit. Also, it features attractive styling with concealed hinges and white trap-door, as well as thermal insulation and an airtight seal. Please visit our web site for further details and links to the NBS product specification.

Columbus Treppen- Profiline F30/F30 Plus/ F60

The Profiline F30/F30 Plus/F60 is a 3-part folding or 2 part sliding wooden ladder. It’s a ready to fit unit with a trapdoor and hatchbox with an all-round rubber seal. The F30 is fire resistant tested from the underside, the F30 Plus from above and below and the F60 from below. It is simple to use and when folded away, the 3 part option sits on top of the trapdoor. Supplied complete with a handrail, rubber feet and white cover strips to fix onto the hatchbox edges. It has a turn latch locking mechanism operated by a wooden pole.

Compact loft ladder for fire escape – Case Study from Premier Loft Ladders

Building contractor Eversley Building Services Ltd required a roof access ladder for emergency use in the event of a fire. However, the application constraints presented many challenges, in particular the small skylight aperture. As such, a particularly compact loft ladder was needed. Furthermore, because the loft ladder would be used during an emergency, it had to be easy-to-operate and safe for its occupants. Read more about this challenging project and how the Piccolo Premium provided the ideal solution...

Ecco loft ladder steps up to the challenge

Premier Loft Ladders were approached for a challenging project requiring a loft ladder suitable for providing safe and easy access to the loft of a period home. However, the high ceiling and small opening presented an issue, ruling out many loft ladders. Furthermore, safety was an important consideration to the home owners. As such, the ladder needed at least one handrail and wide non-slip treads. Also, it was essential that the ladder was robust and stable. The Ecco perfectly fit the particularly tight constraints for this project. Also, the counter-balance spring system meant it was easy to operate

Electric loft ladder range has grown

Premier Loft Ladders range of electric loft ladders continues to expand, with new products such as the Skylark and significant enhancements to the existing range. The Escalmatic electric loft ladder has proven popular since its launch. Further enhancing its impressive specification and excellent value for money is the increased floor-to-ceiling range. The Escalmatic can now be ordered for room heights of up to 3.5 metres. However, if that is still not high enough, the Supreme Electric can be ordered for floor-to-ceiling heights of up to 4.6 metres.

Electric loft ladder ticks all the boxes

PMB Construction recently approached Premier Loft Ladders with a very specific set of needs. Fortunately, the Escalmatic motorised loft ladder ticked all the right boxes. Lead-time, quality and attractive design were very important requirements for this residential loft conversion project. The made-to-measure Escalmatic scored in all areas. The end result was an “extremely happy” client who got a loft ladder that was exactly what they wanted. Visit our web site to read full case study, see project photos and get advice on choosing an electric loft ladder.

Elite access to rooflight

Making the most of outdoor space in an urban environment is very important. With land at a premium, more people are converting their flat roof space to a garden retreat. How do you get to it though? A full size staircase takes up a lot of room and can be quite expensive, especially for occasional use. A Premier Loft Ladders customer had exactly that problem at her Hammersmith, London apartment. Learn how the Elite loft ladder saved both space and money, while still providing safe and convenient access to the flat roof...

Elite Vertical loft ladder proves to be the perfect solution for a New Build project in France

Jill Ranford and Patrick Taggart are the proud owners of a beautiful new build home in Southern France. The main bedroom features a vaulted ceiling with access to a loft via a wall hatch located 2.7m up from the floor. Therefore, a loft ladder was required that could be easily operated at that height and could be folded behind the wall hatch door without taking up too much loft space. The Elite Vertical Loft Ladder proved to be the perfect solution for Jill and Patrick’s needs. Read about their experience...

Escalmatic electric loft ladder NBS specification now available

Premier Loft Ladders have created a new electric loft ladder NBS specification for the popular Escalmatic. Full product data and technical drawing is now available within NBS specification software. The Escalmatic electric loft ladder is ideal for residential projects, particularly where space is limited. It is also suitable for light-duty commercial use. To help architects and designers, Premier Loft Ladders has made technical data for the Escalmatic electric loft ladder available within NBS specification software. It can be found within section L30 (clauses 41 and 421). CAD drawings are also available.

Glass loft hatch ladder from Premier Loft Ladders maintains period feature in Victorian home

Glass loft hatches are an attractive period feature and offer a source of natural light into otherwise dark areas of a home. However, they are often the only way to access the home’s loft and finding a suitable loft ladder for a glass loft hatch is not easy. Premier Loft Ladders were able to offer an innovative solution for this very problem, allowing the owners of a traditional Victorian home the benefit of easy access to the loft, as well as maintaining period features and not obscuring the natural light.

How its made: The Supreme F30 loft ladder

Have you ever wondered how a commercial grade loft ladder is made? Read our blog to learn about how the Supreme F30 fire rated loft ladder is made. The Supreme F30 with wooden hatch box is a great choice for commercial and industrial use where fire protection is required. The heavy duty loft ladder offers both strength and durability, yet remains very easy to operate (just 3 kg operating load).

Isotec 200 loft ladder offers superb thermal insulation and 60 minutes fire rating

The high strength Isotec 200 loft ladder offers superb thermal insulation with a U-value of 0.17 W/m2K and a class 4 certified airtight seal. In addition, it offers 60 minutes fire and heat protection (tested according to EN 1634-1, EN1363-1, ÖNORM 3860). The Isotec 200 loft ladder is ideally suited for energy efficient, low-carbon buildings where fire protection is needed.

Isotec fire rated loft ladder NBS specification now available

Premier Loft Ladders have made choosing and specifying your next fire rated loft ladder even easier. Product data for the high-spec Isotec loft ladder is now available within NBS Plus. The Isotec offers superb strength and very high thermal insulation. It also provides fire protection for up to 120 minutes. As such, it is a great solution for a wide range of projects. To help designers and architects, Premier Loft Ladders has made technical data for the Isotec fire rated loft ladder available within NBS Plus. It can be found within section L30 (clause 421).

Keeping in the warmth - Loft Access Hatch and Ladder

The days are getting shorter and the weather getting colder – winter is on its way. If considering a new loft access hatch and ladder it is important to choose one that offers good thermal insulation and an airtight seal. This will help to keep in the warmth and lower energy costs. We have produced a useful guide that is available for download. It is designed to help you understand the important features to look for when choosing an insulated loft ladder. The guide also includes a quick reference tool for our insulated loft ladder product range.

Loft ladder for sloped ceiling loft hatch

Anyone with a sloped ceiling loft hatch will appreciate the difficulty of finding a suitable loft ladder, particularly when positioned over a staircase. This is exactly the problem faced by Michael Hall, who needed an easy to operate loft ladder to provide safe access to the loft space in his home. The Elite Vertical loft ladder from Premier Loft Ladders provided the perfect solution. It's highly engineered counter-balance system makes it easy to operate, as well as being safe. In addition, the Elite Vertical is designed for heavy duty use. As such, it is particularly robust and rigid.

Loft ladders solutions for a truss roof

Truss roof rafters and ceiling joists are typically spaced either 400mm, 450mm or 600mm apart. Given that the joist is normally 50mm wide, this gives a fairly small opening width for your loft hatch and ladder. However, there are still a wide variety of options to consider. For example, space saving concertina loft ladders, are easy to operate, providing robust and durable access to an attic. Made-to-measure folding wooden loft ladders, such as the new Quadro, are available for widths of 550mm and offer minimal protrusion in the loft space above. Visit our website for more information.

New Product - Ecco Concertina Loft Ladder

The Ecco concertina loft ladder features the very latest technology to achieve excellent thermal insulation and an airtight seal. The 4-point latching system ensures an airtight seal all the way around the hatch, while WDL tape provides an insulating seal between the hatch box and ceiling structure. Ideal for residential and light-duty commercial projects. The lightweight yet strong and durable aluminium loft ladder is easy to open and close. It is also suitable for smaller ceiling openings (as small as 800mm x 550mm).

New Product - Quadro DD wooden loft ladder with secondary upper loft hatch. Premier Loft Ladders

The Quadro DD is a highly insulated wooden loft ladder. It features a secondary upper loft hatch, which achieves an overall U-value of 0.46 W/m2K. The upper hatch can be closed immediately after entering the loft, therefore helping to lock the warmth in the home or building, and preventing moist air from flowing into the loft and condensing in the cold areas. Suitable for high ceilings (up to 3.44 m). Visit Premier Loft Ladders web site for further details.

New Product - Skylark fully electric foldaway attic stairs

Skylark electric folding wooden loft ladders are now available from Premier Loft Ladders. The perfect solution for anyone planning to upgrade their old wooden loft ladder. They provide the beautiful aesthetics of a wooden loft ladder, with the convenience of electric operation. For more information, visit our web site.

New Product Announcement - Escalmatic Electric Loft Ladder

Premier Loft Ladders latest product, the Escalmatic electric loft ladder, offers style, safety and convenience. It is ideal for domestic/residential applications. The Escalmatic combines Italian design, robust metal construction and infrared remote-controlled electrical operation. The space-saving retractable ladder mechanism also means that the Escalmatic will fit into ceiling openings from as small as 50cm wide by 90cm long, helping to avoid costly and inconvenient ceiling alterations. The Escalmatic is supplied as a ready to fit unit, comprising of a steel stairway with a white powdercoat finish, attached to a steel hatch box and insulated wooden trapdoor.

New Product Announcement - The Quadro wooden loft ladder...

The Quadro wooden loft ladder is the solution when ‘standard’ is simply not good enough. It is supplied as an easy to fit, made-to-measure unit. The 3-part folding wooden ladder is contained within, and attached to, a laminated wooden hatch box and an insulated trapdoor. The Quadro wooden loft ladder offers very good energy efficiency thanks to an insulated trapdoor with an airtight 4-point locking mechanism.

Passive House certified loft ladder

The Passivhaus Institute has recently awarded the Designo wooden loft ladder certification for use in passive house projects. Available from Premier Loft Ladders, the Designo features the latest innovations in loft ladder design to perfectly balance aesthetics with performance. It offers excellent thermal efficiency (U value 0.60 W/m2K) and an airtight seal (class 4) thanks to a highly insulated trapdoor with 6-point locking mechanism.

Passivhaus certified loft ladder

The Klimatec 160 is a high performance solution for passive and low carbon buildings. Not only does it offer superb thermal insulation and an airtight seal, but it also benefits from 30-minute fire protection. The Klimatec 160 is the latest product in the Premier Loft Ladders range to be certified by the Passivhaus Institut (PHI) for use in passive buildings. It offers very high thermal insulation, achieving a U-value of just 0.34 W/m2K. It also features a class 4 certified airtight seal. As such, it is extremely effective at keeping the warmth in the building.

Premier Loft Ladders provide a safe, convenient and discrete solution for access to a premium car dealership plant room

Premier Loft Ladders has recently helped Horizon Construction provide a safe and convenient access solution to a 1st floor plant room within a premium car showroom. What made this project particularly challenging was the 1.8m deep ceiling void. In addition, the access point was also in a prominent location outside the showroom offices. The solution was a bespoke Supreme heavy duty loft ladder. It offered a safe, discrete and easy-to-use solution for access to the car dealership plant room. Read the full case study...

Premier Loft Ladders release a new range of BIM models

New BIM objects from Premier Loft Ladders make it even easier for architects and designers to specify the perfect loft ladder their project. They cover a selection of the company’s most popular products, covering a wide range of requirements, from Passivhaus certified loft ladders through to high-performance fire rated models. The NBS authored loft ladder BIM models are available in both Revit and IFC format.

Retractable Roof Access Ladder and Hatch - Case Study

Premier Loft Ladders were contacted by a specialist food processing plant to replace a damaged retractable roof access ladder. As this presented the only means of access for maintenance of roof top equipment, it was important that the replacement access ladder was strong, durable and easy to operate. The Supreme with flat roof access hatch provided the perfect solution. Please follow the link below to learn more about this high-specification project...

Supreme loft ladder provides easy access to loft for everyday use in family home

Sam Beardsley Carpentry, had a client needing a high-spec loft ladder for everyday use in a brand new home. Already familiar with Premier Loft Ladders, Sam got in contact to discuss his project and review the available options. The Supreme was the obvious choice based upon the needs of Sam’s client. The end result was a loft ladder that they were ‘over the moon with’. To read the full case study, see a video of the installed Supreme and view more images, please visit our website.

Supreme Vertical loft ladder specification available from NBS Plus

Premier Loft Ladders has released technical data within NBS Plus for the Supreme Vertical loft ladder, which offers safe and easy access to loft spaces and plant rooms that can only be accessed via an elevated wall hatch. As such, it is easier for architects and designers to find and specify a solution for this otherwise challenging access requirement. The product data can be found within section L30 (clause 41 and clause 421). The heavy-duty concertina offers a load rating of over 200 kg per tread, yet can be opened and closed with minimum effort.

Taking the right steps to combat fire

A fire rated loft hatch and ladder provides safe and convenient access into a loft or attic, while still providing up to 90 minutes of fire resistance. It can also provide high levels of thermal insulation and therefore help to keep energy costs down. Premier Loft Ladders has released an application solution guide for fire rated loft ladders. It provides useful tips and advice on subjects such as the choice between aluminium or wooden fire rated loft ladders, as well as considerations such as thermal insulation and strength. You can also find details of their fire rated product range.

The Cadet wooden loft ladder and hatch combines traditional style with modern engineering…

The result is an attractive and thermally-efficient loft ladder that is perfectly suited for residential/domestic applications. The Cadet is available as either a 3-part folding wooden loft ladder (shown here) or a 2-part sliding ladder. Key benefits at a glance… ? Well insulated (U-value 0.90 W/m2K) ? Airtight seal (Class 4 certified) ? Load capacity of 150kg per step ? Wide steps / treads with anti-slip profile for comfort and safety ? Hatch box trap door finished in white on both sides ? Supplied ready to install Visit our web site for more information about the Cadet loft ladder

The difference is in the detail...

Sometimes the smallest of details can have a big impact! Many of our products feature a range of clever and innovative details, which help make them special and add additional value. From patented loft hatch box sealing technology through to custom powder coat finish colour. We will be highlighting the various details that make our loft ladders and modular staircases so special via our website and social media channels over the coming months. Follow us on twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus and look for ‘the difference is in the detail’ tagline.

The Mini retractable loft ladder is the ideal solution for small ceiling openings

It is supplied as a ready to fit unit, with a space-saving ladder contained within an insulated wooden hatch box. Manufactured from light-weight, durable aluminium components, the Mini is easy to operate yet still offers heavy duty performance. Capable of supporting loads of 150 kg per step, it is also tested to EN 14975 (DN 4570). Furthermore, the Mini is available with a fire rated loft hatch (up to 60 minutes). It is therefore suitable for both domestic and commercial applications. Technical drawing and NBS Plus Specification available.

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