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PRB Systems Ltd

PRB Systems Ltd

Providing simple render systems for every solution, including Lime, Monocouche, Thincoat and EWI.

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PRB provides advanced rendering systems used to create beautiful looking homes while keeping buildings protected from the elements.

System offerings:

- External Wall Insulation

- Monocouche Rendering Systems

- Thin-coat Render Systems

- ICF Solutions

- Lime Render Systems

- Waterproofing Solutions

PRB has become the preferred partner of contractors and partners across the UK, offering unrivalled support and back up. 

Our Sales and Technical team are willing to help with your project from start to finish, offering expertise, advice, and tailored specifications. Turning your house into a home, or your property into a work of art. 

We offer a product sample service for you to see the colour and feel the texture. As we hold an impressive colour chart of over 100 shades, it’s important to us, that you view your colour in real life. 

PRO Contractor Network 

We happily recommend professional rendering contractors to customers. Companies who have carried out several PRB projects to the highest standard. This network is growing rapidly, featuring some of the top rendering contractors in the UK. 

The PRO Contractor Network is extremely beneficial to rendering contractors, offering competency, certification, lead generation, system warranties and training.

PRB - Products that withstand the test of time

Trade names

  • prb
  • monocouche
  • render
  • thincoat
  • lime render
  • ewi
  • ewi systems