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Cordek Ltd

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Cordek provides technical solutions for a range of construction requirements. Innovative thinking, engineering expertise, and CAD/CAM capabilities enable Cordek to solve a wide variety of engineering problems. Since their formation in 1973, Cordek has worked on major iconic projects through to domestic extensions, and they remain committed to supplying the best quality, value solutions, supported by the highest levels of personal service. Cordek provides the following Solutions: - Ground Heave - VOC & Ground Gas Protection - Structural Fill Solutions - Void Formers - Standard Formwork Solutions - Permanent Formwork for Groundbeams & Pilecaps - Formwork for Ribbed Concrete Floors - Piling Products - Temporary Protection - Bespoke Formwork for In-situ Concrete - Patterns & Moulds for Precast concrete & glass reinforced composites

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Trade names

  • Cellcore HG
  • Cellcore HX
  • Cellform HX
  • Cellvent HX
  • Correx
  • Filcor
  • Heaveguard
  • Puraflex
  • Tri-Gas
  • Ventform