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Barrisol 3D® - Vodafone - Czech Republic

Barrisol has managed the challenge of this extraordinary and original design by providing several notable construction and technical alternatives. The organic form was created on a 3D supporting structure of complex shapes. The well-developed Barrisol profiles combined with the variety of two taut surfaces with Barrisol membranes, enable the design of volumes and shapes in three exceptional designs. Further proof that with the Barrisol solutions are possible in all architectural forms. Architect : Lukáš Križek and Radek Bláha IO STUDIO

Barrisol Acoustic Light® - Cultural Center Kuwait

This huge new cultural center, located in the heart of the capital, covers an area of 214,000 square meters, which equates to the area of thirty football fields. It includes a 2,000-seat opera house, the first in the Gulf emirate, as well as a music center, a conference center and a library of historical documents. Inaugurated on Monday, October 31st, 2016, it bears the name of former Emir Sheikh Jaber al-Amad. Barrisol® has installed immense lightening membranes, giving the illusion that they are endlessness. Architect : SSH International, Architects

Barrisol Acoustic Light® - Federation Square - Australia

A bright creation and fourteen years later, still a current project in its modernity. This project was carried out using a metal structure composed of geometric shapes in diamonds and quadrangles, which was built in the Atrium and BMW Edge amphitheater (sponsor of creation). The originality of this structure was its acoustic quality and high brightness. To obtain such a result, the translucent canvas Moonlight was chosen to enhance the natural light and Acoustic stretched ceiling Barrisol Acoustics® to reduce noise. The layout of the interior space was also thought that the furniture harmonize with the ceiling.

Barrisol Acoustic Light® - Offices - Costa Rica

With modern design, the building is at the forefront of technology ... These offices focused on writing newspaper and various journals under a single roof. The aim of this ambitious project is to maximise company resources, and be in agreement with the innovations of the new millennia... Barrisol contributed to this project with the provision of 1,100sqm of Barrisol acoustic light (BSA301010B) materials. 149 ceilings with 142 identical hexagons

Barrisol Acoustics - Oslo Opera - Norway

The Opera of Oslo in Norway was designed by Snohetta architects and won the European prize of contemporary architecture 2009. This wonderful building was built at the edge of the Fjord where it appears from the ground such an iceberg. For its construction, noble materials were used like the Barrisol Acoustics® sheets on a surface of 4000 m². Barrisol Acoustic® sheets absorb noise and improve sound comfort in this building of 32 meters height. This modern and original cultural center promises to attract a large public. A prestigious project !

Barrisol Acoustics® - Aspire Park Stadium - Qatar

We installed more than 16,000 square meters of stretch ceilings at Aspire Stadium in Doha, one of the stadiums that was built to host the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. On the sporting side, we have already seen the construction of stretch ceilings installed at the Aquatics Center, the pool of the London Olympics in 2012. No wonder, therefore, to find ourselves in the limelight for the Qatar Football World Cup. Architect : CICO and Roger Taillibert

Barrisol Acoustics® - Baltimore Airport - USA

Airport terminals are immense places with high ceilings and are subjected to significant acoustic disruption from the outside due to air traffic. In addition, crowd noise can often make airport terminals disorienting and confusing. To improve the acoustic comfort of the terminal for its occupants, URS Corporation chose BARRISOL ACOUSTICS® as the best solution to balance aesthetics and the functional need for sound control. The results obtained were much better than expected by airport administrators. The terminal is now more acoustically comfortable and the space benefits from the modern feel of the BARRISOL elements.

Barrisol Acoustics® - Erasmus Medical Centre - Netherlands

Belonging to the hospital and the University of Medicine of Rotterdam, the Erasmus medical centre is an internationally recognized centre of excellence. As a learning centre, the building of 16 000 sqm contains a central lobby, conference rooms, learning rooms and offices, on 3 stairs. It welcomes more than 400 working or learning desks. Thank to the spectacular ceiling, the central lobby is very bright and spacious. 4500 m² of acoustic stretched ceiling has been installed to improve the sound comfort. Architect : Claus en Kaan

Barrisol Acoustics® - Museum of Enzo Ferrari - Italy

This museum is the native home of Enzo Ferrari, this is the house where he first opened his work shop. London architectural studio “Surface Design” were responsible for the creation of this futuristic exhibition gallery. The ceiling gallery comprises of 2700 m² of Barrisol sheet Blanc mat. The walls of the studio are covered with 270 m² of Barrisol sheets Lumiere and Lumiere color and have images, movies and historical documents projected in a multimedia as a permanent part of the exhibition. Architects: Jan Kaplicky (Future Systems) and Andrea Morgante (Shiro Studio).

Barrisol Acoustics® - Network Rail Headquarter - United Kingdom

The aim of this project, designed by architects « cabinet GMW », in Milton Keynes, was to renovate the workplace with giving it new modern offices, in accordance with the dynamism of the company. These new offices, planned to welcome up to 3000 staff, provide a natural sound comfort thank to Barrisol® microacoustic White matt.

Barrisol Acoustics® - Swimming pool of Val-d'Europe - France

The aquatic centre of Val-d’Europe in Bailly-Romainvilliers is environnment friendly with the HQE label. Designed by the french architect Marc Mimram, special attention has been given to the ceilings. The natural light comes through huge bay windows, decorated by curvy structures made of 3300 m² of Barrisol® Blanc Mat stretch ceilings, along with acoustic solution Acoustics® A30 in it.

Barrisol IMO - Oasis of the Seas - Finland

The Royal Caribbean Company, specialized on cruise ship construction, has recently inaugurated the Oasis of the Seas, the biggest and the most luxurious ship of the world. With its 360 meters long, this monster of seas can welcome 7400 persons. As a central meeting point, the Royal Walk is a place to relax and to admire oceans. 920 m² of microperforated Barrisol Acoustics® stretched ceilings were installed, offering an excellent acoustic quality. Barrisol® stretched membranes also dressed 7 " trees umbrellas " with white matt finish and the kiosk lamps with translucent Barrisol Blanc Vénus ®.

Barrisol Light - Aquatics centre - London

Aquatics centre of Stratford, London, designed by architect Zaha Hadid Its original architectural wave made this place one of the most visible for tourists in London. The aquatics center will be used for swimming, diving and synchronized swimming and for the Water-polo competitions. The center can host more than 17500 people. It will replace the swimming pools of Crystal Palace National Sport Centre located in the south-east of London, and will become swimming-center of London. The Aquatic center ceiling is composed of 138 petals of Barrisol acoustic Lighting, using the Barrisol Star rail system. Architect : Zaha Hadid

Barrisol Light® - Alfa Romeo Historical Museum - Italy

The production site was closed in 2009 along with the museum but Alfa Romeo wished to convert the site into a place of memory matching the Group's ambition for this brand coming back. Today, the museum homes the most important collection of cars from the Alfa Romeo brand. Indeed, you can find the 69 car models that have made mark on history of the brand. Barrisol sheet : 815 sqm of translucent blanc Venus sheet with star white harpoon. Profile used : BS 350/01 Lightning : LED strip

Barrisol Light® - Brandhorst museum - Germany

The Contemporary Art museum of Munich was inaugurated last May. Its architecture is based on a design and ecological concept. The architect Sauerbruch Hutton chose Barrisol Lumière® to light and enhance the exposed works of the XXth century among which the Andy Wahrol's famous paintings. Indeed, Barrisol Lumière® diffuses the light in a sweet and homogeneous way on the whole exhibition space. Furthermore, the Barrisol sheets are 100%, recyclable and are so perfectly adapted in this modern building turned to sustainable environment.

Barrisol Light® - Great Ormond Street Hospital - United Kingdom

Barrisol® is improving the look of Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital in London, England. The cafeteria is transformed into a magical and friendly place. Designed by the architect Llewelyn Davies Yeang, who took inspiration from the Disney universe, the ceiling is a Barrisol® translucent Blanc Venus along with the Barrisol® Lumiere Color® technology. Using the fabrics this way, coloured bands (translucent sheets) soften the atmosphere and bring the benefits of the chromotherapy.

Barrisol Light® - MAXXI museum - Italy

Zaha Hadid, english-iraki architect, first female recipient of the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2004 (Nobel Prize of architecture), just ended in Rome the creation of the MAXXI: National Museum of the 21st Century Arts. Barrisol® Lumière® (a luminous stretch ceiling) has been installed in this historical and contemporary museum. (credits : Zaha Hadid Architects© 2009, photograph : Roland Halbe & Helene Binet) Architect : Zaha Hadid

Barrisol Light® - Victoria & Albert museum - United Kingdom

Simple design and soft light… The Victoria & Albert museum of London, famous for Art and Design, has recently renewed its art gallery and its coffee shop. The challenge of Gareth Hoskins' architects was to bring natural light into this space without damaging the exposed works, drawing 400 years of history. Thus, the architect imagined and created lighting paths and wells of light using Barrisol Lumière® ceiling. Today, the place benefits from a soft and pleasant light. A Barrisol® matt stretched ceiling offers a simple and minimalistic design on the remaining surface.

Barrisol Light® and lacquer - Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi

This new museum is the result of a close collaboration between Paris and Abu Dhabi, with some Artworks lent by France and a French architect, Jean Nouvel. Jean Nouvel has created a town on Saadiyat island, situated 10km from Abu Dhabi center. Barrisol has also brought its know-how: we can find in kids' area some lightening ceilings and in the VIP room, black ceilings coming from the "Reflets laqués" range of products. Architect : Jean Nouvel

Barrisol Light® Boxes - Showroom Volvo - Azerbaijan

Volvo Showroom is allowing himself the luxury of Barrisol streched ceilings. The products take the form of a series of light boxes embossed in the manner of a puzzle game with geometric shapes whose reputation is notorious. The forms follow and alternate seamlessly between gray and white giving the impression of depth disconcerting ceiling. Everything reinforces the modern and futuristic look of the place. Architect : Designer : BS GROUP Taleh Aliyev

Barrisol Lumière Color® 3D - Lounge of O2 Arena - United Kingdom

In the heart of the building, Populous's architects designed the Blueroom bar and the O2 lounge. A 3D dome was entirely dressed with Barrisol Lumière Color® ceilings. The Barrisol Lumière Color® ceiling offers complete freedom to create unique lighting effects adaptable on all event styles. Lightings are placed above the Barrisol® membrane and create many colored effects. The O2 lounge staff can imagine and create unique luminous atmospheres to surprise its visitors! The Entrance of the Lounge is also made of Barrisol, designing a futuristic tunnel. The O2 complex provides a unique experience to its visitors!

Barrisol Mirror® - Havas HKX - United Kingdom

Havas is one of the wolrd's largest advertising and communication groups. In its new European headquarters, which opened in February 2017, the decor is surprising. Indeed, when we look up at the sky we can contemplate ourselves in a broken mirror, done with Silver Barrisol® membrane. The illusion is perfect and you could believe that it is a real broken mirror that is above our heads. Architect : MCM Architecture

Barrisol Perfodesign® - Ikea Loulé - Portugal

The IKEA group has used Barrisol® to cover the 4500 m2 ceilings of the Mar Shopping Algarve shopping complex, a perforated canvas with a custom design of 20mm diameter, combining sophistication and functionality. This is the second major project using the REVERSO fabric after Nestle's Nest. Architect : BDP & CPU Retail Architects LDA

Barrisol Print your Mind® - Aquarium of Palma de Mallorca - Spain

Plunge into the sea with Barrisol Imprimé®! The aquarium of Palma de Mallorca presents the undersea life in a new astonishing way. The architect Alvaro Planchuelo reproduced the real atmosphere of the seafloor. For this exceptional realization, he chose Barrisol® printed stretched ceiling to reproduce an undersea sight. With a translucent finish, the printed ceiling allowed the integration of specific lighting effects to make the show even more striking. An undersea travel not to miss!

Barrisol Print your Mind® - Casino The 13 - Macau

In 2016, we designed the ceilings for the new Stephen Hung's Casino. A huge admirer of the Palace of Versailles and passionate about France in general. Hung opted for a baroque style design with Barrisol® Acoustics® printed menbranes. Architect : Peter Silling & Associates

Barrisol Printed Light® - Vatican exposition

The Sixtine room, near to the chapel of the same name in the Vatican welcomed an exposition of fabulous old religious art objects. Branko Siladin used Structural Barrisol Lumière as luminous support for retables and crosses, luminous base for chests and luminous showcase for statues. This structure was perfectly adapted in this historic place creating a harmony between the prestige of a place and the prestige of a product.

Carrasco airport - Uruguay

The Carrasco international Airport is the largest airport in Uruguay serving the capital city Montevideo. Designed by Urugayen architect Rafael Viñoly, the new terminal has the capacity to handle more than 4.5 milion passengers a year. Barrisol® covers 16 000 sqm of ceilings in this international travel and commercial destination.

Novo Nordisk - Denmark

The new business center of Novo Nordisk in "Bagsværd" houses the senior management of the company and hundreds of administrative employees. 2250m2 of fabric finishes barrisol "Reves satines" colors "Blanc Wight" were installed. To achieve this the impeccable design, the system MINISTAR® Barrisol was used. The system Barrisol MINISTAR®, like all Barrisol system is dismantled and reassembled for easy access to the plenum. The night lighting is indirect lighting LED RGB (color change) that thanks to the reflection rate of the white finishes 89% offers exceptional color rendering. Architect : Henning Larsen

Place Quebec - Canada

The purpose of this project was to create a new, clean, contemporary space full of light. Particular attention was paid to the ceilings. The Barrisol® stretch ceiling hugs geometry curves designed by architects. Light is provided by inserts adorning the curved structure and guide passers-by with paths of light. The entire project is synonymous with a welcoming, bright and friendly environment. With their experience, skill and attention to detail for a job well done, the Décor Acoustique specialists have been chosen to build the new look of Place Quebec. (Barrisol ceilings painted reflections) Architect : Atelier 21

Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle Airport - France

Barrisol® is now part of the internal structure at the Charles de Gaulle, airport Paris. An exceptional luminaires project has been designed by the architects « Unanime ». The modular opening frames, designed in a petal-shape, are made with 110 m² of Barrisol® Translucent ceiling.

Shopping Mall - The Avenues - Kuwait

This "Mall", the largest in Kuwait, was thought of as a work of art, everything is cared for, and so are the ceilings. If you do not pay attention to details you might think it's concrete, but no, it's indeed Barrisol stretch ceilings that cover most of the center. Barrisol membranes offers as always a lot of advantages: The work time has been reduced The weight of the structure has been lowered Aesthetics is neat A feat only possible thanks to Barrisol.

Shopping mall Mediacite - Belgium

The Mediacité shopping center is one of the biggest in Belgium with a surface of more than 160.000 m². The concept of the building opened to the public was realized by the famous architect-designer Ron Arad and by Jaspers-Eyers architects. The shopping mall gallery measure 450 meters long and is characterized by an impressive wave glass roof that formed interlaced steel bands. Barrisol Laqué® "Rouge grenat" revitalizes the movements of this band on all its length, as well as in the center by dressing some rhombuses.

Tampa Museum of Art - United States

This project has been built up using 2500 m² of translucent blanc Venus sheets. These sheets were assembled on frames made with Barrisol® profiles specially designed for this project. Architect : Stanley Saitowitz Office/ Natoma Architects, Inc.

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