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World Leader in Stretch Ceilings for over 50 years

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Acoustics® & Design

Discover Barrisol Acoustics® systems, learn more about Microperf® and Nanoperf® and view some projects done by Barrisol.

Artolis® by Barrisol®

Printed walls, digital painting, panoramic decors and more. Artolis® a complete range of technical textiles for interior design.

Barrisol Acoustic Light

Acousticians and architects have been expecting it for years. Acoustic light has now become a reality. Acoustic Light® by Barrisol® is the result of many years of research and development. The luminous material has become acoustical but retained its attractive appearance and has excellent sound absorption coefficients. The Acoustic Light® by Barrisol® now completes the range of luminous ceilings Barrisol® has offered for many years. To this day, acoustic ceilings and luminous ceilings have been available, but not ceilings that were both acoustic and luminous. Acoustic Light® by Barrisol® is a unique innovation that perfectly meets the expectations of both architects and acousticians.

Barrisol Arcolis®

Acoustic panels & baffles / Decorative acoustic panels & baffles Efficient aw NRC: up to 1.0 Ideal for humid environments Standard & custom made + 1 million colours

Barrisol Clim

'Barrisol Clim' is an innovative system which conditions the air within a room via the ceiling itself, in a silent, invisible and uniform manner. This system allows you to eliminate all the unattractive heating appliances, air conditioning units and surface grills to free up valuable space in a room. With the inclusion of acoustic properties, lighting and printing, Barrisol Clim offers a fully functional ceiling system with unrivalled comfort. Achieving AAA rating for both cool and heat comfort in accordance with ISO 7730, Barrisol Clim is an ideal solution for every environment.

Barrisol ELT 3D® - Light effects

The way that this material interacts with LEDs is truly fascinating, enabling it to be infused with any color you want. The secret lies in the ELT 3D® textile composition that allows it to be used in so many different ways.

Barrisol Essentials

Our new Barrisol 'Essentials' presents all the new Barrisol products. Illustrated by numerous designs, this 300 page brochure is the best way to present the Barrisol range to your clients.

Barrisol GTS (Glass Textile System)

Glass textile is a material that is part of the family of wall and ceiling coverings. Made of extremely fine glass fibres, its strength and durability are the most appreciated characteristics. We have developed our range of Barrisol® ceilings and walls to meet the most important standards of safety and health. Classified A2-s1, d0 (non coated version) and A2-s2, d0 (coated version), this sheet is a wall and ceiling covering is non-combustible, aesthetic system that can be shaped to suit your design. It can be acoustic, luminous or printed and is 100% recyclable. Ideal for high-rise buildings, corridors, escape routes and all places requiring aesthetics and impeccable safety.

Barrisol Light Lines®

With Barrisol Light Lines® lighting system, you can choose the look you want, depending on your decorative desires and your lighting needs.

Barrisol Light® Decoration & Renovation

Discover the magnificent achievements thanks to the Barrisol Light® solutions. Whether you want to embellish your room or completely renovate it, Barrisol Light® range is for you.

Barrisol Microsober

MICROSORBER® by Barrisol® is an innovative sound comfort optimizer, reducing sound reflection thanks to the use of a micro perforated foil. As soon as sound waves strike the microperforated surface, a physical reaction takes place: sound energy is converted into energy through the friction arising at the hole edges. Whether in open-plan offices, canteens, swimming pools, production sites or entrance halls the MICROSORBER® principle of transparent sound absorption allows for creativity in the design of buildings where room acoustics play a crucial role. MICROSORBER® can be installed in front of walls and glass façades and below ceilings. Various systems for fastening the foil make it possible to attach and detach individual elements with ease.

Barrisol Mirror

Specially designed for mounting on self-supporting frames in any shape (2D or 3D), these membranes will add an exceptional touch to any décor. Remarkably, Barrisol Mirror® combines the reflective power of a mirror and the technical characteristics of stretched Barrisol® membranes to create a perfect illusion and extend your interior, giving the impression of space. Whether printed or back-lit, Barrisol Mirror® membrane use an exclusive micro-perforation system to enhance the acoustic comfort in any space.

Barrisol Photobook 1

Discover wonderful realizations in a numerous type of places, for private areas

Barrisol Print your Mind

Barrisol® technical ceilings can be used to enhance the decor of any space. Stylish and completely adaptable to any space, Barrisol®s wide variety of potential applications is further increased by the ability to print directly on the sheeting thanks to the printing in very high definitions (1080 dpi up to 5 m) and in millions of colours. Pattern reproductions or photos can all be printed on the canvas according to your own desire. There is no limit, except from your imagination.

Barrisol Recycled

One of our priorities is to respect the environment and thanks to the range of Recycled products this is a reality. Barrisol also offers efficient acoustic comfort using recycled products.

Barrisol® Biosource

At the cutting-edge of environmental innovation, the composition of the membrane in the Barrisol® Biosource range contains a plant-based plasticizer. A true technological and ecological revolution.

Photobook 2 - Public places

Discover wonderful realizations in a numerous type of places such as : restaurants, bars, shopping mall, shops, museums, halls, airports, swimming-pools, exhibitions, car-dealers, meeting rooms, office, sport-hall, schools, hospitals...

Welcome to Barrisol's Universe

'Welcome to Barrisol's Universe' show cases the full catalogue of products offered by Barrisol. Be inspired by the unlimited design creations available when using Barrisol for your ceilings, walls and more!.

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