Keim Ecosil ME Technical Data Sheet

Technical data sheet

Keim Ecosil ME Technical Data Sheet

by Keim Mineral Paints Ltd

KEIM Ecosil ME is a high performance, environmentally friendly mineral paint for interior use. KEIM Ecosil ME optimises air quality, making use of the MiNox effect, using photocatalytic pigments to reduce noxious gases and odours by transforming them into natural substances. KEIM Ecosil ME is particularly suitable for interior walls and ceilings in heavily used areas such as public buildings, hospitals, schools, offices, hotels, restaurants and food storage areas. Suitable substrates include all mineral plasters, concrete, plasterboard and sound previously painted surfaces. KEIM Ecosil ME is not suitable for use on pure gypsum or on surfaces with salt efflorescence, on wood and enamels.


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