Keim Lotexan Technical Data Sheet

Technical data sheet

Keim Lotexan Technical Data Sheet

by Keim Mineral Paints Ltd

KEIM Lotexan is a siloxane based water repellent impregnation to reduce the water absorption of natural stone. Also used as a dust suppressant. KEIM Lotexan is suitable as a water repellent protective treatment, for mineral renders, fair-faced concrete, prefabricated concrete elements, exposed aggregate concrete, calcareous sandstone and fibre-cement boards. KEIM Lotexan provides protection from water, acid rain and atmospheric pollution. KEIM Lotexan penetrates into the pores of mineral building materials. Once the solvent has evaporated, the active ingredient coats the walls of the pores and develops its water repellency by reacting chemically with the moisture normally present in the substrate and the atmosphere. This treatment does not seal the pores in mineral building materials.


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