Keim Mineral Paints Ltd

Keim Mineral Paints Ltd

+44 (0)1952 231250

Keim Mineral Paints provide longlife, protective, decorative finishes for mineral substrates, like render, concrete, stone, brickwork. Keim Paints are for both external and internal projects and for all types of buildings from newbuild to restoration. Keim offers a range of mineral paints as well ancillary products from pretreatments to renders.

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Trade names

  • Keim Algicid
  • Keim Algicid -Plus
  • Keim Biosil
  • Keim Concretal
  • Keim Concretal C
  • Keim Concretal Lasur
  • Keim Concretal W
  • Keim Conretal
  • Keim Contact
  • Keim Contact Grob
  • Keim Contact Plus
  • Keim Contact Plus Grob
  • Keim Ecosil-ME
  • Keim Granital
  • Keim Granital Dilution
  • Keim Granital Grob
  • Keim Lotexan
  • Keim MX Fire Retardant Systems
  • Keim Optil
  • Keim Quarzil
  • Keim Restauro
  • Keim Restauro Lasur
  • Keim Royalan
  • Keim Silan
  • Keim Soldalit
  • Keim Soldalit-ME
  • Keim Spachtel
  • Keim STS
  • Keim STS 7M
  • Keim Universal Render