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Keim Mineral Paints Ltd

Keim Mineral Paints Ltd

Keim Mineral Paints Ltd

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KEIM – ecofriendly sustainable paint products that breathe life into your project!

Paint products that are kind to you, kind to use, and kinder to the environment.

This is perhaps the paint industry’s best kept secret until now, but KEIM have been working tirelessly for nearly 150 years to provide ecofriendly, sustainable paint solutions - globally.

Used on projects including Battersea Power Station, London Underground and to the other, less extreme Rita’s house, our product’s fundamental principle is to be sustainable and kind to the environment.

Who uses KEIM products?

-         Homeowners

-         Architects

-         Specifiers

-         Decorators

-         Building contractors

-         Or…. in short, anyone working on a paint project!

KEIM products allow the painted surface and substrate to breathe. They only have a trace of VOC, are virtually odourless, exceptionally durable, light reflecting, non-fade, and UV stable too!

At KEIM we offer the whole customer service – advising and supply to contractors, decorators, and private individuals, specifying via architects and designers for projects that range from churches to coastal, heritage to high rise. We conduct no obligation site surveys across the whole of UK, product trials, sample pots, CPDs and colour charts.

At KEIM we have one mission; to manufacture and develop eco-friendly mineral paints and finishes that stand the test of time. With a heritage that dates back to 1878, we use only the finest natural ingredients to produce eco-friendly paint products that are kind to you, and care for the environment.

Our range of interior and exterior paints, renders, and finishes have been designed for use on most brickworks, stone, renders and glass, with properties that make them the perfect product for coastal locations to overcome harsh climatic conditions, and inner-city buildings to absorb gases and pollutants.

Innostar, our one coat application is ideal for fast turnaround projects in the home or the office, with colourwashes, concrete and metallic finishes available for those more niche projects.

KEIM – the best choice naturally!

Where can KEIM be used?


-Historic buildings

-Hotels & Leisure






-And for any homeowner that is conscious of using a sustainable natural paint

Who are KEIM?

Believe it or not, KEIM have been handcrafting eco friendly paint since 1878!

Mineral, sustainable, breathable paint is not a new phenomenon, although there has been a recent surge in the number of mineral paint suppliers in the UK, following a consumer demand for more sustainable products.

KEIM is not a one paint product company. We have products for decorating interiors, and exteriors but also products that help overcome specific niche needs such as paints that are designed for extreme climate conditions e.g., coastal, or where projects require an exceptionally quick turnaround and re-occupancy where our true one coat paint is ideal.

KEIM products differ from petrol chemical-based paints as they penetrate and chemically bond with the mineral substrates (rather than just coating) onto which they are applied, becoming part of the surface.

KEIM Mineral Paints are natural, water-borne liquid silicate paints which produce extremely durable, colour fast and protective coatings with high vapour permeability, which work in harmony with the environment.

The KEIM range of ecofriendly sustainable paints and finishes


Let’s talk products. What paint products do KEIM manufacture?

We can virtually cater for every need. Whether your project is high rise and requires fire resistant paint, or heritage where the building needs specific considerations. From delicate murals to concrete conurbations, castles to coastal properties we have the solution!


-         Interior paints

-         Exterior paints

-         Renders

-         Specialist applications including

o  Concrete

o  Colour washes

o  Metallics

Explore the KEIM range of ecofriendly paint solutions;


The use of colour and light in internal spaces has a profound impact on those using the space. Whether in a living room or child’s bedroom, a large office building or even a school, the choice of materials and colours will have an influence on people’s perception of the space as well as their health and wellbeing.

KEIM’s interior product range is suitable for mineral substrates such as plasters including traditional sand and cement-based materials, lime products, brickwork, and concrete. The products can also be applied onto all types of stone including sandstone, limestone, and rubble stone.

The interior paint range includes;

-         Optil premium interior paint for modern or historic architecture combining mineral benefits with a consistent finish

-         Innostar – our one coat premium paint and for quick turnaround projects

-         Ecosil -ME – a high performance photocatalytic paint which reduces noxious gases and pollutants

-         Colourwashes – the easiest way to create an interior limewash effect


Exteriors and facades of buildings can take a pummelling, particularly within high traffic areas or harsh climates. Our range of exterior masonry paints have been designed to combat today’s concerns about the climate, offering protection to buildings for decades without using harmful chemicals.

KEIM’s exterior paint product range is concerned with mineral substrates such as renders including sand/cement, cement, lime (with or without an underlying insulation systems), brickwork, blockwork, and concrete. This list also includes all types of stone including sandstone, limestone, rubble stone, flint, and granite (to name a few), terracotta and faience, and even glass.

The exterior paint range includes;

-         Soldalit – our multi-purpose paint ideal for previously painted and mineral substrates

-         Soldalit-ME – as above but with the added benefit of reducing noxious gases and pollutants

-         Twinstar – our ‘wet on wet’ application paint that buys you time, reducing labour and cost

-         Royalan – ideal for use in exposed or coastal locations

-         Granital – our classic, matt finish mineral paint


KEIM’s render products are all developed using the same philosophy as our mineral paint systems, to ensure substrate breathability, durability, and longevity. The renders are all compatible with our range of mineral paints to provide highly durable, breathable render systems.


KEIM’s concrete mineral paints provide beautiful flat matt mineral finishes, as well as being extremely durable, and offer a high degree of protection to concrete. Unlike conventional paints, KEIM Mineral Paints become an integral part of the substrate, rather than merely a surface coating, which gives the best possible longevity and protection.

What makes KEIM so unique?

Search for ‘ecofriendly paint’ and we guarantee that you won’t find another KEIM.

That’s because there isn’t another paint manufacturer in the world that offers what we do. KEIM is unique. From the range of products we manufacture, to the problems they solve; from the ingredients we use, to the many benefits they provide. No other paint manufacturer has the breadth of product range, heritage, or knowledge of environmentally friendly paint.

But don’t just take our word for it. KEIM is the most certified eco-friendly paint in the world. It has been Cradle to Cradle Certified® for 65 products, a mark of quality which sits proudly alongside other certifications including ‘natureplus.’

Kind to use and to the environment, your project will look fresher for longer, reducing the time, effort, and cost and resource to re-paint…. Colours For Ever.

Interested to find out more, then here are our key benefits;

Just some of the reasons why people choose a KEIM ecofriendly mineral paint product;

-             Breathability

Let your project breathe. Trapped water or moisture build up behind an acrylic paint can eventually lead to blistering and flaking with the possible saturated substrate becoming friable and damaged. Not so with KEIM, where the paint structure retains voids large enough for vapour passage, but small enough to prevent ingress of water.

-             Colour Stability

KEIM won’t fade over time even in the harshest UV conditions or wettest climates, remaining as vibrant as the day they were applied, making them more cost effective in the longer term.

-             Incombustibility

KEIM paints are inherently incombustible (fire resistant), with most of them classified as A2- s1, d0 – one of the highest performing Euronorm standards. Made from pure, natural ingredients rather than petrochemicals or flammable solvents, they are ideal for use to protect the exterior of buildings and safeguard the occupants.

-             Longevity

Unlike conventional paints, KEIM natural mineral paints penetrate the substrate to which they are applied to create a long-lasting chemical bond, that remains fresh and vibrant for decades.

-             Ecology

KEIM – uses 100% natural ingredients. No added VOCs. No nasty smells. Just pure minerals that allow your surface to breathe, making them safe to apply and kind to the environment.

-             Light Reflectivity

Our flat matt, non-shiny finishes increase light reflectivity, bouncing and refracting the light off the microscopic surfaces in all directions. KEIM can provide up to 80% light reflectivity to maximise the natural light, minimising the need for artificial lighting and reducing energy costs too.

Additional Support

-Site Survey / trials / colour therapist

-Technical Specifications


-Sample pots


Where to see the products

Visit our studio within the Business Design Centre, London, where product examples are displayed. The inspiration studio is open every Wednesday or by appointment;

Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, London, N1 0QH.

Email - inspiration@keimpaints.co.uk


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