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Flat roof covering systems

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Green Roof System

Single Ply Roofing Association

SPRA - Extensive green roof system.

  • Vegetation
  • Planting Medium
  • Drainage Layer - Loose Laid
  • Single Ply Membrane - Loose Laid
  • Insulation - Loose Laid
  • Vapour Control Layer - Loose Laid

Hot Melt Inverted Blue Roof system (CBG1XPHBNA_001)

Soprema UK

Soprema's hot melt inverted blue roof system on concrete substrate. This system is designed for a Blue Roof application, using the Duoflex Hot Melt system with a cold applied high bond SBS bituminous primer, heavy duty reinforcement fleece, SBS modified bitumen with a polyester reinforcement, XPS insulation and a lightweight and easy to install waterproof and vapour permeable water dispersion geotextile layer loose laid over the XPS insulation.

Features include:

  • Insulation has exceptional compressive strength and outstanding energy efficiency
  • The Insulation is also 100% recyclable
  • Water Flow Reduction Layer contributes to the thermal performance of the roof by retaining the water so it does not penetrate the insulation to the waterproofing layer.
  • Easy to install
  • BROOF(t4) rated
  • 40 year system warranty

Flagon SR DE - Single ply mech. fixed warm roof system (WNB2PFMFBG_001)

Soprema UK

Soprema's single ply mechanically fixed warm roof system on wood substrate. This system is designed using a cold applied bituminous primer with a self adhesive membrane activator within it. The vapour barrier membrane is composed of SBS modified bitumen with a composite polyester reinforcement, with a PIR foil faced insulation laid over. The final waterproofing layer is a synthetic waterproofing membrane composed of plasticised PVC with a polyester reinforcement which is mechanically fixed with hot air welded laps.

Features include:

  • Single component primer
  • High tear resistance waterproofing layer
  • Easy to weld
  • BROOF(t4) rated
  • 20 year system warranty

Showing 37-72 of 213