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Gripple Ltd

Wire rope suspension kit for architectural lighting, acoustic panels and signage.

AlkorSolar Support Rail

RENOLIT Cramlington Ltd

The ultra light AlkorSolar fixing system makes it possible to attach solar panels onto the roof without the need of extra ballast or perforation of the roofing membrane. The development of the system has taken into account the abilities of PVC roofing membranes to have compatible elements welded directly to them. The method will allow a variety of different solar panels to be installed quickly and cost effectively.

AlkorSolar as a base for crystalline photovoltaic panels:

The installation of photovoltaic elements onto a roof will in 90% of cases be in the form of crystalline panels. These panels have the highest power output which makes them profitable even for smaller roof surfaces. The AlkorSolar system functions here as a base for the attachment of an aluminium sub-structure. The aluminium framework provides the most efficient angle relative to the sun for the PV–panel. The only additional weight that needs to be taken into account is that of the aluminium support structure and the solar panels.

The AlkorSolar system for attaching amorphous solar cells onto a continuous support:

Where the supporting structure of the roof is lighter and more flexible, such as industrial and warehouse buildings and the roof area is quite large the selection of amorphous solar cells laminated or glued onto a backing will be a more obvious choice. The lower power output of the amorphous solar cells is largely compensated for, by the low price per Peak Watt. Less loss of output under cloudy weather conditions. The continuous supports for the solar cells are fastened directly to the AlkorSolar system.


  • Lightweight: Depending on the choice of the solar panels and the aluminium construction, minimal extra weight.
  • No penetration of the roofing membrane.
  • Fast, simple and safe installation.
  • Maintenance and repair of solar panels made simple.
  • Crystalline solar panels or amorphous solar cells on continuous supports can be fastened directly onto the AlkorSolar system.
  • The AlkorSolar system can be used on existing or new PVC-P roofing membranes (please check with the technical department at Renolit to confirm if the existing roof satisfies the criteria for installing the AlkorSolar system).

Showing 1-36 of 59