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SIDERISE Firestops for Tops of Walls

Siderise Group

A one-piece passive fire insulation product for sealing the cavities formed between the top of compartment walls and the underside of the construction above, preventing the spread of fire and smoke and reducing sound transmission.

SIDERISE NXS Firesafe Spandrel Insulation (formerly Lamatherm NXS)

Siderise Group

More Information:

SIDERISE NXS spandrel insulation is a high strength insulation core that offers an unrivalled combination of fire, thermal and acoustic performance, designed for bonding to glass spandrel panels.

It comprises firesafe mineral fibre lamella boards faced on one side with an open polymer filament net fabric to facilitate bonding to the glazed unit, faced with Class 0 foil on the reverse.

NXS insulation presents a compatibility of materials between the rear of the spandrel unit and the firestop system installed at compartment floors/walls. Compartmentation is ensured as interface integrity between the insulation and firestop is maintained.

Supplied to suit the glazing unit schedule or as standard boards, edge rebating/surface profiling is optional. Thickness is determined according to the thermal/fire performance required.

  • Eliminates metal tray lining
  • High compressive strength
  • Firesafe - tested to EN1364-3
  • Maintains integrity at interface with firestopping
  • Ensures compartmentation

SIDERISE LGS Linear Gap Seal – Facades (formerly Lamathern CW-GS)

Siderise Group

More Information:

SIDERISE LGS is a third party certified intumescent strip designed to seal junctions between building elements to prevent the spread of fire and smoke, providing up to 240mins fire resistance.

Part of the Certifire approved range of linear gap seals, these intumescent seals comprise a flame retardant acoustic foam core with an intumescent coating. In fire conditions they maintain a close fit to prevent the spread of cold smoke. On the fire side the foam compresses and is replaced by the expanding intumescent, preventing rapid fire spread into the joint. The non-fire side retains flexibility accommodating heat induced structural movement.

  • Supplied in 1 metre lengths, standard sizes available to suit voids up to 100mm; 2 and 4 hour fire ratings available.
  • Certifire approved - Certificate No. CF5386
  • Up to 240mins fire performance
  • Fully qualified acoustic performance
  • Prevents the passage of smoke
  • Accommodates service movement
  • Water resistant
  • Gap sizes up to 100 mm

SIDERISE NXR Nexus Lamella Boards – Curtain Walling (formerly Lamatherm NXR)

Siderise Group

More Information:

SIDERISE NXR insulation boards are high performance firesafe and thermal insulation cores that offers exceptional structural performance, specifically designed for use in bonded composite panels.

NXR’s high strength rockfibre lamellae in a uniform vertical fibre structure ensure optimum mechanical performance meeting all performance criteria required of modern industrial/commercial buildings, curtain wall systems and volumetric building elements. Used wherever thermal, fire or acoustic insulation is required within a bonded composite panel, the insulation boards are available in different grades to suit performance specification. Faced both sides with a polymer filament net fabric to assist structural bonding, different facings/finishes are available to suit requirements.

  • Firesafe - tested to EN1364-3
  • High shear, compression & tensile strength
  • Suitable for flat and smooth bonded composite panels
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Permanently high insulating value
  • Excellent acoustic performance

Showing 1-22 of 22