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Siderise MC System

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Acoustic only

Siderise Group Variant:

Mullion overclad system for acoustic and fire safety enhancement.

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The Siderise MC System is suitable for use on both ‘Stick’ and ‘Unitised’ curtain wall system, and for any mullion size from 80mm – 250mm by simply trimming the ‘Male’ cover plates to suit, which are supplied in either ‘Small’ for 80mm – 135mm mullions or ‘Large’ for 136mm – 255mm mullions.


Siderise MC System provides a practical means of improving the sound insulation performance of curtain walling mullions where partitions abut, a very common issue where noise levels readily travel between adjoining offices on the same floor via the hollow mullion. Their application to the mullions substantially improves the acoustic performance of lightweight aluminium mullions. Acoustic only and Acoustic & two hour fire-rated versions are available.


The Siderise MC System is supplied in a set of 14 main parts per mullion:

  • 4 x standard retaining strips.
  • 2 x standard female cover plates.
  • 2 x standard male cover plates (either small or large).
  • 6 x Infill, cut to suit profile/mullion depth, either:

– Acoustic Only (foam/barrier composite).

– Fire & Acoustic (mineral wool/barrier composite).

  • 1 x Roll Siderise Double-sided SA Tape to suit the retaining strips.

Features and benefits:

  • Excellent acoustic properties.
  • Offers up to two hours fire rating.
  • Accommodates façade movement.
  • Suit a wide range of mullion sizes as standard.
  • Extensive colour range.
  • Maintenance-free.
  • Very simple to install, with limited disruption.
  • A simple solution to common issues.

General information





Guidance for specification option:

Can be supplied in any RAL colour.




Mineral wool




3000 mm



Manufacturer guidance

Available in ‘Small’ to suit mullions 80–135 mm depth or ‘Large’ to suit mullions 136–255 mm depth.




Ss_25_25_75_05 Acoustic panel lining systemsPrimary


K13/160 Proprietary

K13/160 Proprietary

Product range

Curtain Walling
Specialist Applications/Building Interiors

Specification data - Acoustic panel lining systems

System performance

Weighted sound reduction index, Rw (minimum): To BS EN ISO 717-1:2020, 44 dB.

Manufacturer guidance

The Siderise MC System has been classified to

EN ISO 10140-2:2021 and assessed to BS EN ISO 717-1:2020.

Acoustic insulation

30 mm thick multi-layered acoustic foam and mass barrier composite.




Individual panels.

Surface material

Aluminium, polyester powder-coated.

Surface finish



Standard Retaining Strips and SA Tape.

Guidance for specification option:

Supplied in 3 m lengths, 26 mm wide, Dark Grey 7016 PPC, complete with retaining clips at 300 mm centres, applied using the Siderise Double-sided SA Tape for direct adhesion to the rear of the glass unit and partition edge. It is usually recommended that the retaining strip is also mechanically fixed with counter sunk screws. Holes in the retaining strip will need to be counter sunk on-site to ensure the screw heads remain flush to the retaining strip.

Colour/ Finish

White RAL 9016.

Dark Grey RAL 7016.


Guidance for specification option:

Can be supplied to any RAL colour, subject to minimum order quantity and extended delivery period. Insert requirements.


Small (mullions 80–135 mm).

Large (mullions 136-255 mm).

Manufacturer guidance

Standard Male Cover Plate is available in small or large.

The Standard Female Cover Plate is supplied in 3 m lengths, in one size only.

Sustainability data

Country of material origin

United Kingdom

Country of product manufacture

United Kingdom


All components are recyclable

Guidance for specification option:

Aluminium components: 100% recyclable.

Mass barrier: Recyclable.

Mineral wool: 100% recyclable.

Manufacturer guidance

Please refer to technical data sheet.

Recycled content

As defined in clause 7.8 of BS EN ISO 14021

68 %

Guidance for specification option:


Aluminium components are made from an average of 60% recycled

content. Mass barrier is made from an average of 68% recycled material fillers. Mineral wool components (for fire rated version) are made from an average of 40% recycled content.

Manufacturer guidance

Please refer to technical data sheet.


Siderise MC Mullion Cover Systems v1.1

Siderise MC Mullion Cover Systems v1.1

Siderise acoustic insulation solutions for interiors

Siderise acoustic insulation solutions for interiors