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Cast Stone Cills

Procter Cast Stone

At Procter Cast Stone we have a range of standard cast stone window cills and door cills We manufacture cills in either standard profiles or bespoke profiles. Standard stooled cills are available with either 100mm or 150mm stools. Slip cills are installed within the window opening. Bay cills manufactured to the specific site requirements such as square or curved. Cills over 1200mm are generally supplied in two pieces. Our standard cills are available in two different depths 150mm brickwork and 170mm rendered external walls. Often other items such as heads and string course would be chosen to complement our cills.

Cast Stone Heads

Procter Cast Stone

We manufacture heads in various styles plain, chamfered, splayed and bespoke. Heads can also be manufactured to incorporate a keystone. These non-load bearing heads are an attractive feature that will enhance the look of a building. Heads can also be used in conjunction with surrounds/jambs and cast stone mullions. We have the flexibility to manufacture heads in either standard or bespoke sizes even incorporating arches when required. As with all our products our art stone heads and manufactured to a standard that exceeds BS:1217 using the very latest vapour curing technology.

Cast Stone Surrounds

Procter Cast Stone

Window Surrounds can include cills, heads, jambs and mullions. We have two standard styles-plain and chamfered. Jambs are manufactured with fixing anchors (dovetail slots) For tall windows jambs and mullions are connected via stainless steel dowels. Procter standard profiles are available to suit stone, brick and rendered buildings. Our cast stone window surrounds are compatible with most types of window such as aluminium, timber and UPVC. We undertake many projects where bespoke art stone surrounds are required. These could include restoration such as churches and listed buildings as well residential and commercial projects.

Cast Stone Quoins

Procter Cast Stone

Our cast stone quoins form the corner of a building and can be both structural and aesthetical or simply aesthetical. In an architectural sense, quoins are typically used to create a feeling of strength and as a visual frame to a building. The cast stone process allows for total consistency of building products in terms of size, quality and finish. However, this is only true if the quality of the mould is perfect and at Procter Cast Stone the skills of our outstanding craftsmen ensure this is always the case. Cast stone quoins can be created to be used in two ways: Built-in - this means that the quoin forms a structural role as well as visual and is literally built in to the corner of the building

Guides - Understanding cast stone

Procter Cast Stone

Standard colours are available to match those of natural stone, such as York stone, Bathstone, Red Sandstone or Portland stone, while non-standard colours can also be produced to meet a client's specific requirements, Procter Cast Stone offers a PDF datasheet with photographs of samples in standard colours, or colours sample packs are available on request. Unlike natural stone, the colour of cast stone is very consistent both within a batch and from one batch to the next. If required, however, controlled variation can be introduced to mimic the effect found in quarried stone. Over time, cast stone weathers the same way as natural stone.

Cast Stone Colour & Shades

Procter Cast Stone

We also make products in non-standard colours, and can match colours and textures on existing cast stone or natural stone features. If you require a non-standard colour, just send us a sample and we will match it or send an image and we will propose our nearest match. Procter Cast Stone is offering architects and specifiers FREE colour sample. These provide an ideal opportunity to view the colours and finish available on cast stone - and to see how similar it is to natural stone. Cast stone units can be produced to mimic, for example, Dark Portland Stone, Cheshire Red, Aire, Milstone Grit and Yorkstone, as well as many others. Procter Cast Stone can also manufacture products in custom colours to match existing materials.

Free Guides - Cast Stone Installation

Procter Cast Stone

Cast stone, which is sometimes referred to as reconstituted stone or simulated stone, starts with a drawing, from which subsidiary drawings are prepared so that a skilled pattern maker can create a wooden mould. Depending on the product and finish required, cast stone is made using a semi-dry mix of white and/or grey cements with natural or manufactured sands. The appearance of natural stone is achieved using crushed natural stone, well graded natural gravels and mineral pigments. A waterproofer is added to minimise moisture absorption and improve resistance to frost damage. On larger components, a coloured facing mix is used on the outside of the mould, with a higher-strength, noncoloured backing mix in the interior.

Stone Cladding: Colour Range for natural Stone Rainscreen cladding

AlterEgo Facades (Stone Cladding & GRC Cladding Specialists)

Natural stone cladding combines the combination of classic tradition with contemporary performance and buildability. We offer a full portfolio of classic natural stone rainscreen cladding facades including limestone, sandstone and granite and the colour range is an indication of some of the more popular stone types like Moleanos and Jura limestones which have a high flexural strength suitable for stone rainscreen cladding systems in the UK. Our Alterstone systems enable the use of a natural stone in a contemporary and convenient format that is compatible with lighter building structures.

Stone Cladding Brochure - AlterEgo Facades (Stone Cladding Specialists)

AlterEgo Facades (Stone Cladding & GRC Cladding Specialists)

A Stone Cladding Brochure by AlterEgo Facades providing architects with guidance on natural stone rainscreen cladding selection, design & installation. AlterEgo Facades are stone cladding specialists and a design & engineering led supplier of architectural natural stone rainscreen cladding systems offering a wide range of stone cladding services to architects, specifiers, developers & cladding contractors. We guide our clients through all the stone cladding project stages from design to completion offering the best possible project specific advice and solution with regards to stone selection and installation methodology to ensure a cost effective and high-performance natural stone cladding façade. All solutions are verified by qualified façade engineers & covered by our PI Insurance.

Company Profile - Stone Cladding

AlterEgo Facades (Stone Cladding & GRC Cladding Specialists)

Who are AlterEgo? We are design and engineering led specialist suppliers of architectural stone cladding. What do we do? We guide our clients through all the project stages from design to completion offering the best possible project specific advice and stone cladding solutions with regards to stone selection and installation methodology to ensure a cost effective and high performance natural stone cladding façade.

Stone Cladding Non Migratory Sealant Colours

AlterEgo Facades (Stone Cladding & GRC Cladding Specialists)

TREMCO ILLBRUCK FA880 PREMIUM NATURAL STONE SILICONE 310ML (MATT FINISH) FA880 is a one component, low slump silicone completely free of any ingredients likely to cause migratory staining to natural stone rainscreen cladding. It is neutral curing for safe sealing of stonework and has a matt finish. Contains fungicide. Usage/Purpose FA880 has been formulated for the long term elastic sealing of movement joints between natural stone such as granite, slate, terrazzo, porphyry, limestone, travertine, sandstone, quartzite, marble, etc., as well as for joints with other construction materials like concrete, ceramics, metals, glass, PVC and primed wood. BENEFITS A high-performance silicone sealant developed specifically for the sealing of natural stone & guarantees no migratory staining

BS8298 – Code of Practice for the design and installation of natural stone cladding and lining

AlterEgo Facades (Stone Cladding & GRC Cladding Specialists)

BS8298 – Code of Practice for the design and installation of natural stone cladding and lining – Part 4 Rainscreen and Stone on metal frame cladding systems The standard determines good practice guidance for natural stone cladding rainscreen design and installation including tolerances, performance and calculations applicable

Stone Cladding - TI Aerolite Stone - natural stone rainscreen system

T.I. Dynamic Facades

TI Aerolite® Stonework is a natural stone composite façade panel with an overall thickness of 20mm. This consists of a 5mm thick natural sandstone or limestone veneer, epoxy bonded to a 15mm natural granite backing panel with a kerf groove set into the top and bottom edges and reinforced with fibreglass mesh. With a diverse range of sandstone and limestone TI Aerolite® Stonework allows to re-create the traditional stone aesthetic with a simple and fast method of installation which befits both creative vision and construction programme. With over 50,000m2 of successful installations in the UK and Ireland, TI Aerolite® Stonework has been used extensively within sectors such as Hotels/Offices/Student Accommodations/Schools/Universities & Retail.

Stone Fireplaces


A small collection of both classical and contemporary designs inBianco Avorio limestone, from the region of Veneto in Italy. Sometimes a small range will make the choice easier... ...alternatively, head for our main brochure!

Modulo Stone

Easy Sanitary Solutions

Easy Drain Modulo stone is a unique frameless shower drain with tileable grate that is developed for natural stone floors of any thickness. The frameless design makes it completely invisible and fits harmoniously into any bathroom floor. Especially suited for natural stone flooring The beauty of natural stone in the bathroom is unrivalled. For that reason, ESS have developed the Easy Drain Modulo Stone shower drain. This unique frameless shower drain, with its tileable grate, is suitable for natural stone floors of any thickness. The frameless design makes it completely invisible and it fits harmoniously into any bathroom floor.

Chiltern Stone

Solus Ceramics Ltd

Chiltern Stone is a beautiful range of natural looking porcelain which comes in a number of earthy tones in many diverse sizes

Stone cladding - The Perfect Wall with TI Aerolite Stone

T.I. Dynamic Facades

TI Tiles International Ltd are a leading company providing new, innovative state of the art façade products in the UK, and believe we are required to compliment this art by leading the design, manufacture and installation to ensure the best possible results from the material. The objective of TI Tiles International Ltd is to collaborate with Architects, Designers, Manufacturers and Contractors, who will unite in providing the Client with a completed on-site product of the highest quality, described as The Perfect Wall. To achieve this high quality product we require to embark on a holistic programme that incorporates all stages of the contract process with particular emphasis on ensuring that all parties understand and are committed to contributing to the programme.

Showing 1-36 of 122