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Heat Mat Trace Heating Datasheet

Heat Mat Ltd

Focused heat to prevent water pipes and gutters from freezing and to maintain process temperatures. Trace Heating cables provide focused and controllable heat to prevent pipes and gutters from freezing, or to maintain process temperatures. The major benefits of Trace Heating are that the specialist cables ‘self regulate’ their temperature so they cannot overheat, and they can also be cut to length during installation to ensure the perfect fit, every time.

Heat Mat Driveway Heating Datasheet

Heat Mat Ltd

Heat Mat Ice & Snow Melting Systems - For driveways, ramps and car parks. The robust heating wire systems are suitable to protect driveways, car parks, pathways, steps, loading ramps and bridges and when used in conjunction with intelligent thermostats they provide an energy efficient and fully automated heating system.

Heat Mat Roof and Gutter Heating Datasheet

Heat Mat Ltd

Heat Mat is an expert in roof heating systems and has national experience in specification and installation. This datasheet provides information on the heating cables and accessories available for roof and gutter protection, to prevent dangerous ice and snow build-up.

Bespoke ice and snow melting mats, for Ramp heating,Walkway heating, Road heating and Driveway heating.

Heated Driveway Systems Ltd.

Heated Driveway Systems make bespoke sized heating mats for many of the projects we install. This gives us the most installation friendly design, with minimum installation time on site, and it is a cost-effective solution with many benefits for the customer. All HDS heating mats are based on a 600mm wide design, with lengths from 5.5m up to 28m. HDS bespoke heating mats are used for Ramp heating, Walkway heating, Road heating, Driveway heating and for outdoor heating in all other areas where it's beneficial to heat 0.6m wide tracks.


Bristan Group

The Bristan shower range has the practicality and flexibility to meet the demands of most specifications. Most showers are thermostatic and many have TMV3 approval making them ideal for all applications where hot water safety is of paramount importance.

Underfloor Heating Mats Datasheet

Heat Mat Ltd

110W, 160W and 200W electric underfloor heating mats. A professional easy-to-install system designed to provide energy efficient floor warming in all rooms, and a full heating system in well insulated areas. Heat Mat's underfloor heating mats are manufactured in Denmark and can be used beneath virtually any type of floor covering (if covered with a levelling compound).

B. Renewable Heat

Glen Dimplex Heating and Ventilation

With an unmatched reputation for quality, reliability and innovation, the Dimplex name is well known in both the public and private sectors from major home builders to housing associations and home owners. Recognised as the number one name in electric heating technology, today the brand is synonymous with energy-saving products and a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Dimplex - Energy efficient heating solutions from a name you can trust.

3mm Underfloor Heating Cable Datasheet

Heat Mat Ltd

A flexible simple to fit heating system designed to provide energy efficient floor warming or a full heating system as desired. This electric underfloor heating cable is particularly suited to small or complicated areas where heating mats can be more complicated to install.

Heat Mat Product Range Brochure

Heat Mat Ltd

Heat Mat brochure with information about the entire electric underfloor heating product range, including thermostats and accessories and an overview of the Ice and Snow melting systems.

Underfloor Heating In-screed Cable Datasheet

Heat Mat Ltd

A robust and cost effective 6mm In-screed heating cable designed for new build and major renovation projects where a 65mm screed will be laid. The cable is suitable for providing energy-efficient room heating and floor warming beneath nearly any floor covering and is fast to install and adds no build height to the construction.

110W Underfloor Heating Mat Datasheet

Heat Mat Ltd

Heat Mat's range of easy-to-install, premium quality electric underfloor heating mats are available in 110W for well insulated properties. Ideal for energy efficient, well insulated buildings Can be used for room or space heating Suitable for properties where higher output mats are not required for space heating Ideal for larger projects where a limited power supply is available Suitable for use underneath virtually any floor covering once covered with a levelling compound or latex screed. Constructed with pre-spaced heating cable for an even heat spread Constructed with a 3mm cable for a low build height Covered by a lifetime warranty Made in Denmark

Underfloor Heating Insulation Boards Datasheet

Heat Mat Ltd

Low profile structural insulation boards designed to minimise downward heat loss, improving the efficiency and warm up time of any underfloor heating system. The thermal insulation board comprises of a rigid foam core (high density extruded polystyrene), reinforcement mesh and a reinforced cement polymer exterior.

Heat Mat Mirror Demister Datasheet

Heat Mat Ltd

A simple to install solution to ensure mirrors remain permanently condensation free in a bathroom. Ideal for bathrooms in hotels and new-build developments Suitable for sports changing rooms Mirrors are steam and condensation free Available in 250, 400, 500 or 800mm widths Bespoke sizes available The heater can be wired up through the lighting circuit so it only heats when the bathroom is in use, and a 50 by 50cm unit uses only 50 Watts of power per hour.

2. Commercial Heat Pumps

Glen Dimplex Heating and Ventilation

Whether you run a school, factory, retirement home or any other commercial building, heating overheads can eat into your bottom line. You probably also want to improve your green credentials. With ever-tighter government legislation, reducing emissions and electricity consumption is crucial, or you could face financial penalties. Dimplex can help you.

GROHE Showers


The perfect shower, now it's your turn. The complete world of shower enjoyment by GROHE.

Wallgate Showers

Wallgate Ltd

We have a number of shower options ranging from simple, pre-set single temperature through to thermostatically controlled user choice to cater for all needs. Each can be dispensed through wall or ceiling-mounted safe shower heads including a detachable option. All are managed by our WDC range of controllers.

Driveway, Walkway & Ramp heating cable

Heated Driveway Systems Ltd.

Heating cable designed especially for outdoor ice and snow melting systems. Designed to withstand the harsh conditions outdoor heating cables must deal with on building sites, when being covered with tarmac, mastic asphalt, concrete or sand and block paving. HDS use this heating cable for all the Ramp heating, Driveway heating, walkway heating, road heating and pavement heating systems we supply and install. This HDS cable is also what we use when making bespoke heated driveway mats, for heating tracks on driveways, ramps and walkways.

U. Daresbury Science Centre - Commercial Heat Pumps

Glen Dimplex Heating and Ventilation

Currently one of the largest open loop installations in the UK, capable of drawing 30 litres per second from the ground. Vinci Constructions UK approached Ecovision to design a renewable energy system that could allow the new building to benefit from the huge aquifer below the ground as the Daresbury site is located on the unconfined Triassic Sandstone, a major UK aquifer, which in this location is in excess of 500m in thickness.

Head Restraints

Wincro Metal Industries Ltd

The Wincro WT75HR internal blockwork head restraint is designed to span a standard 215mm deep block, but can be adjusted for block depths between 190mm and 275mm.

Infrared Shower Leaflet

Bristan Group

Bristan's perfect time flow showers are built for robust use giving ultimate control, efficiency and peace of mind. They also meet BREEAM requirements.

Aquatecnic Shower Outlets

Koster Aquatecnic Ltd

Brochure detailing Aquatecnic shower outlets which are suitable for installation in both sheet flooring and tiled floor finishes. For use with high performance shower units in a wetroom environment.

Matki Shower Trays


Product Catalogue including Images, Specification and prices. True luxury in the shower demands a stunning foundation. Matki offer a full range of Shower Trays and Floors across an array of shapes and sizes - finishes, materials and colours. Bespoke options are also available for unique and challenging layouts. All Matki Shower Trays are designed and manufactured in Cornwall, UK.

Washlet Shower Toilet


TOTO WASHLET shower toilet technology incorporates, a heated WC seat and personal washing via a built in wand device, that emits warm water to provide a new level of hygiene and comfort. Naturally, warm water cleans far more effectively than paper alone ever could. Its temperature and flow are easily user adjusted, in most models by remote control, the wand self-cleans before each function and after every use. The energy-saving mode can also be activated to increase efficiency. Every aspect of WASHLET Technology, including water flow rate, the angle at which water is released has been refined over more than 38 years to create highest levels of performance. Latest advances in WASHLET technology also include new Ewater anti-bacterial spray system and Actilight self-cleaning ceramics.

Rada V10 Shower


The new V10 is our latest evolution in commercial sequential shower controls. It shares the same heritage as the proven Meynell V6 with robust build quality, proven over many years of continuous use in schools, university halls of residence, leisure centres and hotels. Small in scale V10 minimises environmental impact but delivers maximum performance and reliability with contemporary styling.

Rada V12 Shower


The Rada V12 has been designed around the principles of inclusive design to meet the needs of the widest possible audience, irrespective of age or physical ability. With its light touch control, intuitive lever movement combined with clear graphics and optional diverter, it can be safely specified for washrooms in any building for public or private use.

Showing 1-36 of 157