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Render basecoat for blockwork

SAS Europe Ltd

ProRend Float is a high quality factory manufactured dry mortar especially suited to masonry substrates such as blockwork with normal suction. ProRend Float can be either smooth finished, sponge textured or keyed to receive a subsequent coat. ProRend Float is a flexible render, easy to apply by hand or machine. Because of the lightweight additives, surface tension between render and background is minimised. After hardening, ProRend Float is weather-resistant and a thermal insulant.

Licata Monocouche Render

Licata Building Systems Ltd

Licata Scratch Render is a one coat pre-mixed render. UV resistant and has waterproof natural additives. Scratch Render is ideally suited to create a rustic or stone effect and is designed for application at a thickness of typically 12 mm, before being scraped back using a nail float to achieve a thickness of approximately 10mm. It is a product with high reliability in terms of duration and is particularly appreciated for it’s aesthetic beauty. The water repellent surface reduces water absorption an dimples resistance to algae growth and requires very little maintenance.

Render Carrier Board


Magply is designed for direct render applications to form the external façades of commercial and domestic properties which utilise hybrid frames structures. Magply 12mm Board offers the perfect substrate for use with thin proprietary render systems on to Timber or Light Gauge Steel Frames. Magply is a high strength, breathable board manufactured from MgSO4 and reinforcement meshes which provide excellent dimensional stability. Magply is A1 Non-Combustible and has been tested with a variety of render systems by the British Board of Agrément.

3 Premium renders

SAS Europe Ltd

Premium renders in 16 standard colours and a range of finishes from a UK supplier. The ProRend range includes monocouche options, silicone thin coat and mineral thin coat systems, dry mortars, lightweight lime sand cement render, a lightweight polymer-modified dry mortar basecoat and masonry paints in water repellent and self clean finishes. ProRend renders and paints can be tinted at our colouring plant in the UK. The standard range consists of popular colours that are sold throughout the UK. We can provide colour matches to any RAL, NCS or BS colours. The ProRend product guarantee covers ProRend renders for 10 years subject to proper application. Our technical team is here for advice on colour, finishes from smooth to tyrolean, hand or machine application and detailing.

PermaRock Scratch Render (cement-lime render / monocouche / ashlar effect)

PermaRock Products Ltd

PermaRock Scratch Render is a pre-mixed render based on cement limestone and specially selected, lightfast and UV stable mineral pigments. It is supplied as a dry powder, preblended, ready mixed, cement-lime based exterior through-colour render containing a silicone water repellent agent. This monocouche type render is for single or two coat applications to brick or blockwork masonry and onto a PermaRock reinforced base coat. The render is weather resistant and yet provides excellent water vapour permeability, allowing treated walls to breathe. Scratch Render can be applied in thick layers which enable the creation of rustication and ashlar effects. The water repellent surface reduces water absorption and improves resistance to algae, soiling and frost damage.

Weber Renders & Decorative Finishes

Saint-Gobain Weber

Rejuvenate existing buildings or provide a high quality finish for new build projects with a durable weather resistant surface. The Weber range of Renders and Decorative Finishes offers fast application onto a variety of substrates and includes traditional finishes and advanced flexible coatings.

Advanced render carrier board

SAS Europe Ltd

ProBoard is lightweight, fire resistant render carrier board with tapered double-wrapped edges, an advanced render carrier board for use as part of the ProWall rendered rainscreen cladding system. ProBoard is flexible, impact resistant, highly durable and dimensionally stable. ProBoard is easily cut using a utility knife and straight edge or with a circular saw. ProBoard is highly moisture resistant and will not rot, disintegrate or swell when exposed to water.

Monocouche render for new builds

SAS Europe Ltd

GoRend HBS is a factory batched, through coloured monocouche render, specifically designed and formulated for new build properties. GoRend HBS is quick and easy to apply in one coat, over new blockwork, and has an attractive and durable 2mm scraped aggregate finish. GoRend HBS is a cement based, self coloured, ready mixed render, normally applied in one coat (two passes). GoRend HBS can be applied from 15mm 25mm and be cut to achieve Ashlar detailing. Easy to apply and highly suitable for application by machine.

2. Licata Render Systems

Licata Building Systems Ltd

Although in the UK we have a Traditional Lime based render market in recent years applying modern thin coat render systems is considered quite a new building technique but throughout Europe the application of plaster coatings to the substrate has been used for over 1000 years. Rendering not only protects and improves the weathering and Fire protection of a building but improves the overall aesthetic look. aesthetic merits.

Dry Dashing Render Spars

Brett Landscaping

Although widely known for our landscaping product range we are also one of the leadinbg suppliers of aggregates and render spars. This brochure details our range of render spars that can be used within external render spar systems including the ever popular Durite Canterbury Spar.


Mapei (UK) Ltd

Mapei offer an extensive range of colours and textures in protective and decorative coatings for building exteriors in all manner of environments. As a system provider these are compatible with Mapei's renders and external wall insulations systems featured in the guide.

Lightweight, polymer modified render

SAS Europe Ltd

ProRend Lite is a high quality lightweight polymer modified factory manufactured dry mortar. It is ideal for use on insulation and render carrier boards as a basecoat for the ProRend Colourtex range of decorative finishes. A premium industrially produced stone mortar based on bonding agents of lime and cement. ProRend Lite has outstanding hydraulic and water-repelling properties. It can be worked easily, manually or mechanically as a bonding and foundation mortar. After setting, this mortar ensures healthy living conditions thanks to its excellent water-permeability characteristics.

Alsecco Anti-Crack Flexible Renders

alsecco (UK) Ltd

Material, structure and form are the key design elements of any façade. However, using carefully considered colours in harmony with these elements can dramatically enhance both the architectural concept and built environment. alsecco's Creative Colour System is the ideal tool for modern architectural design. With a standard range of 18 colour groups, each having a minimum of 28 graduated shades from light to dark, the standard list can accommodate most design concepts. However should a bespoke tone be required, a full colourmatching service is available. The extensive tonal palette of alsecco's Creative Colour System does not only offer pastel shades typical of traditional renders, but offers dark and intensive hues - in fact almost any shade is possible.

New Build / General Render Brochure

Parex Ltd


Fassa Bortolo Plaster & Render System

Fassa UK Ltd

The catalogue contains the products that Fassa Bortolo produces for rendering and plastering both external and internal walls. These include the Bio System which uses 100% natural Italian hydrated lime from Fassa's own quarries, a system for restoration of old buildings and the Classic system which is lime and cement based. All 3 systems contain plasters/renders for normal and damp conditions, finishing and decorating coats.

Professional PVCu beading for rendering and plastering

SAS Europe Ltd

ProBead is through coloured, non-corrosive, non-flammable, frost and UV resistant. ProBead is market leading PVCu beading for plastering and rendering: standard colours manufactured from 100% reground PVC. ProBead offers the widest range of standard colours of through-colour PVCu render beads, we are also able to supply a wide custom colour palette to order.

6 Monocouche render for new builds

SAS Europe Ltd

GoRend HBS is a factory batched, through coloured monocouche render, specifically designed and formulated for new build properties. GoRend HBS is quick and easy to apply in one coat, over new blockwork, and has an attractive and durable 2mm scraped aggregate finish. 12 colours with next working day delivery available on stock colours, fast application, 5-36 hours scrape time depending on weather conditions, suitable for machine and hand application, through coloured low maintenance decorative finish, no basecoat required - can be directly applied to concrete block which is cost effective and speeds up application, high tensile and compressive strength giving long term durability, vapour permeable - allows walls to breathe, providing a healthy living environment.

Premium mineral thin coat render

SAS Europe Ltd

ProRend Mineraltex is a premium factory batched proprietary mineral thin-coat render. This attractive render is available in white and can be painted using our Siliconecoat paint to in excess of 65,000 colours, Minetaltex provides an ideal mineral finish for masonry type substrates and has an attractive 2mm uniform finish. designed for application over ProRend basecoats. Specifically designed to incorporate the benefits of a thin coat render into a cementitious render system, water is prevented from penetrating the masonry, while moisture accumulating inside is able to escape without problem. A premium industrially-produced stone finishing plaster, based on bonding agents of white lime hydrate, white cement, white marble stone and lightweight additives with a variable grainy texture.

Rendered rainscreen cladding technical data

SAS Europe Ltd

ProWall Rainscreen Cladding is an external envelope system with a range of attractive render finishes including the ProRend Colourtex system. Rainscreen cladding is installed creating a clear cavity from the main superstructure providing healthy living by allowing the building to breathe and to provide protection from the elements. Technical data for elements of the ProWall system, including: ProBoard render carrier board, ProRend Lite stone mortar based on lime and cement, ProMesh reinforcing mesh for render, ProRend Colourtex silicone based finish and ProRend Colourtex Primer.

Keim Universal Render Technical Data Sheet

Keim Mineral Paints Ltd

KEIM Universal Render is a renovation and thin layer exterior wall render, based on lime and silicates with fibre reinforcement, for use on all mineral substrates, both exterior and interior. Renovation and repair of sound existing renders, sound existing paint coats and for filling of cracks. Suitable for interior and exterior use. KEIM Universal Render can be used as a base coat for KEIM Brillantputz and for subsequent decoration using KEIM Mineral Paints. Binder based on pozzolan with calcite aggregates, light aggregates and fibre reinforcement, water repellent.

Lime Render & Why Buildings Need to Breathe

Keim Mineral Paints Ltd

It is important that materials used for repair and redecoration are suitable for use on older, traditional buildings. Hard cement renders and many masonry paints do not allow the moisture that is continually being absorbed into the building to evaporate easily. This can result in damp, cold walls, condensation, flaking paint, rotten joints and other timber fittings, increased heating bills and dampness on the internal walls.

4 Reinforcing render mesh with incredible strength

SAS Europe Ltd

ProMesh reinforcing mesh is a flexible lattice made from special woven glass-fibre strands offering incredible strength when embedded into wet basecoat plaster or render. It can be used to stabilise surfaces, cover and help prevent cracking. Grade 1 and 2 ProMesh: Use to reinforce gypsum plasters and cover internal wall slits. ProMesh Grade 3 external render reinforcing mesh is used to reinforce exterior render typically embedded into polymer modified basecoats. ProMesh Grade 4 general purpose screed and external render reinforcing mesh is used to reinforce exterior render or plaster in places where low tear strength is sufficient. External render reinforcing mesh is used for reinforcement where tear strength is important, such as heavyweight monocouche renders or basecoats.

Premium through-coloured silicone monocouche render

SAS Europe Ltd

ProRend Colour is a premium factory batched proprietary silicone monocouche render. This attractive mica containing through-colour render provides an ideal mineral finish for masonry type substrates. It has an attractive 2mm fine-scraped finish. ProRend Colour is a cement based, self coloured, ready mixed render. Specifically designed to incorporate the benefits of silicone water repellents into a cement based render system. Water is prevented from penetrating the masonry, while moisture accumulating inside is able to escape. The silicone also prevents the migration of soluble salts through the cured render, thus combating secondary efflorescence. It is ideally suited for areas where high water repellence is required. Easy to apply and highly suitable for application by machine.

PermaRend Scratch Render System (self-coloured, mineral render finished flat or tooled to create ashlar effect)

PermaRock Products Ltd

PermaRend Scratch Render is a scraped finish, self-coloured, mineral render which contains a silicone water repellent which can be finished flat or tooled to create ashlar effect. Single or multiple coat application to brick or blockwork masonry and onto surfaces treated with a PermaRock / PermaRend reinforced base coat. Key Features Suitable for brickwork, blockwork or concrete substrates Incorporates lightweight reinforcement for additional system durability Mechanical fixings can be introduced to enhance bond to the underlying substrate Allows for the creation of rustification and ashlar effects 20 standard colour shades Standard / Fine Texture (FT) options Water repellent properties for enhanced resistance to frost & improved dirt pick-up resistance

PermaRock Mineral K & R Renders (lime-cement-based, lightweight, non-combustible, cost effective renders)

PermaRock Products Ltd

PermaRocks lightweight and cost effective Mineral Render is predominately manufactured from natural materials and is highly economical due to low consumption rates. Mineral K & R Finishes are lightweight, non-combustible that are based on a white cement and lime binder system with lightweight additives, minimal organic content, and additives to induce water repellency. Available as natural white or pre-tinted to colours from the PermaRock Colour Chart with a K (stippled) texture, in 2.0, 3.0 and 5.0 mm grain sizes, or with an R (corrugated) texture with 2.0 and 5.0 mm grain sizes.

2 Rendered External Insulation Finishing System EWI

SAS Europe Ltd

ProRend External Insulation Finishing System, (EIFS), is a complete insulated render system for new build and renovation properties, both residential and commercial that uses two primary installation methods, adhesive and rail. With a high thermal efficiency EIFS uses a breathable render system, leaving a low maintenance watertight facade. The ProRend EIFS rail system offers a perfect solution for uneven substrates that cannot receive renders directly. The adhesive system is suited to new build and renovations onto masonry or backing boards where no cavity is required. Mineral wool or expanded polystyrene can be used as insulation, and the system can be installed on a wide range of substrates. Our technical team will work with you to specify the right insulation.

Showing 1-36 of 62