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External Render

Tikkurila UK

Requirements were for an extended maintenance cycle masonry coating which offered longer life over previous manufacturers coatings. Finngard Opaque was chosen for this project as it is a single pack water based flexible masonry coating which is easy to use and apply and provides an extremely tough hard wearing robust semi-matt finish.

Consultancy in render and plaster application

SAS Europe Ltd

The NHBC sought our expert advice and technical knowledge for Blue Mills in Fowey. These apartments had cracks appearing at internal corners and the render bulging and debonding at floor levels. It became clear that frame movement was an afterthought, along with inadequate size, layout and fixing of the timber battens. It was agreed with the NHBC to replace the failed system with ProWall; our industry leading rendered rainscreen cladding system. An approved applicator rectified issues with the battening and cavity, and re-finished the building to a high standard with a quality silicone finish.

Rendered rainscreen remedial for timber frame

SAS Europe Ltd

This timber frame house with badly cracked render was saved from damp and cold with ProWall seamless rendered rainscreen. The lightweight ProWall system replaced the failed render, keeping the traditional rendered look and giving a watertight, breathable facade. The existing render varied from 30mm to 60mm, and was embedded with expanded metal lathing (EML). The repetitve expansion and contraction of the EML had cracked the render around it. After removing the old render ProWall rainscreen was installed. This included new battening, an advanced render carrier board, and ventilation beads under the soffits and at the base.

Rendered Cladding For Timber Frame Houses, Northam

SAS Europe Ltd

Rendered cladding for timber frame houses on these 8 new builds set in the grounds of a Manor House. Using the ProWall rendered rainscreen cladding system. Our ProWall rendered cladding gives a contemporary finish for these spacious familiy properties. We worked closely with this build in North Devon, giving site support at the battening, boarding, and rendering stages to ensure the ProWall system was applied to specification. SAS Europe also trained 15 members of the application team at a day course in our render training centre. Finished with ProRend Colourtex silicone thin coat render, available in various colours and textures.

Cembrit PB provides ‘seamless’ base of render

Cembrit Ltd

Bicester Village, one of the UK’s major outlet shopping villages, has recently undergone a major extension. The work has added additional shopping space and car parking, and Cembrit PB has been used as a render-backer on the exterior facades of the extension. Stockford, the contractor, installed 800m² of Cembrit PB to the steel frame structure and encapsulated it with the stunning MonoTherm TXF system manufactured and supplied by Monocouche Render Systems Ltd to achieve the decorative weather proof finish you see today at the premises.

Steel frame clad with curved rendered rainscreen

SAS Europe Ltd

Metres from the North Sea, the 22-million-pound redevelopment of Bridlington Leisure World has a steel frame creating sweeping curves to a staggered façade, using ProBoard's ability to bend to a radius of 1.5m. The ProWall system uses a flexible ProBoard render carrier board fixed to timber battens over breather membrane, backing board and insulated steel frame. ProRend Lite was used as a lightweight basecoat incorporating ProMesh Grade 3 reinforcement mesh. The ProWall system was finished with the flexible, silicone resin based ProRend Colourtex decorative render to create a low maintenance and durable finish.

Rendered facades chosen by Premier Inn and Beefeater

SAS Europe Ltd

A coastal getaway and a 12-floor monolith, both from Premier Inn needed durable and low maintainance facades. See how the UK's largest Premier Inn at Gatwick Airport's North Terminal keeps guests warm with ProRend EIFS external wall insulation over blockwork. The new build timber frame Premier Inn in Weymouth chose a different solution - the coastal hotel is protected by ProWall rainscreen cladding for a durable finish in an exposed location. ProWall rainscreen cladding and ProRend EIFS acheived a great finish and durable rendered facades for two very different builds.

Silicone monocouche render for new build eco-houses

SAS Europe Ltd

This development of 18 newly built, energy-efficient properties stands out with the great finish of ProRend Colour. Our premium through-colour monocouche lends sharp lines and contemporary colours to the natural materials of slate, stone and oak. Each home in this Devon village development is individual in design and uses the ProRend palette of Ocean, Bamboo and White to visually tie the development together. ProRend Colour is a premium quality silicone monocouche render with fast application by hand or machine sprayed. This render has an attractive 2mm fine-scraped finish with a refined mica sparkle.

The Deerings - RIBA Award winnng pasivhaus using ProWall rendered rainscreen cladding

SAS Europe Ltd

Award-winning ‘The Deerings’ a Passivhaus in Hertfordshire by Nicolas Tye Architects and Gresford Architects teamed ProWall rendered cladding in a custom dark grey with weathered wooden cladding and grey hard landscaping materials. The ProWall rendered rainscreen was chosen as it can meet the Passivhaus requirements and the Colourtex render can be tinted to a choice of more than 65,000 colours.

Rendered rainscreen cladding for architect-designed timber frame house

SAS Europe Ltd

This property on exposed coastline seamlessly blends modern with the unusual. ProWall provides the durable rendered rainscreen for the timber frame, protecting it from rain and strong winds. ProWall benefits from extensive testing for wind loading and has a BBA certificate with a 60-year durability lifecycle. Our technical team conducted site visits to sign off at 4 stages; batten installation, board and bead installation, basecoat application and completion of the top coat. This is a standard we aim for with ProWall systems installed by our trained applicator network.

Magply Render Board : Prime Folio are the designers of an apartment development on an elevated site specify a highly weather resistant render finish to the elevations, applied across Magply boards.


Graham Wakeman a Director of Wakes Construction Ltd., commented: “Old Street in Chatham is a prominent building, potentially exposed to severe weather where getting the exterior finishes right is critical. As the architects, Prime Folio identified the Baumit render system as the best for the situation, then through conversation with Baumit and the installer, it was a matter of matching it with a compatible substrate board: with Magply being chosen.” Despite offering good adhesion for the decorative render system, Magply boards are very moisture stable thanks to their modified MgO formulation that also represents an environmentally friendly alternative.

Self clean paint and mineral thin coat render restore 19th century hotel

SAS Europe Ltd

The Great Western Hotel, a landmark dating from the 19th century has been re-finished in ProRend’s breathable Mineraltex render and Self-Clean Masonry Paint. Sitting in a high-traffic area, the light colour chosen might have been a problem - but by using ProRend Mineraltex, a breathable and lightweight thin coat render, finished with Self-Clean Masonry Paint the hotel will maintain its impressive exterior. The self-clean finish washes clean in the rain, as water drops gather up grit and pollution deposits and beads them off the surface. ProRend paints are available in more than 65,000 colours.

5 storey record store on the South Coast has been finished using a proprietary render system, applied across 12mm Magply, secured to the fabric of the building.


Given the exposed location of the building the specification for the exterior cladding had to be both very durable and suitable for application in all but the most challenging of weather conditions. The solution decided on by the project team features a proprietary two-coat reinforced render system – K-Rend – spray applied to the Magply panels. “The original plans was to use a sand/cement render. However, after discussions regarding logistics and the scale of the elevations, it was decided to switch to a high performance render system and Fullers proposed the K-Rend on a substrate of Magply boards.”

External wall insulation and rendered rainscreen cladding combine on this new build regeneration project

SAS Europe Ltd

In the dockland area of Ipswich, Stoke Quay is a multi-million pound regeneration project with 386 new homes within 3 blocks. Achieving a Code For Sustainable Homes ‘Level 3’, Stoke Quay is constructed primarily from concrete and SFS frame, with the top floors of timber frames. This development shows the diversity and rapid installation of both the ProRend EIFS rail system and ProWall rainscreen cladding. Following our calculations of wind loads, u Values, specifications and CAD details, Building Control accepted our proposed systems and work began. SAS carried out 8 further site visits ensuring quality installation at all stages.

An exclusive residential development in Hambledon, Surrey, is making use of 12mm Magply boards, supplied by Elliotts Builders Merchants, as the carrier for a proprietar sprayed render system, as one


The stylish three and four bedroom, two-storey properties present a traditional outward appearance, with clay roof tiles above the elevations of handmade bricks and highly weatherproof K-Rend panels. The latter is applied to the 12mm Magply modified MgO boards, screwed to 50x50mm timbers fixed at 600mm centres across the SIPS structure. Simon, the site foreman for Fullers Plastering, commented: “ This is the second time I have used Magply, Fullers having made the switch because it is an easier board to cut and fix, while it also takes the HP12 base coat very well.”

Deepfields, Cheshire

Keim Mineral Paints Ltd

The outer walls were constructed using blockwork and then rendered using KEIM Universal Render, which is an extremely flexible render system, negating the needs for expansion joints which would look unsightly on the impressive building. The render was then painted using KEIM Soldalit which combines durability with breathability, ensuring the system will last for many years. The swimming pools ceilings were also plastered using KEIM Universal Render but the fine version for a smooth finish, and decorated with KEIM Soldalit to give a high performance finish in such a humid environment.

Premier Inn, Southend-on-Sea

Euroform Products

With amber and yellow Met Office alerts still fresh in people’s minds, ALD turned to Euroform’s Rendaboard when they were looking for a robust render carrier panel for their Southend-on-Sea Premier Inn project. What’s more, Rendaboard was also compatible with their choice of render: Jub’s Nanoxil, a thin-coat, self-cleaning silicone render.

Mental Health Unit, NHS Fife, Stratheden

Renderplas Ltd

Over 17,000 metres of Renderplas PVC beads are part of high performance external rendering systems for three major Scottish healthcare contracts, including the award-winning Muirview mental health unit for NHS Fife. A variety of beading solutions from Renderplas’ external range have been used by rendering specialists, Muirfield Contracts of Dundee, with spray-applied render systems from leading manufacturers.

Sustainability Survey - Architects and Housebuilders are specifying Renderplas

Renderplas Ltd

A survey of architects and housebuilders commissioned by Renderplas, the PVC render beading manufacturer, provides an interesting insight into attitudes to sustainable building products in the face of increasing environmental obligations for the construction industry. The survey explored to what extent a product’s sustainability shapes specification, and whether system components like external render beads are subjected to the same environmental scrutiny as the main building elements such as windows, walls, and roofs. “80% of architects and housebuilders surveyed said they specify external render”

Renderplas step in to help Walking With The Wounded Charity

Renderplas Ltd

When Renderplas got the call to step in and help the Walking With The Wounded Charity there was no hesitation. “We received a call from the makers of BBC’s DIY SOS to say that they were on the set of the programme and about to render an entire street as part of ‘ The Big Build’ charity project and they had no render beads” says Managing Director Daniel Leedham-Green. “Of course we had no hesitation in donating a consignment of our PVC render beads and within hours we had everything they needed dispatched and on their way.”

Montalto House

Keim Mineral Paints Ltd

KEIM NHL KalkPutz is new to the UK, with Montalto House being the first specified and completed project, but has been used for many years by KEIM in Germany and other worldwide KEIM subsidiaries. It is a multipurpose Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) render suitable for both manual and machine application, and for interior, exterior and damp areas. KEIM NHL Kalkputz can be used as a complete lime render system and also for patch repair of existing NHL rendered facades, over large or in localised areas.

Using colour In the external envelope - Renderplas makes the difference

Renderplas Ltd

The vibrant, ivory-coloured façade of a new healthcare facility in Cornwall posed no problem for the Renderplas range of coloured PVCu external render beads. Renderplas provided a decorative and durable solution to match the through-coloured render of the £1.9m building. In addition to enhancing the building’s fresh-looking façade, ivory-coloured Renderplas beading has ensured straight, durable joints, corners and edges on all external rendering. The PVCu material is scratch resistant and will not discolour over time, so any exposed joints and edges will continue to complement the colour of the façade indefinitely.

Architects and Housebuilders are specifying Renderplas - Sustainability Survey

Renderplas Ltd

A survey of architects and housebuilders commissioned by Renderplas, the PVCu render beading manufacturer, provides an interesting insight into attitudes toward sustainable building products in the face of increasing environmental obligations for the construction industry. The survey explored to what extent a product’s sustainability shapes specification, and whether system components like external render beads are subjected to the same environmental scrutiny as the main building elements such as windows, walls and roofs.

Mann Island, Liverpool

Dryvit UK Ltd

Mann Island is an iconic development on a pivotal site on Liverpool’s waterfront between the Pier Head and the Albert Dock. Dryvit ACR 200 anti-crack render system was applied over Cement Board MD incorporating PMRB Sandpebble in China White in the residential Area, the brief was to incorporate a bright modern contemporary look to the internal courtyard apartments. The architect wanted a polymer modified anti crack render which incorporated the PMRB finish, this was chosen due to its Dirt Pick up Resistant properties. 7000m2 Dryvit ACR 200 over Cement MD installed.

Aynho Residential Project

Schueco UK Ltd

The extension and re-rendering of this beautiful house amid the tranquil and quaint scenery of Northamptonshire was a carefully considered project. Homeowners Chris and Gillian wanted to take advantage of the picturesque views throughout the year, whatever the weather. Using Schüco ASS 70 FD bi-folding door systems to stunning effect.

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