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Plant Room Wall Lining

CMS Danskin Acoustics

Plant Room Acoustic Wall Lining Panels provide an effective means of controlling reverberation time and reflected sound in plant rooms. They have an aesthetically pleasing appearance and are typically suitable for industrial applications such as engine enclosures test cells and workshops.

DucoWall Aluminium Louvre Plant Screening & Roof Turret

Duco Ventilation & Sun Control NV

DucoWall is ideally suited for projects where the primary function of the continuous blade louvre is to offer an effective cosmetic covering ("screening"). This system is often used on projects as a screening louvre. Additonal to this aluminium roof cowls or turret offer the possibility of concealing air vents in roofs in an aesthetic manner whilst at the same time, ensuring sufficient intensive ventilation of the screened areas.

HYDROPACK pre-planted modular green roof system

Axter Ltd

Hydropack is a complete extensive green roof system in a modular tray, ensuring excellent planting quality with simple installation - a unique response to the increasing demand for extensive green roofs. Hydropack comprises a pre-planted tray, robust fixings, drainage granules, filter layer, growing medium and pre-grown vegetation, storing up to 8l/m2 water. Delivered with plant cover (sedums) and easy to install by a hooking system, Hydropack is ideal for use with Axter's Wilotekt-Plus and Alpaflore green roof waterproofing systems. The tray is perfectly adapted for use on most flat and sloping roofs even those exposed to strong winds. The all-in-one system provides a low maintenance green roof to meet ecological requirements.

Floor Door access cover for Biomass fuel pits and plant rooms

Surespan Ltd

Floor Biomass access covers are manufactured from magnesium alloy as a flush or upstand roof cover. Biomass fuel doors can be operated either manually, hydraulically or electrically as a single or double leaf unit. The patent marine alloy frame incorporates a single or double unbroken EPDM seal to help prevent the ingress of dirt and moisture, offering water and near air tight seal. Vented, insulated and airtight options are available. Biomass covers can be supplied with mushroom vents, manufactured in stainless steel, the unique design prevents the ingress of rain or foreign bodies, while internal mesh stops deliberate interference and vandalism.

Bailey Eco-Roof: Green Roof System for Rooftop Planting using a Sustainable Waterproofing Layer

Bailey - Total Building Envelope

Bailey are offering the only entirely ‘green’ system in the market place. Intensive and extensive planting coupled with a sustainable waterproofing layer creates a roof which is both environmentally responsible and beneficial. Eco-Roof green roof systems offer a wide range of drainage products, growing media and application methods to meet intended use and aesthetic demands of the project.

EDF Case Study showing how to protect a nuclear plant using passive (self-operating / buouyant) flood barriers as opposed to manually-operated flood gates


Fukishima taught us that protection of critical infrastructure should take account of a combination of events such as earthquake followed by flood. It also taught us that reliance on human operations would introduce unnecessary vulnerabilities. EDF's protection of its nuclear reactor sites in France set the global benchmark for flood protection. It set out that passive flood protection barriers would overcome the failure risks associated with flood gates, demountable flood barriers or other removable flood barriers. This represents the highest standard of flood protection available without a complete permanent structure such as a continuous flood wall/levee/embankment.

Planet Partitioning Product Guide

Planet Partitioning

The latest portfolio of Planet Partitionings demountable partitioning systems and doorsets provides the culmination of over 40 years design and manufacturing expertise. This brochure contains photos, technical details and design ideas for our products.

Planet Partitioning BIM Information Sheet

Planet Partitioning

All Planet Partitioning's partitioning systems, including the LOFT range are built separately as single and double-glazed variations and our doors are offered as single and double door options. Planet Partitioning BIM families can be found by registering via the Members Area of Planet Partitionings website where the variations of some systems are in zip files to download.

Planet Partitioning Commercial Case Studies

Planet Partitioning

Planet Partitioning have installed our glazed partitioning and glass doors on numerous prestigious commercial offices. Here, you can find our case studies for clients such as Santander, EQT, Bauer Media and more . Being able to offer acoustic performance, fire rated glazing and fire rated glazed doors all from one manufacturer , installing direct throughout the UK enabled Planet to be the outstanding choice.

Planet Partitioning Education Case Studies

Planet Partitioning

Planet Partitioning have worked on projects for some of the top universities and schools in the UK. Here, you can find a collection of our prominent case studies within the education sector. High acoustic performance of glazed partitioning and acoustic glass doors played an important role on Planet being chosen for education projects .

Carpet Plank Collection - Colour Compositions Carpet Planks


Harmonious and balanced or challenging and unexpected, an exploration of colour and form has begun. Balancing a relationship of scale, shape, rhythm and pattern, a natural intuition is unlocked and expressed by each individual composition. Three beautiful & unique designs, able to work alone or all three together.

Carpet Plank Collection - Arctic Survey Carpet Planks


Ice is ever changing. Layers form over centuries from the seasons ebb and flow. Exploring this frigid environment requires the heart of an explorer and a constant yearning for discovery. The Arctic offers a place of solitude and a counterbalance to an idea of natural beauty.

Cembrit Plank - Cladding

Cembrit Ltd

Cembrit Plank is the ideal alternative to timber weatherboarding but does not require preservative treatment and is not susceptible to fire. Smooth or textured options give you the choice with a surface finish together with a colour to make your projects almost unique. It can be installed like timber weatherboard products. Cembrit Plank comes in 14 factory painted surfaces for a consistent finish. The typical long service life of fibre cement gives maximum resistance to exterior exposure that is backed by a Cembrit 15 year warranty the highest warranty in the market. Plank can be installed vertically, horizontally or in other patterns to enhance your design.

FireTec - Images & Information

Planet Partitioning

Our premium fire performance product, FireTec, offers exceptional performance, without the need for bulky framing profiles. FireTec offers fire protection from E30 to Ei30 and E60 to Ei60. Conceived from the outset to offer maximum areas of frame-free glazing, the system uses high quality stainless steel framing profiles to achieve stunning aesthetics, without compromising performance. Particularly popular for use in high-end, residential projects, or as fire compartment lobby screens in newly developed commercial premises, our FireTec range provides a compelling solution.

IsoTec - Images & Information

Planet Partitioning

The micro framed door leaf provides an elegant solution, with up to 34dB Rw sound attenuation. With perimeter framing measuring just 16mm in elevation, IsoTec proves that less can be more. Ideal for use in combination with our industrial styled LOFT partitioning range, the delicate appearance of IsoTec can also be upgraded to 34dB Rw sound attenuation when specified with our drop seal system.

p100 - Images & Information

Planet Partitioning

p100 demountable partitioning systems are unsurpassed in acoustic performance and compatibility, achieving up to 54dB Rw acoustic attenuation. p100s 100mm framework offers unrivalled options for the specifier looking for high acoustics, available in both single and double-glazed formats. p100 is also the ideal partner for Planets modular and dry wall system, M100. The specifier has the option to configure both glazed and solid partitioning in one seamless run - even when using our comprehensive range of deflection heads +/- 15, +/-25 and +/- 40.

LOFT20 - Images & Information

Planet Partitioning

With its 20mm wide framework, Loft20 offers the specifier the opportunity to create the original, retro feel of the art-deco, New York loft style, banded glazing. Narrow format framing, combined with a variety of mullions and transoms, can be applied with banding to a range of weights, and provides an elegant feel to Planets partitioning screens - an excellent option for designers looking for an alternative aesthetic to slim framed office partitioning.

LOFT54 - Images & Information

Planet Partitioning

Loft54s 54mm thick framework is the ideal foundation for industrial style banded glazing, delivering impressive acoustic performance in a range of styling options and installation methods. Loft54 can achieve a notable acoustic performance of up to 45dB Rw, uncompromised by its slender 54mm framework. To complement the system, use our IsoPro 54mm framed doorset, for a unified appearance and high acoustics of up to 40dB Rw, or, alternatively, our ultra-slim framed IsoTec door both of which can be banded glazed to provide continuity.

Eclipse - Images & Information

Planet Partitioning

Our Eclipse door range uses premium top mounted sliding door gear, to ensure reliable and smooth operation with a soft close function. Eclipse doors come in three versions: EclipseClear, which is an all glass 12mm toughened door; EclipseTec, with a minimal 16mm aluminium frame surround; and EclipsePro, which features a 54mm sliding double glazed leaf. With a wide range of permutations.

p54 - Imges & Information

Planet Partitioning

p54 provides elegant lines, combined with an optimal 54mm wide framework, delivering stunning flush visuals. Available in two glazing options; double glazed offset and single glazed offset, both with the same 54mm framework, specifiers have the choice of using a combination of the options in a single project, to provide continuity and to meet a range of demands. The 54mm framed IsoPro doorset is a perfect match with all p54 system options, creating an entirely flush elevation. p54 proves that an astonishing acoustic performance of up to 45dB Rw can be achieved in a narrower 54mm double-glazed configuration.

M100 - Images & Information

Planet Partitioning

M100 is our modular partitioning system that can be used to form combination runs of both solid and glazed elevations all use a common 100mm framework platform. This offers great flexibility, with simple adaptations enabling screens to be changed from glazed to solid, or vice versa. Our full range of deflection heads; ±15mm, ±25mm and ±40mm are compatible as well, meaning there is no need to deal with those awkward detail junctions between a drywall, crosswall and a glazed room frontage any longer.

Showing 1-36 of 77