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Renson Fabrications Ltd

All louvres in this brochure have been manufactured from aluminium profiles AlMgSi 0,5 (according EN 12020-2).

CS Louvres

Construction Specialties (UK) Ltd

A selection of architectural louvre systems providing natural ventilation and airflow to building systems, whilst offering weather protection. From rain defence options, to screening and acoustic louvres, CS range provides solutions to suit different project needs.

Louvred Roof

Breezefree Ltd

A Louvered Roof is a highly durable and resilient adjustable slatted aluminium roofing system, with up to 10 years warranty. Used on private, public or highways land, weatherproof Louvered Roofs have integrated guttering and drainage within the stanchions. Louvred roofs are very low maintenance when compared to fabric covering systems and provide up to 70kg/sqm snow loading and in excess of Hurricane Force 12 wind resistance. They can be free standing, wall or cantilever mounted and single units, up to a maximum 6m x 6m, Louvre Roofs offer unlimited overhead cover when conjoined. When utilised with enclosure solutions, they virtually guarantee all year round use of alfresco space. Louvred roofs provide the best return on investment for operators wishing to fully utilise alfresco space.

Louvre Wall

Duco Ventilation & Sun Control NV

Aluminium continuous louvre walls, whereby the aluminium louvre blades are locked into place on plastic blade holders. These are firstly secured into place on the aluminium support profile using Duco's patented 'Three-Click' system. The louvre blade holders can be positioned separately in the support profile, enabling a perfect finish. The DucoWall Classic range offers many different louvre blades.

Ducos Intrusion-Resistant Solutions Ventilation Louvres, Continuous Louvre Walls and Louvre Doors

Duco Ventilation & Sun Control NV

As a manufacturer of products including ventilation louvres and louvre walls, Duco's range offers a number of innovative, patented solutions that comply with RC2 resistance class according to European standards. Duco has quite a few intrusion-resistant solutions that are extremely suitable for night ventilation / purge ventilation. Duco's intrusion-resistant ventilation louvres, continuous louvre walls and doors can be used in access areas, datacentres, bicycle storage, plant and technical rooms. Test reports of all products are available on request.

Universal Louvre system

Colt International Ltd

Colt Universal Louvre is a versatile louvre system providing either screening and/or rain defence in a wide variety of product options, materials and finishes. UL is highly resistant to weather and aerodynamically efficient, though a choice of louvre needs to be made based on the requirements of the project. 1UL is a single bank louvre system designed for screening or cladding applications when rain defence is not of primary importance. 2UL is a double bank louvre system which provides high airflow performance with a good degree of rain defence. 3UL is a triple bank louvre system designed for use where rain defence is of the utmost importance.

Louvred Fencing and Compounds


Lang+Fulton louvred fencing combines an aesthetic appearance with many practical advantages for a wide variety of applications including: compounds, plant housing and wheelie bin stores. It provides all the privacy and security of a solid wall with easier installation at lower cost and total or partial degrees of visual screening according to product selection. Louvre fencing is supplied up to 3,000mm high; fences above 2,000mm use a combination of panels. Panels and posts are made to standard widths with closing panels in custom sizes to suit site measurements. The rigid steel panels provide excellent perimeter protection with direct fixing between panel and post and the angled louvres have effective anti-climb properties.

Aluminium Louvre System

Metal Technology Ltd

Metal Technology's louvres offer a system that can meet the differing demands in weathering, ventilation and aesthetics. Louvres can be offered as stand alone or integrated within other Metal Technology systems.

Seefire natural louvred vent

Colt International Ltd

Seefire is a natural louvred ventilator suitable for natural day to day and smoke control ventilation. Seefire conforms to EN 12101-2 and is CE marked. It can provide inlet or extract ventilation as well as permit the entry of natural daylight for most kinds of industrial and commercial buildings. Seefire is manufactured under the ISO 9001 quality and ISO 14001 environmental management standards.

Coltlite glass louvre window

Colt International Ltd

Coltlite is a natural louvred ventilator suitable for natural day to day and smoke control ventilation. It conforms to EN 12101-2 and EN 14351-1 and is CE marked. It can provide inlet and extract ventilation as well as the entry of natural daylight for most kinds of industrial and commercial buildings. It achieves high acoustic, thermal and aerodynamic performance. It is suited for installation into the façade.

DucoDoor Aluminium Louvre Doors

Duco Ventilation & Sun Control NV

Choose from the DucoDoor Wall, DucoDoor Louvre and DucoDoor Grille in our range to find a louvre door that meets the buildings aesthetic, technical and legal requirements. Ducos louvre doors are suitable for fitting in technical areas - either on ground level or not, in car parks... both ventilated or as a (draught-proof) false louvre doors. All doors will guarantee a sleek and uniform frontage.

Designing with Breezway Louvre Windows

Breezway Australia Pty Ltd

Information about Breezway, the benefits of louvre windows, bushfire testing, fall prevention and the product offers. A few project case studies have also been included to cover the solutions that Breezway provides for residential projects and commercial projects.

Louvres Grilles Window & Wall

Duco Ventilation & Sun Control NV

Ducos wall and window louvre combine intensive ventilation with an aesthetically pleasing design. With a great variation in forms and colours Duco offers the architect many installation and modular options. The wall louvre are easy to install and fitted as standard with an insect screen. Duco provides a full range of wall and window louvre from standard Classic louvre, and closeable Close louvre and sound absorbing Acoustic louvre through to exceptionally tough Solid wall louvre, both vandal-proof and burglar-resistant.

Airlite louvred natural smoke vent

Colt International Ltd

The Airlite ventilator provides exceptionally high insulation and low air leakage as well as excellent aerodynamic and acoustic properties. It can provide both inlet and extract ventilation as well as allow the entry of natural daylight. It is suited to most industrial and commercial buildings, and conforms with EN 12101-2.

Louvred Gratings for Screening, Ventilation and Security


Lang+Fulton offers the widest choice of louvred products to the UK and worldwide markets. The mild steel construction is not only more economical than aluminium but has a much greater intrinsic strength which is particularly important as the linear nature of a louvred material will highlight any distortion. There are several distinctive ranges, Delta, Italia and Croona, each of which offers an alternative aesthetic, a variety of screening properties and a choice of fixing methods. Applications include: wall cladding, multi-storey car parks, roof-mounted plant housing, compounds and security screening, balconies and balustrades, wheelie bin stores, ventilation grilles and sunscreen, gates and doors.

Design Manual - Breezway Louvre Windows

Breezway Australia Pty Ltd

This design manual is for Breezway Louvre Windows. It covers information including warranty, testing standards, product certification, information about care & maintenance, finishes, energy efficiency, sound insulation, Breezway policy, fall prevention and the product specification of Breezway Louvre Window systems.

Cast Iron Louvre Air Bricks

Cast Iron Air Brick Company

The louvre cast iron air bricks are almost exclusively used in external positions. The great advantage of this type of air brick is its ability to deflect driving rain and also to reduce the possibility of back draught in exposed conditions. Cast iron louvre air bricks are made from grey iron, cast in UK in sand moulds bonded with resin to a fine cast finish and are available in three sizes (9x3, 9x6 and 9x9) The air brick is constructed from grey cast iron and is used for supplying natural ventilation to interior rooms and also as an extractor outlet vent grille over core drilled duct holes. In this instance the louvre air bricks are used as the terminal grille for fans extracting air from living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms,WCs and hob extractors.

DucoGrille Acoustic Window & Wall Louvre

Duco Ventilation & Sun Control NV

Recessed window louvres manufactured from extruded aluminium profiles. With one kind of louvre blade two aesthetic applications are possible: Z and L. The louvre blades are fitted with the sound-attenuating, inflammable mineral wool on the inside. The aluminium louvre blades are locked into place on plastic blade holders.

Astralux 6000 Internal and External Louvre System

Astralux Blind System

Astralux system 6000 internal and external louvre blind systems specification brochure providing details of this window blind and roof blind system available in aluminium and wood slat finishes. This specification brochure details modes of operation; fixed position, crank (gearbox) as well as electrical (motorised) operation. Shaped blind applications are detailed for roof blinds and window blinds. Astralux 6000 is suitable for internal and external blinds. Also shown are application photographs and line drawings of key components of this dim-out blind system. Included is a N10 NBS specification for Astralux internal and external louvre blinds.

DucoWall Aluminium Louvre Plant Screening & Roof Turret

Duco Ventilation & Sun Control NV

DucoWall is ideally suited for projects where the primary function of the continuous blade louvre is to offer an effective cosmetic covering ("screening"). This system is often used on projects as a screening louvre. Additonal to this aluminium roof cowls or turret offer the possibility of concealing air vents in roofs in an aesthetic manner whilst at the same time, ensuring sufficient intensive ventilation of the screened areas.

Louvre Wall Cladding: specialist steel products - Corona, CoronaBrise and DeltaMax


Louvres for wall cladding and larger scale projects with excellent anti-climb properties. Corona Range A totally new and uniquely practical system with an attractive organic quality. The unusually generous scale of the profiled louvres delivers a striking visual statement. Panels are fixed directly through the top flange of the louvre without any framing bars and can therefore be seamlessly stacked or joined for a continuous appearance. DeltaMax Made from inclined steel flat bars with a profiled nosing which are pressure locked to vertical transverse bars. The deep louvre has a bold appearance and the manufacturing process creates perfectly formed intersections for a crisp aesthetic. All panels are framed and made to custom sizes, with the economy of little or no wastage.

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