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The Lexicon Bracknell - Louvre Wall & Louvre Doors

Duco Ventilation & Sun Control NV

The bulk of the project, spread over seven large blocks, used DucoWall Basic to provide plant screening. One element, where higher level glazing needs privacy screening from the walkways below, DucoWall Classic W 50Z is installed inverted so that the areas gain maximum light without sacrificing privacy. Another challenge was to incorporate louvre doors into the plant screening areas without interrupting the aesthetic appearance. Here again a standard DucoDoor solution provided exactly what was required. The DucoDoor can use the full range of DucoWall blades to provide a beautiful and uniform result.

The Louvre Museaum , Paris


The Louvre is the most visited museum in the world. Opened in 1989, the entrance area below the pyramid was originally designed to accommodate 4.5 million visitors per year. Just 25 years later, the number of visitors exceeded the 10 million mark. As a result, the museum decided to do major renovations that would have the lowest possible impact on the building architecture. Visitor numbers mean extraordinary requirements for the sanitary facilities. The Louvre chose TOTO for sanitary facilities located in the Hall Napoléon. Toilets, urinals, washbasins and hand dryers for the men's and women's washrooms.

Cambridge Mosque - Cedar cladding, louvres and fencing

Millworks Ltd

Millworks Western Red Cedar Cladding, Louvres and Fencing supplied for 270 students accommodation in central Cambridge. Millworks can provide for large scale commercial developments, offering advise on design through to project support. Whilst consistently maintaining industry leading standards on timber grades and manufacturing. The best grade of Western Red Cedar was chosen (no 2 clear and better) for this project, resulting in a clean look with very little on-site waste. Summary: No 2 Clear and Better Width. 19x93mm Profile. PAR

Italia-Corten Steel Louvres contrast with Stainless Steel Mesh


Italia-Corten louvred screening makes a striking statement at a technology park and science hub, which is being developed with an ambitious commitment to renewables. The louvre panel system has been used to contrast with stainless steel mesh, etched with an artwork of forest trees. The client specified a strong hi-tech identity with a visible natural imprint, using materials capable of expressing sustainability and modernity. The Italia-Corten, which has a high recycled content, 100% recyclability, requires no finishing treatments and is maintenance free, fulfilled the brief for a material with a low environmental impact and a strong aesthetic.

Unique Acoustic Louvres Combining Airflow and Rain Defence Displayed at Met Office

Construction Specialties (UK) Ltd

CS were approached by the Met Office HQ in Exeter to provide them with a range of standard ventilation units to be displayed at the front of the main building and IT building. After liaising with the glazing contractor to find the right model that fitted with the building’s sloped design, the RSH5700 Performance Louvre and an acoustic louvre was supplied. These products provided the building with a glazed-in, natural ventilation system. The A3105, a constant blade louvre with concealed mullions, were provided for the IT building. This product offers an excellent airflow performance.

Tottenham Hotspur FC Stadium - Classic G50 High Performance louvre grilles

Duco Ventilation & Sun Control NV

A lot of DucoGrille Classic G50 High Performance louvre grilles can be found in the new Tottenham Hotspur FC Football stadium, North London. Energy Design Solutions fabricated, supplied and fitted this project. The DucoGrille Classic 50HP has been developed especially for intensive ventilation. The uniquely shaped ‘High Performance’ louvre blade with a low resistance factor ensures excellent airflow. All types are manufactured from extruded aluminium sections. Insect mesh is fitted as standard.

North Kent Police HQ: Italia-100. Steel louvred fencing and generator compound.


North Kent Police HQ is a four-storey landmark building of 11,500 m2. In addition to the perimeter fencing, Lang+Fulton supplied the steel louvred cladding panels and support steelwork for the generator housing. The panels were made from Italia-100 which is an extremely robust louvred material, providing 100% visual screening and a high level of security. Italia-100 was considered to perfectly complement the overall architectural design as well as providing the required functionality at a sensitive site.

Louvre Museum Expo - Duc de Luynes, France

Guardian Glass (Australia)

In museums, glass displays protect valuable artefacts from damage or distress, whilst presenting them in the best possible light. Sometimes the glass itself can act as an obstruction to the view. Unwanted glare, reflections or reduced lighting levels can obstruct visitors’ views through the glass, preventing precious works of art from being seen clearly and in their original colour and detail.

Barrisol Light® and lacquer - Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi


This new museum is the result of a close collaboration between Paris and Abu Dhabi, with some Artworks lent by France and a French architect, Jean Nouvel. Jean Nouvel has created a town on Saadiyat island, situated 10km from Abu Dhabi center. Barrisol has also brought its know-how: we can find in kids' area some lightening ceilings and in the VIP room, black ceilings coming from the "Reflets laqués" range of products. Architect : Jean Nouvel

The Louvre Museum, Abu Dhabi - FireMaster Horizontal and FireMaster Fire Curtains

Coopers Fire Ltd

Coopers innovative FireMaster Plus2 fire curtains was also used to create tenable zones as the product offers both integrity and radiance performance. The use of all the fire curtains allowed the open plan design of the museum to be realised by offering fire compartmentation and boundary protection. A total of 20 Simplex and Duplex FireMaster Horizontal fire curtains and 110 FireMaster and FireMaster Plus fire curtains have been installed in the museum by Coopers Fire UAE partners, Dosteen Doors.

balustrade infill panels, open mesh flooring, stair treads and louvred screening at Milton Park: new workspaces for the science & technology sector


Terra-34 balustrade infill panels, open mesh flooring, stair treads and louvred screening have been supplied for escape stairs at Milton Park. Three new buildings have been tailored to provide high-tech laboratories and offices. There were five stairs towers in total, 10.7m and 15m high, also designed to provide access to service facilities. The Italia-80 louvres effectively screen all the service ducting and were supplied with demountable panels with D-handles for inspection points at each landing and ground level. The result was a smart solution in keeping with the high specification of the development.

Great Portland Street: Lang+Fulton have installed 45.3 linear metres of louvred panels 1100mm high with 3 access doors, galvanized and ppc RAL7038.


78/92 Great Portland Street consists of a group of mixed period buildings which is under redevelopment by Great Portland Estates to provide 23,000 sq ft of residential flats, 11,000 sq ft of retail units and 18,000 sq ft of offices at a cost of £19million. Lang+Fulton installed 45.3 linear metres of louvred panels 1100mm high with 3 access doors, galvanized and ppc RAL7038. The louvred panels were inverted to provide maximum visual screening from ground level.

Multi-level Apartments with Enclosed Balcony, NSW

Breezway Australia Pty Ltd

Designed by Tony Owen Partners, Breezway Altair Louvre Windows were recommended to the Developer by the Architects at Tony Owen Partners due to their visually appealing aesthetics, the products full certification and compliance with Australian Standards, and Breezway’s strong reputation in the window industry. Altair Louvres with the Stronghold System have been strategically placed on the corner of the building as a key visual feature. Being a high quality window system, Altair Louvres will provide protection from the elements and are restricted to comply with Fall Prevention requirements.

VicRoads, Sunshine VIC


The building’s striking appearance is enhanced by custom-coloured Alspec fixed louvres, ensuring optimum environmental performance.

Trinity Beach, Cairns QLD


Our Fixed Louvres provide a practical solution to maximise window shading without compromising light or views for those inside.

Harris Invictus Academy - Surrey

Duco Ventilation & Sun Control NV

Harris Invictus Academy Croydon was opened in September 2014 because of the significant demand in the community for new, high-quality school places. Duco provided the Harris Invictus Academy of the solar shading system DucoSun Cubic. The rectangular form of the louvre blade gives the school building in Croydon a particularly sleek effect. The rectangle louvre blades ensure an optimum balance between minimum solar heat gain and maximum daylight entry.

Bayview, NT


Combining the ventilation qualities of wide glass louvre windows with the protection of Invisi-Gard security screens ensures this Darwin home stays cool and secure.

Industrial, Modern Home, QLD

Breezway Australia Pty Ltd

Designed by Tempus Design Studio, this project won the BDAQ Regional Design Awards 2019 – New Houses $500,001 – $750,000 Construction Cost. Breezway Louvre Windows feature a unique modern design that helps suit the brief for this ‘Curved Abode’. Along with modern aesthetics, Breezway Louvre Windows are designed to open wide to allow maximum airflow into the living areas whilst providing clear, uninterrupted views for the family to enjoy. An ideal window choice for this design.

DCM Belgium - Solar Shading

Duco Ventilation & Sun Control NV

The overriding narrative here is the link between the inside and outside, with a strong focus on plants and nature. Based on experience with other offices, we know that the best option is to fit the louvre blades horizontally on a south façade because the sun is high. The DucoSun Wing is perforated and thus assures perfect harmony between solar shading and shadow. The fin-shaped louvre blade has an urban design and can rotate with the sun which means the light entering can be controlled.

Thuringowa RSL, Townsville, QLD


The exciting product partnership combining Alspec aluminium window framing with Breezway dual-glazed louvre systems is highlighted in this redevelopment of an RSL club in North Queensland.

Portavadie Marina Resort: A 2.5m high screen of Italia-100 panels was installed to provide 100% visual screening.


Lang+Fulton were asked to supply louvred screening to provide shelter and a visual barrier for the café and outdoor pool areas at the Portavadie Marina Resort. A 2.5m high screen of Italia-100 panels was installed to provide 100% visual screening. The louvres have a free area of 29%, which helps to reduce wind loading, but, in order to cope with potential storm force conditions, the RHS posts were specially designed in accordance with BS EN 1991-1-4.

Natural & smoke ventilation at Southway and Charter

Dyer Environmental Controls Ltd

Dyer and Fieger combined to install a new smoke vent louvre system in 2 high rise blocks in Eccles. This EN-Certified smoke louvre provides a more effective smoke ventilation system whilst proving a similar and safer natural ventilation solution, especially at high level. Dyer Environmental Controls worked closely with Fieger in order to develop a bespoke design. Together, Dyer and Fieger provided a practicable solution to meet the combined requirements of Approved Document B and Approved Document K.

Van Marcke Belgium - Solar Shading

Duco Ventilation & Sun Control NV

Architectural solar shading combats overheating and contributes to a comfortable indoor climate in Van Marcke's new office building. Vertically installed aluminium DucoSun Wing louvre blades provide an answer in combating overheating. At the same time, they provide added architectural cachet structurally. These wing-shaped louvre blades act as an extra shell for the curtain wall. They cut out the sunlight, thus preventing the interior temperature from rising too high on hot days. Annoying reflections on computer screens are thus definitely a thing of the past.

Sudbury House


Sudbury House is a building that was identified shortly after the Grenfell tragedy as having flammable cladding and inadequate smoke ventilation. Sertus Façade Louvre Blade smoke vent windows and Sertus control panels were identified as the best fit. Fully certified to EN standards, these attractive windows open to 90 degrees in under 60 seconds when triggered, and are designed for installation into facade apertures or curtain walling. Louvres were also fitted to the head and entrance levels of the stair cores, a single leaf vent installed in the lobby. Finally, firefighter’s priority switches were installed on every level.

Accoya chosen for Blackwood Street apartments in Melbourne


Distributed by Britton Timbers, Accoya was selected for the louvres/external screening on the North Apartments, Blackwood street in Melbourne. Accoya was chosen due to its durability, stability and FSC certification. The 40 x 40 mm were coated using Woca external tinted Primer and an additional coating of Woca external Walnut oil. The louvers were then fixed from behind onto powder coated black material frames.

Met Office

Briggs Amasco Ltd

In September 2003, the Met Office moved its headquarters from Berkshire to the purpose-built £80 million structure designed, built and managed by a G4S-led consortium. When a number of louvres on the east and west elevations of the 57,000m2 headquarters began to show signs of failure, G4S appointed BriggsAmasco to supply and fit a new system that would combine airflow efficiency and rain defence.

Casino Christian School, NSW

Breezway Australia Pty Ltd

Designed by Richard Lutze. This project won the 2017 Building Designers Association of Australia Design Award for Public Buildings/Structures. The building has been designed with modern conveniences while also ensuring a sustainable passive layout, with large openable areas facing north overlooking rural vistas, providing good natural light and ventilation to the classrooms and laboratory through the use of Breezway Louvre Windows.

State Aquatic Centre, SA

Rondo Building Services Pty Ltd

This massive project took two years of construction to complete, and Rondo’s technical services team were able to provide design solutions for challenging areas in the project. This included a heavy gauge 150mm Steel Stud Wall Framing System which required alignment with and concealment of the structural frame of the building, and a 6 metre high internal dividing wall that was subjected to higher internal pressures due to the louvres installed.

Power Solutions, Wijnegem - Solar Shading

Duco Ventilation & Sun Control NV

There was a requirement to cut down directly incident sunlight, the idea came up to work with DucoSun Wing in front of the façade. These large, wing-shaped louvre blades were made of a black perforated sheet that was made in special non-standard sizes for this project. This system therefore works as solar shading on the one hand as well as fulfilling an architectural function on the other, which is a defining factor in the architectural appearance of the office building.

An architect designed stand-alone cycle hub for new railway station


A stand-alone cycle hub with two tier parking for 120 bicycles now provides high-quality, safe and secure bike storage at Dundee’s new railway station. The vison was for a structure that wasn’t a ‘box shaped’. The solution incorporated a rear section of Lang+Fulton’s Italia-80 louvred panels. The louvers were also introduced at the top and around the sides of the glazing allowing a good air flow.The panels were hot-dip galvanised and polyester powder coated to provide a smart, long-lasting finish in a location with close proximity to the sea.

Showing 1-36 of 51