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10 Point Guide to Shading Complex Architectural Glass Structures

Guthrie Douglas

Glass reflects humanity. No other material resonates with us so instantly. Its beauty, subtlety and flexibility inspire spectacular forms that make places memorable, and give them warmth, confidence, even soul. But it has an uneasy relationship with the environment, leaving architects today with a responsibility to reconcile beauty with energy efficiency and wellbeing. Here are our top ten pointers for designers striving to reach the optimum balance of light and shade.

Project Case Studies

Guthrie Douglas

Durable, flexible and versatile, our blinds are engineered to overcome challenges, not create them, and as a result, weve been instrumental in some of the worlds most innovative structures. Were proud to showcase a small selection of them here, and we hope theyll act as inspiration for turning your ideas into reality.

Product Overview

Guthrie Douglas

TESS systems are built around a unique spring mechanism which constantly holds fabric flat and intelligently adapts to the surrounding environment. Whatever the scale or shape of the glazing, tensioned fabric can be applied with accuracy and discretion. A variety of configurations, unlimited colour finishes, and a wide range of fabrics and controls are available to suit any building design.

Specifying External Blinds for Wind Resistance

Guthrie Douglas

Ask any solar shading expert or building physicist for their advice on the best solution for reducing solar heat gain and they will immediately tell you to put the blinds on the outside. External shading systems can reduce heat gain to almost zero, and result in savings of some 65% on air conditioning costs. They remove the internal clutter of boxes or rollers around your windows, and can even provide insulation in winter. There is only one problem: the weather. For external solar shading systems to perform well, they must withstand precipitation, extreme temperatures and, most crucially, strong winds.

Architectural Shading Design

Guthrie Douglas

Every project is unique, so we start by understanding the problems architects are trying to solve, and often bring ideas to the table that may not have been considered before. We draw upon our teams expertise in engineering, design and building physics to create shading systems that work seamlessly with their surroundings, harnessing the power of light and shade as positive architectural features, rather than restrictions or problems to be overcome later.

Piranha Decking Hunter Range - Installation Guide

Talasey Group Ltd

Installation guide for our Piranha Hunter Decking Range. Hunter is a range of 3 composite decking products. Each colour option has a wood effect pattern on one side and a colour matching traditional grooved finish on the reverse, meaning they can be laid either way or contrasted to create unique designs. The Hunter range also has 3 matching edging pieces to complete the decked area and is a cost effective and pragmatic alternative to traditional softwood decking.

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