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Healthcare and laboratory

Franke Sissons Ltd

Our healthcare products are suitable for all types of establishments, from Hospitals, GP Practices, Health Clinics and Care Homes. Youll get years of use from our products and we have a standard as well as a bespoke range, to suit any project.

DRYX500N Hands in Hand dryer

Franke Sissons Ltd

This high speed hands-in dryer is designed with a touch free opto-electronically controlled sensor and integrated HEPA lter, the DRYX500N provides peace of mind in environments where hygiene is essential. The antibacterial ABS plastic, separate water tray and drainage hole also ensures optimum hygiene by preventing water spilling on to the wall and oor (protection class IPX4).

Education washrooms

Franke Sissons Ltd

Our education portfolio covers nurseries right through to universities and encompasses products suitable for the washroom, student accommodation, commercial catering and cleaning facilities. We also provide a bespoke service for those specialist projects. Our education range of products include composite and stainless steel washtroughs and basins, washroom accessories, stainless steel urinals, water free urinals, circular washtroughs, catering sinks and equipment and a range of janitorial and cleaning sinks. We also have a range of stainless steel drinking fountains which are perfect for use within schools.

Solid surface washtroughs and basins

Franke Sissons Ltd

Made from Miranit composite, the Franke solid surface basins come in a range of sizes and shapes to fit public, semi-public or even domestic applications. These hard wearing products can deal with even high traffic installations whilst the clean lines and stylish design fits perfectly in high end residential, hotels, and public facing washrooms. Cast in a single mould without adhesive seams or joints, Miranit products feature the following important characteristics: high stability, elegant appearance and high durability due to the smooth, pore-free, hygienic and easy to maintain Gelcoat surface.

Healthcare solutions

Franke Sissons Ltd

Selection of the correct products has been shown to increase handwashing compliance and reduce cross-contamination. With this in mind, Franke Water Systems offer a comprehensive range of HTM & HBN compliant products. Discover the range in our latest brochure.

Office washrooms

Franke Sissons Ltd

With a complete range of sanitaryware including urinals and WCs, washbasins and integrated stylish accessories, our products are suitable for any office. The standard and bespoke products within the Franke commercial washroom range are scalable to match the size and scope of any project.

Less-abled washrooms and Doc M packs

Franke Sissons Ltd

Franke has designed a whole range of products to suit less abled washroom needs. From washbasins that are warm to touch with integrated grab rails to aid wheelchair users to a range of stainless steel matching grab rals and accessories to complete the whole washroom design.

Hotel washrooms

Franke Sissons Ltd

Our hotel package is suitable for all sizes of hotel establishments, from a small seaside bed and breakfast, right up to a multinational hotel group; and from a budget offering, up to more luxurious requirements of a spa hotel. Youll get years of use from our products, and we have a standard as well as a bespoke range, to suit any project.

Sport and leisure washrooms

Franke Sissons Ltd

Suitable for all sports, arenas and event venues our stadia package covers everything from sanitaryware for the public areas, disabled toilet facilities and player dressing rooms, right up to the more luxurious requirements of a public washroom in the corporate conference, VIP and banqueting areas. Many of these products are also suitable for pubs, clubs and other leisure facilities.

Touch free hand dryers for any budget

Franke Sissons Ltd

Featuring a range of hand dryers to suit any project. Also featuring the new The DRYX500 High Speed "Hands-in" hand dryer with a drying time of 7-10 seconds. Complete with HEPA filter and manufactured from antibacterial ABS plastic. Cost effective with optionally warm or cold air and auto shutdown after 25 seconds.

Stainless steel bathroom accessories

Franke Sissons Ltd

Although they contribute to only a fraction of a bathroom, no bathroom is complete without accessories. Unlike many ranges on the market, Frankes assortment of accessories are manufactured from grade 304 stainless steel, making them particularly robust and high quality that will last for years to come. Each range is created with different styles in mind, allowing you to easily integrate these accessories with almost any kind of design concept. In three different stylish designs with a high polished finish, this stainless steel accessory range is ideal for hotels, offices, retail or any semi-public washroom.

Main washroom brochure

Franke Sissons Ltd

Franke Water Systems is a world leading provider of intelligent washroom solutions to the public, semi-public and commercial sector. We continually raise our capability and performance in reliability, service, innovation and know how, enabling our professional customers to set benchmarks of their own. We are expert partners, dedicated to create complete washroom systems that outshine the rest in functionality, design and durability.

Transport washrooms

Franke Sissons Ltd

With standard and bespoke options available, our transport washroom products provide a complete solution for a range of applications such as: airports, coach or train stations or on a fleet such as airplanes. The Franke range includes: urinals and WCs, wash basins and integrated stylish accessories.

Product Overview - Max Frank Ltd.


For over 50 years, Max Frank has designed, manufactured and supplied technology-based products and services to the construction industry. Max Frank are at the forefront of technological development and state-of-the-art manufacture. They are renowned for their industry-leading solutions including; fibre concrete spacers, Pecafil permanent formwork, Pecavoid ground heave solution, Shearail punching shear reinforcement and Egcobox thermal break connectors.

Cavity Trays Ltd Type LTT Level Threshold Tray

Cavity Trays Ltd

The Type LTT is a product specifically designed for isolating and protecting masonry at level thresholds. This detail sheet explains the issues associated with level thresholds and provides a robust solution. Further reading in Product Guide Volume 22.

Hush Flanking Strips

Hush Acoustics

All Hush perimeter seals and flanking strips have been designed to maintain acoustic isolation and seal all perimeters of the Hush acoustic product range at wall junctions. The Hush RD Flanking Strip complies with the Robust Details criteria. All three can be used with the Hush acoustic product range.

Egcodubel - shear force dowel


Egcodubel with sleeves are used for lightweight loads or for connection of structures, without sleeves they are used for connecting working joints or contraction joints.

Egcodorn - dowel system


The Egcodorn shear force dowel transfers maximum loads whilst having a minimal component thickness and is mainly used for static loads. The use of high-quality materials and the unique corrosion protection system guarantee the highest safety and reliability.

Egcobox - cantilever connection system


Egcobox cantilever connectors combine structural safety and ideal heat insulation. Structural stability of the Egcobox is provided by a framework of Steel reinforcements passing through the 60 to 120 mm thick thermal insulation material, thus connecting components such as balconies with the building.

Architectural Concrete - formwork solutions


Architectural Concrete adds a different dimension to bridges, retaining walls and other concrete structures. It is low maintenance and inherently fire resistant and delivers a range of sustainability benefits including energy-efficient production.

Showing 1-36 of 5235