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ALTI Cavity Closers


Alticloser XPS provides an easy, effective and economical solution when closing cavities within openings in masonry walls for windows and doors. The thermal cavity closer incorporates a UPVC outer which acts as a damp proof barrier, while the insulated XPS core prevents thermal bridging problems. Alticloser XPS is available in options to suit check and flush applications.

NUDURA Cavity Closer

Nudura Inc

The NUDURA Lintel Insulation Insert is an easy to use lintel insulation product for use in NUDURA Insulated Concrete Form walls. The insert provides installers a product that provides insulation above and below the window to minimize thermal bridging. The NUDURA Lintel Insert is available in a standard 50 mm thickness, and come in easy to install lengths of 1200 mm. The inserts are manufactured with a unique dovetail configuration so a tight seal is created when inserted into the NUDURA ICF Series of products. Manufactured out of EPS, the lintels can be made to fit any standard core size from 100mm to 300mm offered by NUDURA.

Cavalok Cavity Closer Accreditations

Cavalok Building Products Ltd

Cavity closers have become a critical building component thats now widely used in all commercial and residential new-build projects. They are undoubtedly the simple and most effective way to seal cavities around wall openings and provide a rigid template for bricklaying and window or door installation.

Cavity Trays Ltd Type WCA wide cavity insulated cavity closer

Cavity Trays Ltd

Cavity Trays Limited of Yeovil designed the original cavity tray and can boast more experience than any similar organisation. Our knowledgeable team can provide free design, technical advice and a scheduling service. We offer an extensive range of standard and non-standard purpose-made pre-formed cavity tray and insulated cavity closer products for all applications, including pitch roof, lean to and flat roof abutments including remedial with or without lead flashing attached. Cavity Trays of Yeovil is the only cavity tray manufacturer awarded European Technical Approval.

Cavity Closer & Fire Cavity Barrier Specification Guide

Dacatie Building Solutions, product brand of Quantum Profile Systems Ltd

Dacatie Building Solutions is the manufacturer and supplier of the original range of Insulated Cavity Closers & Fire Cavity Barrier for the UK construction market. As a market leader, the Dacatie brand gives specifiers and building contractors the assurance of the essential Building Regulation compliance in the construction of cavity walls in the area of reveals around windows and doors. Dacatie Insulated Cavity Closers have British Board of Agrement (BBA) Certificates.

Cavalok Cavity Closer Product Chart

Cavalok Building Products Ltd

Cavalok offers a comprehensive range of cavity closers and associated new-build products for all cavity sizes, window types and construction methods. By fabricating closers into rigid frames a bricklaying template is created enabling simpler, faster construction, guranteed sizes and many energy saving benefits. Using Cavaloks insulated cavity closers helps create

Cavalok Cavity Closer System Installation Guide

Cavalok Building Products Ltd

Throughout the building operation, the closure frame must be periodically checked to ensure that it remains true and square. Any movement or twisting in the frame could result in poor window fit. We recommend the use of a tape and spirit level to ensure that the frame is correctly installed.

Protecting the Building Envelope Volume 28 (cavity tray, damp proofing, ventilation and cavity closers)

Cavity Trays Ltd

Damp-proofing, damp-courses, preformed, flashing, fire barriers, cavity closing, vertical DPC, barrier arch, vertical cavitray DPC, trays for openings, premium DPC, self-supporting, weeps, vents, remedial, horizontal abutment trays, attached flashing, bullseye DPC, stop end adjustable, lead products, lead substitute, threshold tray, meter box, parapet wall, radon, undersill, gable abutment, stepped, blockwork trays, unleaded gable abutment trays.timber frame, acoustic, fire stopping, insulated dpc, cavity closer, adjustable cavity, ventilator, grp, roofing, access panels, cranked ventilator, plastic airbrick, refurbishment, ventilating, top hat, radon sump.

XFR2000 - 1hour Fire Rated Cavity Closer (100 to 170mm Cavities) Data Sheet

Dacatie Building Solutions, product brand of Quantum Profile Systems Ltd

XFR2000 - 1hour Fire Rated Cavity Closer (100 to 170mm Cavities) Data Sheet. XFR2000is a fire rated insulated cavity closer designed for second fixapplications in wider cavities between 100-170mm. With 60 minute fire integrity, XFR2000 will act as a fire barrier around window and door reveals, complying with new Building Regulations Part B as well as Part L. When compressed into position XFR2000 also aids tightness around the cavity.

Cavity Closers used in the UKs largest zero carbon village

Cavalok Building Products Ltd

Eurocell Eurologik triple-glazed windows and fully recycled cavity closers have been specified by Morris Homes on the UKs largest zero carbon village in Peterborough. Sheffield-based Eurocell fabricator Ford Windows fabricated and installed the zero-carbon window solution. Vista, in the Southbank area of the city, is a development of 295 zero-carbon homes designed to reduce energy emissions by 100 per cent compared to an equivalent-sized standard housing development.

Cavity Trays Ltd Type LTT Level Threshold Tray

Cavity Trays Ltd

The Type LTT is a product specifically designed for isolating and protecting masonry at level thresholds. This detail sheet explains the issues associated with level thresholds and provides a robust solution. Further reading in Product Guide Volume 22.

Showing 1-36 of 150