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Acoustic panels

Shadbolt International

Shadbolt acoustic panels are designed to reduce sound reflection from wall and ceiling surfaces. They can improve acoustics in auditoriums, concert halls and conference rooms, and reduce noise in circulation spaces.

Acoustic Raft Panels - Suspend Acoustic Panels

Sound Control Services

Acoustic Raft Panels are highly decorative suspended acoustic absorber panels which are wrapped in acoustic fabric. Acoustic Raft Panels are extensively used in schools, particularly old Victorian buildings with vast expanses of hard surfaces by clients wishing to upgrade the building to BB 93 standards. They are designed to reduce reverberant noise by improving the acoustic absorption within the area being treated. The Acoustic Raft Panel is designed to be suspended from the existing ceiling without interfering with existing services or light fittings.

PhotoPrint Acoustic Panels

Acoustic Products Ltd

PHOTO Print fabric sound absorbing acoustic wall panels allow you to use your own photos or graphics to create an individual decorative theme for your room and at the same time provide an acoustically controlled environment. Available in 50mm or 100mm thick options, both providing maximum Euroclass A sound absorption. Your photos and graphics are factory applied and the panels are delivered to site ready to hang with concealed fixings. The panels are manufactured using a recycled PET material substrate, fire rated to EN BN-s1d0 (European equivalent of BS Class O) and finished in Trevira fabric

Acoustic Flushfit Panels

H & H Acoustic Technologies

Decorative wall panelling manufactured from a sound absorbing mineral fibre core board faced with a thin, high-density, impact resistant mineral fibre panel. The composite panel is then wrapped with an acoustically transparent fabric. The Flushfit panels are fitted within locating channels that are also wrapped in matching high quality fabric and are designed to absorb high levels of reflected noise to create a more comfortable acoustic environment

Acoustic Designer Panels

H & H Acoustic Technologies

Decorative wall paneling manufactured from a sound absorbing mineral fibre core board faced with a thin, high-density, impact resistant mineral fibre panel. The composite panel has reinforced edges and is completely wrapped with an acoustically transparent fabric. The Designer panels are fitted using concealed fixings on the rear and are designed to absorb high levels of reflected noise to create a more comfortable acoustic environment

Phonic - Acoustic Panels

AAS Projects & Design Ltd

Phonic Acoustic Panels are a high quality sound absorbing panel system. The panels are designed as a wall lining to control reverberant nose in areas with hard surfaces. The Phonic Acoustic Wall Panel system improves the quality of the workplace environment due to the products ability to absorb echo and reverberation. Designed with a fabric finish which is available in over 100 colours.

Acoustic Sail Panel

Sound Control Services

Acoustic Sail Panels are fabric covered panels which offer excellent noise control benefits as well as adding thermal value to any room. Acoustic Sail panels are primarily designed to reduce reverberant noise by improving the acoustic absorption within the area being treated. Acoustic Sail Panels offer a economical and alternative solution to a full suspended ceiling system. Acoustic Sail Panels are used in atrium areas where a quirky and functional design is required, Also they are extensively used in multi purpose halls and gymnasia.

Troldtekt acoustic panels

Troldtekt A/S

Troldtekt are cement-bonded wood wool panels made from wood and cement. The product is made of spruce shredded into wood wool and mixed with cement. The wood used in the production of Troldtekt is from sustainable forestry.

Acoustic Ceiling Panels - Acoustic RTPanel

Sound Control Services

Acoustic RT Panels are light weight, easily installed Acoustic fabric wrapped panels which have been designed to be bonded both horizontally and vertically onto the required surface directly. Acoustic RT Panels are a excellent choice for use in multi purpose halls, recording studios and music practice rooms. When fixed to the soffit with alternating fabric colours they can create a feature within the area being treated, enhancing the interior design.

Printed Acoustic Panels - Acoustic Artwork - Printed Wall Panels

Tech Materials

Acoustic Artwork helps to improve brand awareness, creativity and user wellbeing in a wide range of environments. Tech Materials can print any image directly onto acoustic panels using an in-house flatbed printer. Designs can be printed onto single panels sized up to 1225mm x 2800mm or across multiple panels to maximise wall coverage.

Serenity Acoustic Wall Panels

Moving Designs Ltd - Acoustic Partition Specialist

The Serenity is the perfect acoustic and aesthetic solution for various noise reducing applications. It decreases the reverberation time and absorbs sound in any space they are used. The wall panels are used extensively to transform areas such as multi-purpose halls, open-plan offices, conference suites, studios and interview rooms into workable environments.

Oscar Evo-Panel - Acoustic panel for sports halls

Oscar Acoustics

The Oscar Evo-Panel is the first acoustic panel designed specifically for use at low level in high impact areas where other acoustic panels would be easily damaged. This innovative approach enables the acoustic panel to absorb sound at low level where it counts meaning that up to 40% less Evo-Panels are required compared to conventional high level acoustic panels. This combined with ceiling treatment has shown that far superior acoustic results are achievable and for often far less money. The Oscar Evo-Panel is Sport England compliant, has Class A absorption and has a Class 0 Fire rating. Installation is easy, with a typical size sports hall taking only 1 day. For the ultimate spec, combine with SonaSpray onto standard galvanised metal profile deck.

Timber Acoustic Panel Systems - I-Acoustic

Custom Audio Designs Ltd

I-Acoustic is a noise-absorbent timber acoustic panel system for walls and ceilings which, due to its unbeatable acoustics and aesthetic qualities, the warmth of the material and its easy installation, is ideal for acoustically treating many different areas such as theatres, auditoriums, offices, hotels, conference rooms, restaurants and lobby areas etc.

Acoustic Panel - Echo - Brochure - Acoustic Foam

Tech Materials

The Echo range consists of high-quality fabric wrapped melamine foam acoustic absorbers used to reduce reverberation and echo. Echo products are manufactured with a Mtech melamine foam core fabric wrapped in industry-leading Camira fabrics. Echo is a highly functional acoustic product range recommended where space is a premium and absorption is critical. By using an open-cell melamine polymer we can manufacture a lightweight fibreglass free product perfect for fabric wrapping in over 100 fabrics.

Acoustic Panel Shapes Range

Custom Audio Designs Ltd

Wide range of acoustic panels for almost any application: auditoriums, theatres, halls, recording studios, home cinemas, music rooms, radio and television studios, restaurants, lobbies, hotels, meeting rooms, conference centres, nurseries, schools, colleges, universities, leisure centres, sports halls, swimming pools, gyms, offices, commercial areas, retail, public spaces, industrial settings; factories, test rooms, workshops and test bays.

Optic - Slotted Acoustic Panels

AAS Projects & Design Ltd

AAS Optic Slotted Timber Acoustic Panels give a durable, attractive sound absorbing surface which is suitable for many spaces and for either walls or ceilings. You can select from many slotted patterns or design your own and the finish options are almost endless with ply, veneer, laminate and painted options.

Optic - Perforated Acoustic Panels

AAS Projects & Design Ltd

AAS Optic Range perforated timber acoustic panels are manufactured in a range of perforation types to create a level of open surface area to enable the absorption of sounds. These panels are constructed with a drilled face which is fixed to the structure incorporating a acoustically transparent fleece and a mineral wool filled air gap to enable maximum acoustic integrity of the product. Optic perforated acoustic panels are available in a wide range of finishes including ply, veneers, laminates and painted. Can be installed on both the walls and ceilings.

Sonic - Slatted Acoustic Panels

AAS Projects & Design Ltd

AAS slatted timber acoustic walls & ceiling products enable the designer to introduce warmth and character with a functional role. The prefabricated modular nature of the products construction allows a fast and accurate installation process. Fixing methods allow for fixed and demountable systems to be integrated into the product.

Acoustic Sports Wall Panels


DYNAMIK specialise in indoor sports solutions. Our premium sports wall panels come pre-finished in a range of colours and wood-effect finishes. We offer: - Solid Sports Wall Panels - Acoustic (Perforated) Sports Wall Panels - Acoustic Fabric Sports Panels DYNAMIK Sport is the Official Partner with Basketball England, England Netball & British Wheelchair Basketball. Meets Sport England guidelines. Fire-rated and with acoustic properties ideal for large spaces such as Sports Halls and community spaces. Easy fix and secret clip system. An ideal compliment to our Sports Flooring solutions.

Acoustic Wall & Ceiling Panels

Tech Materials

The acoustic wall panel range consists of high-quality acoustic absorbers used to reduce reverberation and echo. A flexible and highly functional product that can be used to treat wall in a wide range of environments.

Suspended Acoustic Panels - GeoRafts

Sound Control Services

Acoustic Geo Raft Panels are horizontally suspended acoustic panels shaped with geometry in mind. Geo Raft panels come in all different shapes including squares, circles, ovals, triangles, rectangles, pentagons & octagons. The unusual shapes not just add acoustic comfort to the space they are installed in but also add an interesting design feature and look stunning. Acoustic Geo Raft Panels are excellent at absorbing reverberant noise by improving the acoustic absorption within the are being treated.

Acoustic impact resistent Akoostiq panels

H & H Acoustic Technologies

Akoostiq is an impact resistant, decorative wall panelling system designed to absorb high levels of reflected noise within a room to create a softer and more comfortable acoustic environment. It is lightweight and exhibits excellent fire resistance and acoustic properties. Class A acoustic absorber Euroclass B fire rating (BS EN 13501-2) Nearly 40% lighter than competitive products Impact resistant Available with a selection of fabrics

Serenity Cloud Acoustic Panel Brochure

Moving Designs Ltd - Acoustic Partition Specialist

The Serenity Cloud ceiling hung panels enhances the environments acoustics by absorbing the optimal amount of sound at different frequencies, re-ducing unwanted reverberation. The innovative technology eliminates echo for a more peaceful environment. The Serenity Cloud dramatically improves audibility in any interior that suffers from reverberation issues.

Polyester Acoustic Panels - Alpha Brochure - PET Panels

Tech Materials

Alpha is a 100% recyclable PET acoustic sheet. It has been manufactured from recycled PET bottles to Tech Materials specification. It is made by compressing FR oil free PET fibres which go though a spinning, punching and baking process. We have identified the perfect density that offers a great balance between acoustic performance and rigidity. We manufacture Alpha sheets in 14 colours and a thickness of 12/24mm. Alpha is a polyester acoustic panel that can be turned into a wide range of acoustic products including, acoustic screens, baffles, panels, desk dividers and much more. Tech Materials convert all acoustic panels in-house from start to finish, offering excellent quality and superior lead times.

Soft Panel - Fabric Acoustic Panels - Data Sheet

Vtec Group

Our unique SOFT PANEL is perfect for making a design statement whilst improving the acoustics of your room. Made from luxurious suede fabric, Soft Panel is available in 32 standard colours and bespoke designs /fabrics are also possible. The panels are also lightweight, meaning they are easy to handle and install. View full product details and technical information.

SonaPanel - Acoustic Panel, Raft and Fin System

Oscar Acoustics

SonaPanel acoustic panels are a range of quality acoustic panels, acoustic ceiling rafts (Oscar SoundRafts) & acoustic panel fins (Oscar SoundFins). Whether you require acoustic panels for school acoustics, sports halls, class rooms, conference rooms, reception areas or even home cinema applications, we can offer a range of acoustic panels, rafts & fins with fabrics & colours to suit. SonaPanel acoustic panels are easy to install. They are available as supply only or supplied & fitted by our experienced in-house acoustic panel installers. SonaPanel acoustic panels complement our spray-on finishes. Please also see the new Oscar Evo-Panel acoustic panel for a new & innovative way of dealing with problematic sports hall acoustics. Custom shape & size acoustic panels are available on request

Optic - Continuously Slotted Acoustic Panels

AAS Projects & Design Ltd

AAS Continuously Slotted Timber Acoustic Panels offer a versatile solution for the control of reverberation where true flexibility, aesthetic appeal and of course acoustic performance is required. This system enables the creation of a seamless appearance with clean lines to greatly improve the ambiance of any room. A wide range of finishes are available including veneers, laminates and painted options.

Internal Acoustic Wall Panel Installation


A fast and efficient sports walling solution for sports halls and school halls. Can be installed as an independent wall system direct to internal studwork. Using supplied black secret fixing clips and black acoustic fleece for a fixture-free attractive finish. Pre-routed panels for ease of installation. Eliminates the need for blockwork and other wet trades. Durability & Impact Resistant. Time and Cost Savings. Factory Finished. Secret Clip Fixings. Fire Performance. Range of Colours and Wood-Effects.

Soundhush Acoustic Fabric Sports Panel


Acoustic fabric sports wall panels available in a large range of coloured fire-rated fabrics to complement your sports hall design. Acoustic performance Class A. Supplied with impaling spikes and adhesive to offer fast, easy installation. Fixed to most surfaces including concrete, plasterboard and block work.

Acoustic panel for facade interface v4

Siderise Group

A high performance acoustic panel for use where an internal partition abuts a curtain wall. Consists of a 31mm thick multi-layered board that offers exceptional sound reduction. Up to 1 hour firestop.

50mm PET - Absorb - Acoustic Panels

Tech Materials

Soak up all the unwanted reverberation and echo with Absorb, a 100% PET panel designed to offer superior sound absorption. Absorb is a highly functional acoustic material intended to be used as acoustic panels, baffles and rafts. Due to the crisp white finish, you can benefit from a highly affordable acoustic solution that blends into the surroundings. However, if you are looking to design a truly bespoke product, Absorb lends itself to shaping, fabric wrapping and UV printing. Sheets are produced from a minimum of 65% recycled PET fibre and are available in a generous size of 1220mm x 2440mm x 25/50mm.

Acoustic Panels - Mtech - Data Sheet

Tech Materials

Mtech melamine foam is a perfect acoustic solution for the construction industry due to its high sound absorption, fire resistance and thermal properties. Mtech is an open-pore sound absorber (light grey or white) which ensures pleasant room acoustics even when retrofitted. Mtech can be used in its raw state or covered using a variety of facings. These lightweight absorbers allow large-scale, free-floating elements to be implemented into your projects, offering an attractive room design. Mtech is a class 0 fire rated acoustic foam that can be turned into acoustic panels, wall coverings, generator enclosures and much more.

Perforated Steel Acoustic Panel - AbsorberLine

Sound Control Services

AbsorberLine is a highly decorative Acoustic Wall and Ceiling treatment designed for both industrial and architectural areas where there is a need to combine an attractive appearance with a contemporary feel. AbsorberLine whilst designed to absorb airborne noise and reduce reverberation within a room to create a softer, more comfortable acoustic environment, It also offers a high level of impact resistance to those areas which require rugged and more functional acoustic wall panelling.

Showing 1-36 of 697