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Acoustic Panels and History

Troldtekt A/S

A significant new building project has recently been completed at one of the National Trust’s most popular properties in Hampshire, Mottisfont Abbey. The new development, situated on the banks of the River Test, uses Troldtekt natural wood wool panels to improve the entrance facilities at this historic priory and country estate - visited annually by over 250,000 people. Designed by Burd Haward Architects, the new welcome buildings are arranged around a central courtyard, raised above ground level to avoid risk of flooding and impact on the existing flood plain.

Acoustic Panels Connect History

Troldtekt A/S

London’s so-called Loom building is full of stories that unravel and offer glimpses into its rich history. It is not often that architects, in this case Duggan Morris, have the opportunity to design a perfect link between both modern and ancient. One of the architects’ solutions was to use Troldtekt 2000 x 600mm natural wood wool acoustic ceiling panels. These provide an attractive link between the different spaces in this together with reusing many original old materials to restore attractive life into this previously neglected space.

Serenity Wave Acoustic Panels

Moving Designs Ltd - Acoustic Partition Specialist

Lower Sound and Raise Your Style with Flowing Wave Tiles. Our Serenity Wave acoustic tiles provide high noise absorption for areas such as high-tech offices, airports, schools, entrance areas, music or television studi-os and retail stores. Serenity Wave’s acoustic tiles comprise of high-performance acoustic fire-rated foam, which is upholstered with a multitude of, soft, soothing colour acoustic fabrics. The fabric is covered on the face and edges and returns approx. 2 inches to the back.

Serenity Cloud Acoustic Panels

Moving Designs Ltd - Acoustic Partition Specialist

Strong, Subtle and Perfectly Suited to any Environment The Serenity Cloud - Ecopaint surface finish comes in a visually pleasing Arctic white speckled painted finish. However, they can be emulsion spray painted on site to any colour with little significant effect on acoustical performance. The Serenity Clouds come in many shapes, sizes and colours to meet your specific needs. They are unique and add the effect of visual beauty to any space.

How do Absorption Panels Work?

Hush Acoustics

In this article we look how absorber panels work, specifically, the Hush Absorber 50 and 50A. These are class A Absorber panels that have been specially formulated using a 50mm acoustic foam and hand finished with interior fabric. Manufactured in our warehouse in Liverpool, these products are designed to eliminate echoes and reverberation noise within spaces.

Acoustic Products launches semi-automatic electric movable wall

Acoustic Products Ltd

Acoustic Products has launched a new semi-automatic electric movable wall system. Each panel within the system has a microprocessor based circuit board controlling automatic operation of the panel seals making the system extremely easy to use and re-locate. Available in sound reduction ratings up to Rw 57 dB, a wide range of panel finishes and with simple or more complex remote stacking arrangements. Please contact the techical sales department at Acoustic Products for more information. Tel +44 (0)1227 281140 Fax +44 (0)1227 281141 www.acoustic-products.co.uk enquiries@acoustic-products.co.uk.

Acoustics for a Sound Education

Moving Designs Ltd - Acoustic Partition Specialist

To improve acoustics requires reducing secondary sound paths with sound absorbing materials. In the classroom, the opportunity for acoustical treatment relies mainly on the ceilings & walls. Products like Acoustic Panels, Tiles, Ceiling Clouds, & Ceiling Baffles are all sound absorption products that are designed to reduce the problem of sound echo and noise reverberation. Our Serenity range enhances the environment’s acoustics by absorbing the optimal amount of sound at different frequencies, reducing unwanted reverberation. The innovative technology eliminates echo for a more peaceful environment and dramatically improves audibility

Antibacterial Paint bespoke access panels

Trade Access Panels

We can make any size and shape access panel: Antibacterial Paint Special Antibacterial Paint available with the added benefit of an effective antibacterial agent which kills most species of bacteria, including the deadly MRSA, Salmonella, E coli and C difficile. Ceramic Tile Doors Plasterboard Faced Metal Faced Loft Hatches Fire Rated Acoustic Rated Airtight Rated Smoke Tested Special Paint Colours for your Project needs. Available Panel Sizes: 100x100mm to 3000x8000mm

HR Acoustic ceiling absorbers / University of Wales

H & H Acoustic Technologies

Acoustic specialist H & H has supplied its HR Acoustic Ceiling Absorbers into a lecture theatre at the University of Wales. A modified version of the acoustic panels which included down-lighters ensured the absorbers added to the modern look of this lecture theatre, which is a marked contrast to the beautiful historic exterior. The Caerleon Campus is the main administrative centre of the University and is the home of the Newport School of Art, Media and Design. It is also available to local businesses for conference facilities.

SoftSound Designer Panels / Walkers Snack Foods

H & H Acoustic Technologies

The SoftSound Designer panels were printed with bespoke graphics depicting scenes of local people, landmarks and events. H & H was asked to come up with a solution to reduce noise in the client’s staff dining area and specified SoftSound Designer Panels as the most suitable product. Manufactured from sound-absorbing mineral fibreboard and covered in acoustic fabric, SoftSound is an ideal solution for noise control in high-traffic areas such as call centres, offices, conference centres, recording studios and entertainment facilities.

Acoustic Partitions ~ Smart Use of Space

Moving Designs Ltd - Acoustic Partition Specialist

Moving Designs were brought in to assist a special needs school in Surrey separate their Hall into two. They needed the ability to sub-divide their hall for simultaneous activities. We provided our top hung Prestige Moveable Wall to enable them to accomplish this. The panels were finished in a stylish ash laminate, providing 45dB Rw acoustic performance. The Prestige offers an effective space solution, with an acoustic insulation of up to 58dB noise reduction. When the seals are retracted they will glide effortlessly along the unique overhead track. Enabling the Hall to be transformed in a matter of minutes.

Reducing Noise at Hoebridge Golf Centre

Hush Acoustics

Hush Acoustics were contacted to find a solution to a noisy acoustics issue, as the golf centre believed it was losing revenue in the bar and restaurant due to the poor acoustics. The paying golfers and patrons did not want to spend their time in these noisy and problematic areas. As part of their service, Hush performed an extensive survey and it was decided that Hush Absorber 50 Sound Absorbing Panels should be installed within the bar and restaurant areas to reduce the noise levels. Hush were able to calculate exactly how many panels were needed using expert acoustic software.

Mobile Acoustic Whiteboard - New Product

Logovisual Ltd

We are extremely pleased to have delivered the latest addition to the ThinkingWall whiteboard range to a new customer. The ThinkingWall Acoustic Freestander is a mobile whiteboard which offers a combination of magnetic drywipe writing surfaces and acoustic panels. The unit is set on a sturdy base with 4 lockable castors for easy maneuverability. A range of size options are available. They feature whiteboard writing surfaces to both sides as standard however we can customise them to include a full acoustic back if required. The acoustic panels can also be fitted in a range of colours.

db Ceiling Absorbers / Burton-on-Trent Town Hall

H & H Acoustic Technologies

H & H suggested installing 50mm panels of its dB Absorber product around the upper parts of the walls and the remaining ceiling space. dB Absorber panels are designed primarily to reduce reverberant noise by improving acoustic absorption within the area being treated. When installed directly below the roof space, they will also improve the thermal insulation of a building. Panels can be directly bonded to both horizontal and vertical surfaces, to provide an effective, economic alternative to a full suspended acoustic ceiling. Consisting of foam covered with a high-quality acoustically-transparent fabric

KPMG - Castle Terrace

Acoustic Products Ltd

These meeting spaces at the KPMG site in Edinburgh called for our advanced acoustic knowledge and for Topakustik’s design oriented manufacturing. Using the Topakustik micro perforated technology, we were able to create the image of the founders of KPMG into timber acoustic panels.

Aesthetics’ and acoustic performance important to the Holiday Inn

Moving Designs Ltd - Acoustic Partition Specialist

Moving Designs were contacted by the Holiday Inn to replace three of their partitions. The spec was to replace their existing operable walls with our high specification Prestige partitions. The hotel wanted all 27 panels to be papered with a heavy duty covering from the Tektura range identical to their surroundings. The need for good acoustics was obviously crucial to allow the hotel to maximise their revenue allowing them to run seven functions concurrently with no disturbance. When the customer requires the space to be increased they are able to fold back the papered walls to blend into the decor.

TufSound / Wembley Arena

H & H Acoustic Technologies

H & H Group has installed new acoustic panels at the world famous Wembley Arena. TufSound wall and ceiling panels were chosen for the job. Peter Tudor Wembley Arena's General Manager. "The acoustic performance of the arena is central to creating a superb experience both for performers and audiences, which is why we called in H & H to transform the quality of sound in the building".

SoftSound Wall & HR Ceiling absorbers / Walsall College

H & H Acoustic Technologies

H & H has supplied and installed its specialist acoustic panels into the £64 million, award winning Wisemore Campus at Walsall College. H & H’s SoftSound is a fabric covered acoustic wall panelling system. Fabrics were chosen based on the colour scheme for each room . HR Ceiling Absorbers were suspended from the ceilings. The systems are designed to absorb high levels of reflected noise within a room to create a softer and more comfortable acoustic environment. Three fabric ranges are available, each with a wide choice of colours and surface textures.

New Scotland Yard

Acoustic Products Ltd

This Laudescher LINEA Bespoke 2.4.3 acoustic slatted panels with the purpose of managing the reflective nature of the walls within the main entrance area. The extremely specific design of the ceiling panels here where each slat cut from a glulam block so as to achieve a curve that is not stressed. The same product is used inside and outside so as to achieve a seamless finish through the glass.

Project Loop

Acoustic Products Ltd

Installed were three various sized Topakustik Panels, the 9/2M, 12/4M and 14/2M. Primarily chosen for the aesthetics; these panels also created a better natural environment to combat the acoustic struggles of the modern day work place. We help combat higher reverberation levels, lower the sound pressure levels and diffused those annoying noise frequencies.

Cork, Soft Panels & Arctic Moss - Biophilic Office Design

Vtec Group

A young interior design company updated their offices, using a striking combination of colours and textures. The Boardroom, dressed in warm, earthy tones includes Vtec Raw Bark Panels, which introduce natural and highly textural detail, improve space acoustics and create a stunning contrast with the wooden panel, finished in rich Burgundy. The Pool Playing area features a striking layered texture wall, finished in hues of vibrant blues and includes coloured Cork, Soft Panels and Arctic Moss in Blue 02 and Marine 03.

The Shard: Acoustic Ceilings and Bespoke Design

Vtec Group

This high profile project in The Shard was a complete office fit-out, designed to future-proof and meet the end client’s operational needs. The modern design featured Vtec’s MaxiBeam system and Supacoustic panels. These systems allow for excellent visual appeal and acoustic performance combined with being easy to install and flexible to incorporate the specific access requirements.

PhonoTrack & TufSound / Wales Millennium Centre

H & H Acoustic Technologies

TufSound’s superior acoustic performance, high levels of impact resistance and durability made it an ideal choice of the Millennium Centre. It is also easy to work with aesthetically Panels can be colour-coordinated as part of the overall interior design. MelaTech is an open cell, melamine foam that is lightweight, flexible, easy to handle and does not flame or emit toxic fumes when exposed to heat. Also when installed as part of a stretch fabric system. MelaTech not only provides excellent acoustic performance but also demonstrates unrivalled versatility in numerous demanding applications and environments.

Good acoustics for Art and Design

Troldtekt A/S

Bedales School is set in an area of outstanding natural beauty on the edge of the South Downs National Park in Hampshire. Its new Art and Design building designed by architects Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios has a strong sense of countryside drawing references from traditional agricultural buildings by creating a series of connected barn forms. Their dramatic pitched ceilings comprise Troldtekt acoustic panels on one side to absorb sound and improve acoustics.In what is otherwise a lightweight building, the thermal mass of exposed concrete surfaces contributes to a stable internal temperature.

Healthy Living Cafe

Custom Audio Designs Ltd

Improved acoustic quality with ceiling acoustic panels - This Healthy Living venue, committed to improving the health and well-being of the local community, asked Custom Audio Designs to help with noise reverberation in their cafe. “Thank you for your work on this project. Everyone's very impressed with the acoustic panels, they've finished off the café perfectly and work well...there's a vast difference in acoustic quality compared to before the panels were in place.”

Rockfon brings acoustic Tech to stunning TECA – The Event Complex Aberdeen


Technical Manager Tim Spencer “The initial need was for an elegant high-performance ceiling grid that could span 2500mm and support the ceiling infill. The answer was a bespoke version of our Rockfon® System MaxiSpan™ grid. We were then briefed to find an acoustic solution to resolve the acoustic challenges for the spaces which would host a variety of music concerts. We worked in partnership with ROCKWOOL and the solution was bespoke 100mm thick Rockfon Color-all® black ceiling tiles in combination with 100mm ROCKWOOL FLEXI® overlay and 40mm thick Color-all panels together with 100mm or 160mm FLEXI for the walls.”

Church Hall

Custom Audio Designs Ltd

Reducing reverberation with acoustic tiles - EcoTile Phonic acoustic panels were supplied to combat a noise reverberation problem in this church hall. The panels can be fitted as individual stand-alone panels as a design feature or can be butted together to form continuous wall linings. ‘The visual impression of the acoustic tiles is very good and acoustic performance superb. What a fantastic organisation you have! Expertise, experience, and first rate customer care in abundance’. Mike Dunning Church Warden St James, Ludgershall Andover.

Oscar Elite Acoustic Plaster on Grand Designs

Oscar Acoustics

The new smooth Oscar Elite acoustic plaster used on Grand Design Series 7. Oscar Acoustics' experienced in-house operatives installed Oscar Elite acoustic plaster directly onto the original concrete soffit at a depth of only 25mm and up the vertical faces into the feature light lantern. The end result was a flat white acoustic plaster finish, smoother than most conventional plastered and painted finishes, which made this potential sonic battle ground a relaxing and comfortable place in which to spend time.

Acoustic Ceilings for St Columba’s School in Cork

Knauf AMF Ceilings Ltd

Design and acoustic performance were key criteria for this project, which is why HERADESIGN was installed in all the classrooms as floating rafts and throughout the school, in the main corridors, where bespoke swing down access panels were also installed. Reddy Architecture commented, “We really love the architectural raw wood wool quality of HERADESIGN. The visible texture provided the required aesthetic contrast.” A calm neutral colour palette with HERADESIGN specified in warm-white provided a gentle contrast with the soft charcoal walls and floors - the perfect backdrop for bold bursts of colour at the entrance to the classrooms.

UNILIN Evola: laminated panels & HPL

Unilin Division Panels

For the refurbishment of its Dutch hotel, Van der Valk was looking for a solution for its rooms that was maintenance-friendly and had a lifelike wood look. They chose the Heritage Oak Light decor (H161 V9A) because it makes the hotel rooms feel cosy and welcome.

Multi-purpose School Hall

Custom Audio Designs Ltd

Addressing poor acoustics in a high arched space - Custom Audio Designs were commissioned to address the poor acoustics in this multi-purpose school hall with an extremely high arched ceiling. Access equipment and scaffolding were brought in to affix numerous acoustic ceiling panels, which were suspended by adjustable wires to fit the contours of the arched ceiling. The panels were colour matched to blend in and not distract from the beauty of the space.

Queenswood School


From floor to ceiling this 'Sport For All' school chose the DYNAMIK treatment with an area elastic sprung sports floor finished in Tarkett Sports Vinyl and DYNAMIK Sports Wall panels to provide the best acoustics. The Solid & Acoustic (Perforated) sports wall panels in Classic Oak CPL wood-effect finish complement the Grey floor surface.

Public Swimming Pool

Custom Audio Designs Ltd

Softening sound reverberation with acoustic wall tiles - Custom Audio Designs replaced and managed the installation of these moisture resistant acoustic panels. Made of porous stone they greatly help to reduce echo in this large area.

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