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FOAMGLAS® T4+ tapered insulation for National Maritime Museum roof


The National Maritime Museum’s new £35m gallery has jewels which belonged to Sir Francis Drake, journals written by Captain Cook and items from the Titanic. A new rooftop restaurant looking out over Greenwich Park and the Royal Observatory has paved areas and landscaping, its limestone terrace having to withstand vehicles placing dynamic loads on the insulation without compression. With no space to lay a concrete screed to falls, architects Purcell Miller Tritton specified FOAMGLAS T4+slab insulation. The factory-machined, tapered material will not move or deflect under load and retains its thermal performance for the building’s lifetime

SentryGlas® interlayer provides improved load bearing strength and stiffness of glass façade for the Enzo Ferrari Museum

Kuraray – Trosifol®

SentryGlas® interlayer provides mproved load bearing strength and stiffness of glass façade for the Enzo Ferrari Museum. Engineering the façade was a considerable challenge. Lighter façade panels enable more subtle supporting structures. For decades, interlayers made of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) have been the industry standard when producing laminated safety glass. Architects are well aware of the possibilities and limitations of such glass when used extensively in façade engineering, for roofing and window panels. In contrast, SentryGlas® enables an entirely new approach because the interlayer is over 100 times stiffer and five times stronger than PVB.

Air conditioning technology Clima-Tect®

BASF Plc Basotect® Acoustic Melamine Foam

Rooms in computing centers with network cabinets are often fitted with false floors to accommodate the cabling. Through openings in the floors the cables are routed upwards. However, the cold air for cooling the servers escapes through these openings. With Clima-Tect®, these openings can be closed. Prepunched rectangles in the foam panels make it easier to pull out the cable openings so that the foam fits perfectly around the cables. Since Basotect® can be processed fiber-free, the sealing cushions can be installed while work is in progress.

SentryGlas® delivers clarity, strength and safety at Shum Yip Upperhills - Shenzhen in China.

Kuraray – Trosifol®

Class A Office & Luxury Hotel Complex - creates an imposing sight on the skyline of Shenzhen in China. The development features two towers, a ballroom pavilion and a large elevated pedestrian park with walkways that connect the site’s park with two of the city’s existing parks - Lotus Hill and Beacon Hill. What is immediately obvious is the development’s application of glass, which enables to create an ultrasmooth skin on the skyscrapers thanks to a façade design that uses as few mullions as possible.

Sculpture made with Basotect® in Indoor Swimming Center

BASF Plc Basotect® Acoustic Melamine Foam

Being exceptional light-weight is only one out of many beneficial properties that make Basotect® the product of choice. The foam can be processed into a wide variety of shapes and colors, offering a high degree of design freedom for designers and architects. Installations with Basotect® achieve high sound absorption in the medium and high frequency range due to its open-cell structure. This reduces the overall noise level, which benefits observers, and increases speech intelligibility so that participants in fitness and swimming lessons are now able to understand instructions better.

Trosifol® in Europe’s Tallest Building. The 462 Meter Tall Lakhta Tower is St. Petersburg’s Newest Landmark.

Kuraray – Trosifol®

Resembling a needle, Europe’s tallest building spirals 462 meters into the sky. The ,Star of St. Petersburg?, as the building is already being called, occupies a 170,000 m² footprint on the shores of the Gulf of Finland in the Primorsky District, some 10 km northwest of St. Petersburg’s city center. Designed by the RMJM partnership under Tony Kettle’s direction, the project was managed by ZAO Gorprojekt; and the work planned by Samsung Production.

Porsche Design Tower, Florida SentryGlas® – part of the Trosifol Structural product portfolio – balances form, fit and function at the Porsche Design Tower.

Kuraray – Trosifol®

Described by Dezer Developments and the Porsche Design Group as ‘engineered luxury’, the $560 million Porsche Design Tower is a 57 storey ultra-luxury structure occupying 2.2 acres (8,900 m2) of beachfront land on Collins Avenue in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida. The tower – the first of its kind anywhere – comes equipped with a speedy 600 ft (183 m) per minute elevator for the residence owner’s cars – allowing owners to park their vehicles right next to their apartments, no matter what floor, in their own sky garage

Basotect® sound absorbers in thermoactive prefabricated concrete ceilings

BASF Plc Basotect® Acoustic Melamine Foam

A thermoactive concrete ceiling has many advantages. It is a design feature in modern buildings, and it helps to regulate heat, ensures energy- efficient cooling and heating and can help to make the buildings eligible for passive house certification.The solution is to have acoustic absorbers integrated directly into the ceiling elements themselves that enable excellent sound absorption and at the same time do not have any adverse effect on the functionality of the ceiling.

Rockfon® Mono® Acoustic Retail Therapy


ACME Architects’ multi award winning £165million Victoria Gate is a vibrant new shopping destination in Leeds city centre, offering well over 1million square feet of premium retail and leisure floor space. Rockfon® Mono® Acoustic seamless acoustic ceiling and wall system was specified for the project to help create the desired look whilst helping deliver ambient acoustic comfort.was specified for the project to help create the desired look whilst helping deliver ambient acoustic comfort.

Space Needle experience completely.

Kuraray – Trosifol®

The next big thing on the horizon is the creation of a standard that will allow architects and engineers to design and use glass as a ductile failure mechanism; the idea being that you can design a structure to be reliable even if the glass breaks - that’s one of the things that has made this project work. Using SentryGlas® we were able to exploit large glass panels with simple and slender mounts, because the glass just works, even when it’s broken. Without that assurance, the glass would have needed more support, which would ultimately impacted the viewing experience

MEDITE® TRICOYA® EXTREME stands up to the elements of the Lake District


In order to protect budding hikers, climbers and visitors to the area, Coniston Mountain Rescue has been patrolling the territory for over 70 years. Pivotal to their job is the ability to store lifesaving equipment, such as stretchers, warm clothes and ropes, in the mountainous region, which is why they have constructed their iconic blue boxes throughout the region,with MEDITE® TRICOYA® EXTREME.

Accoya® floating bridge


Accoya® has been used to create a unique “floating” bridge in the Dutch city of Bergen op Zoom. The deck of the bridge, which is made entirely from Accoya, sits close to the water at Pielekenswater. Exceeding the high-quality and aesthetic attributes of tropical hardwoods, Accoya also boasts excellent environmental credentials; it is sourced from FSC® certified forests and certified at Gold level by the Cradle-to-Cradle Products Innovation Institute. The bridge was built by Alldlex Watersports, from neighbouring Halsteren.

Advanced glazing solutions stand up to Tornadoes Tornadoes can be devastating, but with certified architectural glazing in place, huge amounts of damage can be mitigated leading to less costly clearup

Kuraray – Trosifol®

Designing for these major weather events is a balancing act. Architects and structural engineers have to keep one eye on the day-to-day use of the building and the other on the safety of the occupants should a major weather event occur. This is especially important for high-occupancy buildings, such as schools and hospitals and those that are essential to emergency efforts in the event of a storm, such as emergency-response centers. The easy answer is to create a building akin to a totally sealed, in-house safe room, but this does nothing for aesthetics.

At 48 m high the monument La Ventana al Mundo - or The Window to the world - in Barranquilla, Colombia.

Kuraray – Trosifol®

The monument, sited on a roundabout on Avenida Circunvalar, near the city’s industrial area, uses a huge steel and aluminium frame to support more than 2,000 m2 (21,500 ft2) of colored laminated safety glass. Arranged in a harlequin pattern, the glazed panels - in shades of red, yellow, green, blue and white - cover the entirety of the structure in a multi-colored façade that is both complimentary and contrasting to the surrounding area.

Manacar Mall in Mexico City exploits full aesthetic, functional and technical capabilities of Trosifol interlayers.

Kuraray – Trosifol®

This impressive complex has been awarded Project of the Year 2018 in the Building category by Mexican Magazine ‘Obras’ - measures some 180,000m2 (1,900,000ft2). Opened in 2017. Designed by multiple-award-winning architect Teodoro González de León, who sadly died in 2016, the mall makes incredible use of glass to deliver uninterrupted views throughout the complex, thanks to its use of balustrades. But the most striking glazed feature is the egg-shaped skylight in the roof, which is fabricated using multiple shaped panels a slightly domed effect, which lets in as much natural light as possible.

MEDITE® TRICOYA® EXTREME helps create urban oasis in London Bridge


Marlborough Sports Garden, a long-time community recreation space in London Bridge, has been regenerated and reopened, featuring unique hexagonal planters made from MEDITE® TRICOYA® EXTREME. Transforming the once graffitied concrete space into an urban oasis, the planters were a central feature at the official opening, attended by British Olympian Tom Daley and MP Jo Cox’s sister Kim, alongside her parents Mr and Mrs Leadbeater.

Dekton® Surfaces and ICE Café


Manufactured using up to 80% of recycled materials, bestselling Dekton® Trilium and Dekton® Radium from the Industrial Collection were specified to help create the urban inspired interior; with their irregular patterns and aged appearance they are a perfect fit for the edgy ICE Café.

HardieBacker®: Weight Matters

James Hardie Building Products Ltd

Norstone UK is the leading provider of natural stacked stone and stone veneers in the UK. When used for interior applications such as around enclosed fire places and feature walls, Norstone recommends HardieBacker® cement backerboard for tile and stone. Jack Jago, Director of Norstone UK, explains how the relationship with HardieBacker board came about: ‘we were having problems with many projects that have existing plasterboard where people wanted to tile stone on the plasterboard. But this won’t work as it will pull away half of the time as Norstone is a natural stone; it weighs 65kg per square metre.’

How Rockfon® Mono® Acoustic rows to the challenge


Owned and managed by Eton College, Dorney Lake is a world-class sporting and events venue with an inspiring Olympic heritage – the GB rowing team won 12 medals in London 2012. The Lake’s Boathouse function room offers magnificent meeting facilities and is the perfect place for events and conferences. Rockfon Mono Acoustic was installed here to create a unique ‘wave’ ceiling design inspired by the waterside view.


Wallbarn Ltd

A residential customer had a storage unit and wanted improve it by adding a green roof. M-Tray®, being modular in shape and easy to install, was the perfect solution. The green roof had to be walked through the house to access the garden. Traditional roll-out green roofs, with their loose substrate bags and loose sedum blankets were too messy to transport indoors. M-Tray® is self-contained within the walls of the plastic tray and comes with fully established, sustainable vegetation. M-Trays® clip together easily, allowing the sedum to blend together, providing a beautiful, seamless finish.

HardieBacker®: Hole in One at Shifnal

James Hardie Building Products Ltd

When Ace Kind Ltd was asked to refurbish and retile the shower and changing facilities at the prestigious Shifnal Golf Club, they were expecting a fairly straightforward job. However, Adrian Holt, a director of the Staffordshire-based building contractors, had no idea that the original plasterboard had started to disintegrate behind the tiles. When the contractor highlighted the problem to golf club managers they were given the go-ahead to replace the plasterboard, but rather than repeat the mistakes of the past Ace Kind opted to use HardieBacker® board.

HardiePlank®: Unique Seaside Regeneration

James Hardie Building Products Ltd

The facade of Rollercoaster House is made up of render, a curtain wall system and HardiePlank® cladding. It is the first time that site manager David Tomlinson has worked with the product, who states that the coastal environment conditions were the main factor when deciding which type of cladding to use. ‘With timber, David says, ‘however good a product you are going to get, it wouldn’t have had the same lifespan as HardiePlank at the end of the day. PVC discolours, especially the darker colours, but I am expecting and hoping that HardiePlank will stand the test of time.’

Barrisol Light® - MAXXI museum - Italy


Zaha Hadid, english-iraki architect, first female recipient of the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2004 (Nobel Prize of architecture), just ended in Rome the creation of the MAXXI: National Museum of the 21st Century Arts. Barrisol® Lumière® (a luminous stretch ceiling) has been installed in this historical and contemporary museum. (credits : Zaha Hadid Architects© 2009, photograph : Roland Halbe & Helene Binet) Architect : Zaha Hadid

Barrisol Light® - Brandhorst museum - Germany


The Contemporary Art museum of Munich was inaugurated last May. Its architecture is based on a design and ecological concept. The architect Sauerbruch Hutton chose Barrisol Lumière® to light and enhance the exposed works of the XXth century among which the Andy Wahrol's famous paintings. Indeed, Barrisol Lumière® diffuses the light in a sweet and homogeneous way on the whole exhibition space. Furthermore, the Barrisol sheets are 100%, recyclable and are so perfectly adapted in this modern building turned to sustainable environment.

Waterproofing Crossrail Deep Underground with Preprufe®

GCP Applied Technologies

Reaching depths of more than 30 metres beneath the streets of London, Crossrail Stations required unique solutions to ensure water tightness. GCP Applied Technologies, a leading supplier on some of the major stations including Canary Wharf, Whitechapel, Liverpool Street, Moorgate, Farringdon, Tottenham Court Road and Bond Street, reached into an extensive portfolio of high performing and easy to install Preprufe® waterproofing products to solve challenges presented by each station. Composed of durable HDPE, the Preprufe® waterproofing membrane adheres directly to concrete with Advanced Bond Technology™ to form an impermeable seal. Find out more from gcpat.com.


James Latham

Exclusive distributor of HI-MACS® in the UK and Ireland, James Latham, recently supplied 100 sheets of HI-MACS® solid surface for the construction of Hyundai’s new Rockar dealership at Stratford. HI-MACS® was selected for its elegance, functionality, technology and creative flexibility. The Hyundai specification required the material to have a light finish and give the appearance of being cut from one seamless, flowing piece across the entire project. The designers achieved this due to the ease with which HI-MACS® can be manipulated, cut and worked, creating a sleek, uniform and polished look.

Barrisol Perfodesign® - Ikea Loulé - Portugal


The IKEA group has used Barrisol® to cover the 4500 m2 ceilings of the Mar Shopping Algarve shopping complex, a perforated canvas with a custom design of 20mm diameter, combining sophistication and functionality. This is the second major project using the REVERSO fabric after Nestle's Nest. Architect : BDP & CPU Retail Architects LDA

Structural Accoya® at Fagelcats


Accoya Structural was used for columns, decking and window frames throughout FagelCats. Architect Liesbeth Janson commented: “Accoya gives FagelCats a soft and natural appearance, which is intended to encourage a sense of calm and peacefulness amongst the chaos of the busy Amsterdam city and this superior quality made the wood specification an easy decision. Importantly, though, Accoya’s strength, durability and low-maintenance requirements were also key, as were its incredible sustainability credentials and its Cradle to Cradle Gold level certification.”

Expanded SYSTEMGLAS® range offers additional applications

Promat UK

The SYSTEMGLAS® fire resistant, butt-jointed glazing system range from Promat has been expanded with a host of new configurations and additional performance capabilities to meet the growing demand from architects for assured fire protection. Detailed in the new 2019 SYSTEMGLAS® Specifiers Guide, the new options supplement an already expansive product range of fire-resistant glazing screens offering protection of between 30 and 120 minutes. The range’s four systems provide framing options in steel, timber and two which utilise the fire-resistant calcium silicate PROMATECT® H to allow for over-cladding or concealment for a virtually ‘frameless’ effect.

Gerflor to the rescue with Taraflex® for Bodmin Firefighters

Gerflor Ltd

When Bodmin Community Fire Station in Cornwall needed a hardwearing, hygienic, and safe flooring solution for their fitness room and gym, they turned to international flooring specialists Gerflor. Its’ Taraflex® sports flooring was supplied and would deliver to the highest standards required by the site users. In acknowledgement of the brave and hard work of Cornwall Fire Service crews, Gerflor donated 60m2 of this world-renowned sports flooring in the colour ‘Red’.

HardiePlank®: A Little Slice of New England

James Hardie Building Products Ltd

Jerry had always liked New England style houses so this is what he and his wife envisioned for the renovation, a sharp looking house with clean lines. They felt this would be achievable through an extension of the house and a cladded facade. It was their contractor who pointed Jerry in the direction of HardiePlank® cladding, which he felt would be the ideal solution for the project. Even though the contractor had not worked with the product before, he had seen it on other properties and was keen to start working with the cladding.

Showing 1-36 of 438