A self adhesive, cold applied flexible sheet membrane with a 50 mm bitumen selvedge to improve lap security. It comprises a bitumen/ polymer, self adhesive compound, aluminium foil and cross-laminated, high density polyethylene carrier, with a protective release sheet.

Manufactured for use where gas retardant properties are required. Xtra-Load GRM also provides an effective barrier against water and water vapour.

Angle reinforcement:

Preliminary application of 300 mm wide strips of the membrane to all internal and external angles is recommended before applying the main membrane.

Joint laps:

Minimum laps of 100 mm are recommended.

For use with Icopal S.A. primer.

General information

Uniclass 2015

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Specification data - Bitumen sheets

Product Reference

Xtra-Load GRM

Standard product features



Roll sizes:

1.05 m x 19.05 m.


1.2 mm.

Reinforcement at angles:

300 mm wide strip of Xtra-Load GRM to internal and external angles, centred along the corner, before main membrane application.

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