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A flexible, water resistant SBS modified bitumen membrane with an integral mineralized surface for impact resistance on one face. Imperma Protection layer is for use with both horizontal and vertical damp-proof and tanking membranes. It provides permanent or temporary protection in all weather conditions normal to the application of tanking and damp-proofing. The membrane retains sufficient flexibility to be installed at low temperatures and does not become tacky under warm conditions.


On horizontal and vertical surfaces, lay protection immediately following membrane installation and inspection. Roll out the protection layer over the membrane with the mineralised finish outwards, and spot bond to the membrane using a gas torch or with hot bitumen to manufacturer’s recommendations.


Protection must remain fully in contact with the membrane and must not move during backfilling.

General information


Pr_25_57_08_08 Bitumen sheetsPrimary


J30/330 Protection of external coatings

J30/80 Protection of coatings

J40/380 Protection boards for damp-proofing/ tanking

J40/70 Protection boards for damp-proofing/ tanking

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Product Reference

Imperma Protection Layer

Standard product features

Roll width:

1000 mm.

Roll length:

8 metres.


4.75 kg/ m².

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