Window Acoustic Trickle Ventilator Sonovent D

Adjustable flap, horizontal strip ventilator with acoustic attenuation, for mounting under ventilation tiles over occupied roofs.

  • Enables effective ventilation of roofspaces with minimal visual intrusion, acoustic attenuation, protection from weather and insects. Choice of unit size. Equivalent area: 33,786–34,032 mm²/m. Five intermediate settings.
  • Suitable for insertion from above or below.
  • Projecting outer profile with weathered lip to opening. Tiles must allow clearance.
  • Projecting inner profile with trim flange and slotted fascia. Removable for maintenance.
  • Aluminium profiles with plastic end caps. Made to measure.
  • Internal acoustic attenuation lining.
  • Self regulating, class P3. Incorporates secondary flap which closes as external wind speed rises.
  • Watertight in closed position to wind pressure 650 Pa.
  • Windtight in closed position to wind pressure 650 Pa.
  • Thermally broken.
  • Choice of manual, cord or rod operation.
  • Unit width (maximum): 2 m, made to measure.
  • Acoustic attenuation depending on model (open): 37–39 dB, to EN ISO 140 and EN ISO 717.

General information

Uniclass 2015

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H60/840 Ventilator tiles

H60/86 Ventilator tiles

H61/840 Ventilator slates

H61/86 Ventilator slates

H62/840 Ventilator slates

H62/86 Ventilator slates

H64/360 Roof slope ventilators

H64/70 Roof slope ventilators

H65/840 Ventilator tiles

H65/86 Ventilator tiles

H67/70 Roof ventilator tiles

H67/765 Installing roof slope ventilators

Specification data - Strip ventilators

Product Reference

Window Acoustic Trickle Ventilator Sonovent D

Aperture width (overall)

___ mm

Delivered cut to size and finished.


From outside

Determines location of trim flange.

From inside

Determines location of trim flange.

Section and slot size


Equivalent area: 33,786 mm²/m. Acoustic attenuation, open: 37 dB.


Equivalent area: 34.032 mm²/m. Acoustic attenuation, open: 39 dB.




1, manual, toggle at ventilator

2, manual, cord

3, manual, twist rod

Location (viewed internally)



Vent (aluminium components)


Internal finish

Polyester powder coating, RAL colour ___, sheen ___ %

60–70 µ.

Polyester powder coating, Syntha Pulvin colour ___, sheen ___ %

60–70 µ.

End caps



Special colour ___

Special order. Consult supplier.

Standard product features


  • Aluminium alloy: AlMgSi 0.5 to DIN 1748.
  • Plastic endcaps: ASA polymer (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate).


  • Visible height, without trim flange: 105 mm.
  • Profile length (maximum): 2 m.
  • Nominal profile thickness: Small, 205 mm. Medium, 245 mm.