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Tectite Stainless


  • Suitable for hot and cold water services, heating and chilled water applications and low temperature hot water heating.
  • Also appropriate for pressurised, vented and unvented heating systems.
  • Not suitable for use on gas appliances.


Stainless steel push-fittings to Tectite Pro specification, available with an extended range of sizes from 15–54 mm and provides enhanced performance and guaranteed electrical continuity.

Designed for use with 1.4401 (316) grade stainless steel tube (BS EN 10312) in portable water applications, the product is WRAS and DVGW (GW541) approved.

The range includes:

  • Straight and slip coupling.
  • Straight male and female connectors.
  • Elbows and street elbows.
  • Equal tees.
  • Tee, reduced branches.
  • Stop ends.
  • Air release stop ends.

Service temperature/ pressure:

15–28 mm:

  • -24 to +30°C: 20 bar.
  • 65°C: 16 bar.
  • 95°C: 10 bar.

35–54 mm:

  • -24 to +30°C: 16 bar.
  • 65°C: 10 bar.
  • 95°C: 6 bar.

General information


25 years


15–28 mm

35–54 mm


Pr_65_52_63_79 Stainless steel pipeline fittingsPrimary


S90/110 Mains cold water supply

S90/120 Storage cold water supply

S90/140 Direct hot water storage supply

S90/150 Indirect hot water storage supply

S90/160 Rainwater/ greywater recycling system

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Product Reference

Tectite Stainless


Consult literature for details and insert requirements.


Tectite Market Leading Metal Push-Fit

Tectite Market Leading Metal Push-Fit

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